Male grooming gifts to inspire a bit of manscaping

The present he'll actually want...

Best men's grooming gifts

by Haydn Williams |

Is there a ‘difficult male’ in your life? Difficult as in hard to buy for, rather than generally problematic - though he might be that as well.

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We've come up with a shortlist of gift ideas that'll have you covered for whatever type of celebration your planning. The key is to buy a gift that’s more premium than his regular bathroom cabinet essentials. Something that can be regarded as a little luxury - or an item that he may not buy himself.

Here are some bath, body and grooming products that will have you pegged as the most thoughtful gift-giver of them all.

Top tips for male grooming

An often overlooked part of grooming is beard/stubble cleansing. This part of the cleaning regime stops the facial hair smelling of last week’s dinner and also prevents the build-up of oil and dirt, which can lead to beard dandruff and spots.

As well as the cleanser, the beard should be nourished with beard oil or beard conditioner. This will condition the hair from the inside and look after the skin beneath. It can also help the beard smell fragrant - which is a GOOD thing.

What is ‘manscaping’?

Manscaping is a familiar term these days, referring to the removal or trimming of male body hair and there are a variety of methods. Shaving requires preparation and can cause irritation, especially in sensitive areas. Waxing and vegan-friendly sugaring is initially painful (though less so over time) and gives a longer-lasting smoother look.

Laser hair removal is the most expensive and the only permanent solution to unwanted hair. For those who want to keep things tidy and trim, rather than gone all together, a body hair trimmer is the easiest solution. Especially good are products like the ones above that are hypo-allergenic and safe to use in the shower.

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