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Check out our guide to the best Top Trumps cards on the market- perfect to buy for stocking fillers.

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Top Trumps is a time-old classic - competitive, educational, and endlessly amusing. It’s a fantastic game for all ages as, once the rules are learnt (either by reading the manual or refusing, and learning by losing one too many times), you can play its hundreds of renditions.

Top Trumps, owned by Winning Moves Ltd, has a rich history with any child raised past the 1980s and is a favourite toy for all ages. The nation has kept this iconic game alive with new cards being released every year in over 30 countries, in more than 10 different languages.

How to play Top Trumps

In case you need a refresher, Top Trumps is a game in which two or more players are randomly dealt a hand of cards that are based on the topic of the game. This could include an animal, a TV character or even a scientific element. On the cards are numerical statistics placed into categories, and players must face off to see who has the highest data number in the category chosen. The simple premise makes it easy to catch on for the youngsters, meaning it’s fun for the whole family.

So, what Top Trumps packs should you buy for your next games night? We’ve put together a list of the best of the best, from a variety of genres so every family member is happy (which is miracle work). There is something on this list for everyone.

What are the best Top Trumps cards to buy?

james bond every assignment top trumps gameTop Trumps Store
Price: $21.66

Celebrate the new James Bond film, No Time to Die, with this limited edition of Top Trumps, where all the classic characters are up to play. Plus, discover some awesome MI6 facts along the way. Player age: 6+. Educational objectives: James Bond Franchise Trivia.

Friends Limited Edition Top Trumps Card GameTop Trumps Store
Price: $12.42

As Ms Janice Hosenstein would say, "Oh. My. God". Friends fans will love this themed Top Trumps pack, where the data you must beat your opponent on is based on the individual episodes of the iconic series. Player age: 3+. Educational objectives: Friends/TV Trivia.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Top Trumps Specials Card GameTop Trumps Store
Price: $14.58
Alternative retailers
Walmart$20.74View offer

Assemble your squad to play Top Trump's Marvel Cinematic Universe Specials Edition. Each card brings a superhero to life, so battle it out to find who trumps as the best Marvel character. Player age: 3+. Educational objectives: Marvel Cinematic Universe Trivia.

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Top Trumps Chemistry: ElementsRoyal Society of Chemistry
Price: $8.99

Top Trumps' heart is always in educating its players, and this is the perfect gift for anyone who loves science. Players must compare properties of the elements (e.g, discovery date and the size of the atom, melting point, density, price) and choose the category they think will win. Player age: 7+. Educational objectives: Chemistry.

Top Trumps Supercars Card GameTop Trumps Store

For the motorhead in your life, consider buying the Top Trumps Supercars edition. Find out the horsepower of the 2018 Rimac Concept Two, or how many 2014 Lykan Hypersports were produced. Time to start your engines. Educational objectives: Car Trivia.

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Shakespeare's Plays Top Trumps Card GameTop Trumps Store
Price: $9.99

For the literary buff, how about the Shakespeare's Plays Top Trumps Edition, where you must pit the famous playwright's plays against each other? To buy or not to buy? Buy it, we reckon. Player age: 36 months+. Educational objectives: Literacy.

Top Trumps Sea Life In Danger Card GameTop Trumps Store

Learning about the planet's sea life is more important than ever, and the Sea Life in Danger Top Trumps edition does just that. As well as having some competitive fun, learn about how crucial protecting these creatures are. Dive in! Educational objectives: Biology and Ecology.

Want to switch things up?

Winning Moves Ltd has gone on to release a new hybrid of its classic game, called Top Trumps Quiz with a Twist. This asks players to answer quiz questions relating to the topic at hand, with the surprise addition of having to memorise previous answers later down the line. It's a fun expansion to the Top Trumps franchise, and great for any fans who want to switch things up. Here are some great editions of the Quiz with a Twist to check out.

Disney Classic Top Trumps Quiz GameTop Trumps Store

No one can resist a Disney quiz, so this Disney Classic Quiz Game is a great buy to expand your board game cupboard. Included are 500 questions that will test your knowledge and memory of the Disney world. Player age: 8+. Educational objectives: Disney Franchise.

Harry Potter Top Trumps Quiz GameTop Trumps Store

Rrp: $14.99

Price: $8.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$20.49View offer

"You're a quiz-ard Harry". Test your knowledge of the wizarding world with the Harry Potter Top Trumps Quiz Game, with questions on characters, spells and magical creatures. Warning: Potterheads may get very competitive. Player age: 3+. Educational objectives: Harry Potter Universe.

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