The best dry cat food for hungry tummies

Is your feline a big fan of dry cat food? Check out our top picks of the best cat food choices here.

cat's paw in dry cat food - the best dry cat food

by Caitlin Casey |

It's hard to find the purr-fect cat food for your favourite pet - and as we cat owners know, sometimes cats can be the pickiest of eaters!

Dry kibble is usually formed as small pellets of delicious cat food and stored in small or large bags, making it convenient and sustainable. It's usually cheaper than wet cat food as well as having a longer shelf life because of the dry formula.

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Did you know you can even get cat food subscription boxes now? If you want to pamper your cat with the best treats, toys and more - and some have the best dry cat food too!

Is dry food good for cats?

Yes! We wouldn't recommend a range of dried cat food if it wasn't good enough to keep your kitties happy and healthy.

Cats all across the world are fed dry cat food because of its health benefits. Dry food is particularly good for keeping cats' teeth clean and strong. Where they have to chew their biscuits or kibbles, cats are keeping plaque at bay. Just like us humans - cats have to look after their teeth too.

As well as this, it's great for us pet owners because it's easy and convenient. Where some cats prefer to graze over their food overnight or throughout the day, dry food is a safe option because it can be left out or scooped if needing more without picking up any excess bacteria. Wet food, on the other hand, is more likely to have bacteria on it if it's left out too long.

It's also really great to use in food dispenser feeders for cats if your cat eats at a specific time for food a day or if you're a pet owner who loves tech accessories for pets.

If you're choosing to feed your cat a dry food diet, make sure to contact your vet to double-check. As well as this, ensure they have a constant supply of fresh water, as you may notice they're more thirsty with dry diets.

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What's the best dry cat food?

We have selected the best dry cat food that's out there on the market right now. From supermarket favourites to food recommended by vets, here are our top picks - and we're not kitten around here. There's even a low-fat, low-calorie option for those cats which may be slightly curvier than necessary!

If you've got a young cat or kitten under the age of one year, you'll need to be buying dry food that's tailored to growth and vitality. Just scroll down and we have the best dry kitten food below our choices for adult cats.

Remember if you're going to change your cat's diet, you should do so slowly. We recommend starting with one fifth new food and four-fifths old food, and then slowly transition until it's completely new.

The best dry cat food UK

Just so you know, while we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this page, we never allow this to influence product selections.

Purina ONE Adult Dry Cat Food (3 kg)

Best overall dry cat food
whiskas adult dry cat food

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Purina ONE is the top-rated dry cat food product on Amazon right now, and it's no surprise with this great deal to stock up on. If you know your kitty's going to love this dry cat food, you can stock up with a 3kg bag of this delicious salmon and wholegrain flavour for just under £20. Bargain.

Flavour: Salmon and wholegrain

Weight: 3kg

Why we like it: Great value for money, long-lasting full of quality cat food, top-rated on Amazon

What cat owners have to say: "Five stars from the cat and five stars from me for a well balanced, good quality cat food which he never wastes."

Scrumbles All Natural Dry Cat Food (750g)

Best all-natural dry cat food
Scrumbles adult chicken dry cat food

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Looking for a no-nonsense, natural cat food that your kitty can enjoy? This new Scrumbles dry cat food - which once featured on Dragon's Den and is made right here in the UK - is a great choice and made with over 75 per cent chicken or salmon, great for kitties needing more protein.

Flavour: Chicken, also available as salmon or for kittens

Weight: 750g, also available as a 2.5kg bag

Why we like it: Live bacteria good for cats health, all natural, over 75 per cent chicken or salmon

Tried & tested by cat-owner and What'sTheBest Commercial Content Writer, Caitlin Casey: "I was lucky to try this new cat food and I can safely say my two cats loved it. Full of proper ingredients and prebiotics for gut health, it's perfect for my cat Ollie who often has a sensitive stomach. Also, I love the packaging which is totally recyclable. Would recommend."

Whiskas 1+ Dry Cat Food (7kg)

Best top-rated dry cat food
whiskas adult dry cat food

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With over 5,000 five star ratings, we couldn't write a dry cat food recommendation without mentioning this Whiskas 1+ Dry Cat Food. Rated for its value for money, this 7kg bag comes in under £15 and is a trusted, well-known recipe. Perfect for every cat.

Flavour: Chicken, also available in Duck & Turkey, Lamb and Salmon

Weight: 7kg

Why we like it: Trusted brand, value for money, big bag to last longer

What cat owners have to say: “I have had a monthly subscription for this food for a year now. The cats love it. The dry food is their bread and butter, but I also order the Whiskas wet food for special occasions. Though if I were to set a bowl of wet food and a bowl of dry in front of one of my cats, she would go straight for this one! She even prefers it to treats. We had tried more expensive brands prior to Whiskas but the cats were not overly interested in those.”

