Marina Avraam

Marina Avraam
Marina Avraam

Marina's love for writing started at the ripe old age of ten, where she wrote her first and (shockingly) unsuccessful novel. Thirteen years on, she has worked across multiple media channels specialising in fashion and lifestyle writing but is happy to write about TVs and hair clippers when needed.

Using platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, Marina enjoys trendspotting and pitching viral products that she herself is guilty of buying. She's always on the hunt for the newest trending item, and loves calling her addiction to social media 'research'.

Prior to joining Bauer Media, Marina worked as a Content Manager at a start-up Gen-Z media company, identifying emerging news stories and transforming them into engaging news videos. Currently, she writes for a range of Bauer brands including What's The Best, Heat, Closer, Yours and Grazia.

Outside of work, Marina loves going to museums, reading depressing books and having a soya latte at her neighbourhood café.

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