The best food subscription boxes

Get your weekly meals delivered to your door with these food subscription services.

Best food subscription boxes

by Sophie Knight |

Subscription boxes seem to be everywhere these days, don't they? And for good reason.

Being able to get beauty products, pet food and accessories and even plants delivered to your house each month is not only convenient, but it's a fun way to get hold of things you might be buying anyway.

But what about food subscription boxes? You've probably seen lots of celebrities advertising them on Instagram, and they can make eating healthily and cutting down on wasted food a breeze. Plus, they save you time and energy on shopping, can be tailored to your preferences and encourage you to try different recipes.

Are food subscription boxes worth it?

Honestly, we think they are. Especially at the beginning of the year when we've spent the festive season eating everything in sight, we'll take any excuse not to have to write a shopping list or go to the supermarket. These meal subscription boxes mean everything you need for dinnertime is delivered together, nicely parcelled up so all your ingredients are at your fingertips.

Do food subscription boxes work out more expensive?

Surprisingly, that isn't usually the case. With some boxes working out at £5 per meal for two people, it can work out at about the same as you'd spend if you bought everything separately - but with far less effort.

One bonus we love is the lack of waste. You're given everything measured out for each meal, so you don't end up with random bags of salad or stray carrots going mouldy at the back of the fridge. If you want eco-friendly no-wastage, then these are a good idea.

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