Meowing Heads Dry, Reduced-Calorie Cat Food - Fat Cat Slim (1.5kg)

Best dry cat food for pets on a diet
meowing heads low fat dry cat food

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We've all been there, sometimes feeding gets out of hand and your perfect kitty is looking slightly chunkier - or 'larger than life', as they put it. If you're worried about your cat's health, this reduced-calorie dry cat food by Meowing Heads helps to keep a healthy weight. Made with natural and reduced-fat ingredients, you can keep your kitty happy without having to put them on a complete overhaul of food.

Flavour: ‘Fat Cat Slim’, aka salmon and chicken

Weight: 1.5kg

Why we like it: Reduced-fat, low-calorie ingredients, all-natural and approved by vets

What cat owners have to say: “Brilliant food if your cat has got a bit chubby. Mine did and was lethargic and depressed so he comfort ate which made him feel worse. I bought him this food and after two bags he is lovely and slim, his confidence has returned. He's going out jumping fences again. He's a happy healthy cat. Thank you Meowing Heads.”

Flavour: Chicken

Weight: 1.5kg

Why we like it: Approved by vets, antioxidants supporting the immune system, balanced nutrients for healthy digestion

What cat owners have to say: “Don’t know about the flavour but our cat won’t eat anything else, the scent is fine and does not stink the house. It is a great value product to us as our cat loves it.”

Best dry cat food for a healthy lifestyle
gocat purina dry cat food

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Another top-seller from Purina, this GoCat 10kg bag is sure to last you a long time. With Chicken and Duck flavour, this dry cat food focuses on urinary tract health (common problems in cats), healthy teeth and bones as well as good digestion for all-around health benefits.

Flavour: Chicken and Duck

Weight: 10kg

Why we like it: Good digestion, aids urinary tract health and supports healthy teeth and bones

What cat owners have to say: “Always nervous about the cheaper brands, however, this one’s a winner. Here my cats had a sniff and ate straight away! Bingo, just what I wanted. As far as the cats go, and I have a few tasters here, ranging from Scottish Fold to Bengal, I’d say it was a hit and I’d buy again!”

The best dry cat food for kittens UK

Have you got a new kitten that you've added to the family and need to feed for them? You'll have to buy some different cat food that's tailored to help your young cat grow. No worries, though, check out our options recommended for kittens up to 12 months below.

IAMS for Vitality Dry Kitten Food with Fresh Chicken (3kg)

Best dry cat food for kittens with high animal protein
iams vitality chicken kitten food

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Loaded with over 90 per cent animal protein, this IAMS dry kitten food helps support healthy vitality and is wheat-free. It's a great choice for any kitten owners looking to get high-quality ingredients for a good value.

Flavour: Chicken and turkey

Weight: 3kg, also available in 10kg or 800g

Why we like it: High in animal protein, good value for money, wheat-free

What cat owners have to say: "My kitten loves these, even sometimes chooses them over meat/wet food. Very good quality and I like the assurances and benefits for the health. My kitten is looking healthy with a shiny coat. It's good that the bag is also recyclable!"

AVA Veterinary Approved Kitten Dry Food (2kg)

Best vet-approved dry food for kittens
AVA kitten dry food

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Pets at Home

AVA is recommended by vets and what better way to welcome your kitten into your home than with a dry kitten food that's veterinary-approved? Hypoallergenic with natural, gentle ingredients make it easy for your kitty's stomach while being packed full of nutrition for growth.

Flavour: Chicken

Weight: 2kg

Why we like it: Vet-approved, grain free, hypoallergenic

What cat owners have to say: "This was the first food we bought for our kitten when we brought her home, and she loves it. We've tried other brands and she doesn't eat anything else - she even likes it better than wet food."

Purina ONE Kitten Dry Cat Food Chicken & Wholegrain (800g x 4)

The best dry food for kittens for healthy development
purina one dry cat food for kittens

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With Purina ONE's exclusive bifensive formula, this dry cat food for kittens is proven to help your cat's natural defences. This is great for kittens under twelve months in their early development stages with its high level of protein.

Flavour: Chicken and Duck

Weight: 800g (pack of 4)

Why we like it: Exclusive ‘bifensive’ formula, great for early development, high in protein

What cat owners have to say: “Started buying Purina ONE for our VERY fussy adult cat Midnight on recommendation from a friend and she loves it, so when we rescued two kittens we decided to try them on the kitten version. I can confirm they're as big fans as Midnight is and wolf this stuff down. They're growing well and seem happy and healthy with this dry food.”

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