The best men’s summer fragrances to keep you smelling sweet

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Best men's summer fragrances

by Haydn Williams |

Summer 2020 is certainly going to be very different to our normal summers: travel restrictions, delays, face masks, quarantine, ‘air bridges’ and fewer foreign holidays. But if your plans have changed and you’re staying in the UK this year there’s still something that can lift the mood, brighten your day and transport you to sunnier climes - your fragrance.

Smell is hugely evocative and there’s a strong link between scent and memory; re-minding you of a certain place, person or time. So even if you’re not hitting the beach this year, at least your fragrance can take you on a journey to your favourite summer destination.

Top tips for applying your fragrance

Spritz on your pulse points - the neck, wrists, ears, inside of elbows and the back of the knees.

Do not rub your wrists together when you apply fragrance, as this dulls the top notes and causes the scent to blend with your natural oils quicker than it should.

Don’t forget your collar bone. This ensures the wearer experiences the scent as well, so that it’s not just projecting outwards.

Apply a small amount to the top of the ears, rather than the lobes. It’s a more oily surface and so holds the fragrance better.

Adding a small amount of (neutral-smelling) moisturiser before applying fragrance helps the scent to last longer.

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