The best cat subscription boxes for the purrrfect pet

For a meow-nthly treat.

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by Jade Moscrop |

Cats and kittens are known to be sassy and independent and compared to dogs, they could be seen as low-maintenance pets. That doesn't mean, though, they don't need the same stimulation, mental challenges and cures for boredom.

Things like over-grooming, fighting, inactivity, overeating and destroying your belongings are all signs that your cat is bored and needs something to entertain it. Going out every month to find them a new treat or toy, though, can be costly. Plus, it takes away from the time you could be spent hanging out with your furry friend.

Investing in a cat subscription box takes the stress out of ensuring your cat is content, making life much easier for cat owners and life much more exciting for your cat.

With everything from gourmet food to flea and tick medication available, you can get all the products you need delivered to your door, ready for your cat's next adventure. We've rounded up some of our favourite cat subscription boxes for you to purruse - which one will you be going for?

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What treats do cats like?

As with humans, cats will have personal preferences, but in general, cats enjoy catnip, biscuit bites, cooked fish and meat. Try to keep the sodium content of treats low, to avoid excessive thirst.

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Is it bad to give my cat a treat every day?

As a general rule, treats should only take up to 10 per cent of your cat's daily calorie consumption. Giving your cat treats too often can lead to the development of bad habits and result in weight gain and digestive problems.

According to Pets WebMD, you should give your cat treats no more than two to three times per week.

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