The best party board games for your next bash

From cult classics to pop-culture favourites, these are the most entertaining board games for your next party.

Playing Monopoly at a table

by Marina Avraam |

Ah, board games. They unite us, make us giggle and - if played right - ruin at least two friendships per game. Truly iconic.

Breaking out a board game at a party will either score you some serious eye-rolls or thumbs-ups, depending on your audience, but they're truly the perfect way to break the ice and get any party started. If you're bringing people together who don't know each other well, board games are a sure way to ease tension and break down all walls in the blink of an eye.

Some board games are designed to help you learn more about one another and bring out a cheeky side, while others are purely based on strategy and knowledge. Whichever way you want to go, there's a board game for every type of person, party and mood.

We've listed our top favourite board games that'll help keep your guests entertained and guarantee a fun night.

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