Cat birthday party ideas to make an un-fur-gettable night

Throw the purrrrfect party for your cat (yes, of COURSE we threw that pun in there)

Cat enjoying a birthday party with confetti

by Lizzy Dening and Caitlin Casey |

Yes, you read that correctly. Birthday parties. For CATS. What better way to spoil your loved furry friend than a celebration of their birth. With cat hats, themed decorations and gifts, it will be fun for you and your pets.

According to the PDSA, there are nearly 11 million pet cats in the UK with 24% of households owning a kitty, so no wonder the craze for cat birthday parties has really taken off. With our cats being part of the family, we Brits love to throw a party for them, too.

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But what do you need for a cat birthday party? Well, besides guests, the main things to think about are food, games and decorations.

What can I do for my cat's birthday?

You might want to consider a hat for your cat, but only if he's agreeable. The decor is everything at a party so cat headbands or party hats for your humans are a good shout, as are streamers and balloons to decorate the cat party room.

Why not bake a cake in the shape of your cat’s face for you to enjoy? Either that or you could get a cake made. Psst... Battersea even have a cake recipe that cats can eat!

As well as buying some new toys for your cat, you could have themed games to play with your friends, such as a cat piñata, or pass the parcel featuring cat stickers.

Finally, ask every guest to bring an empty cardboard box, and scatter them around the room for the birthday cat to explore – sometimes the cheapest toys make for the best fun.

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These are just some ideas, but check out below with our full breakdown of the best cat birthday party products to stock up on, so that you can purr-ty the night away...

Best cat birthday party ideas 2021

Kuiji Pet Birthday Hat

The best birthday party hat for your pet
cat birthday party hat

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You need to have a certain type of cat to get away with this, but we think this birthday hat would look utterly adorable. Also comes with a 'birthday boy/girl' bandana to add to the indignity.

Petyoung 'It's my Birthday' bandana and hat set

Best birthday party for cat hat and bandana set
petyoung cat bandana and party hat

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If you don't want to submit your cat to a huge hat like that, but still want to get a little birthday suit for them, check out this super cute hat and bandana combo they can wear. We can't promise them they'll keep it on all day but it will look adorable for photos... Also comes in blue.

WOOF&BREW Posh Pooch Dog Wine Treat Gift Pack

Best birthday party 'wine' for pets
woof&brew champagne for cats

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Want to treat your cat to a little bit of the bubbly? Woof&Brew have got you down for this Champagne that pets can drink - alcohol not included of course. It's non-carbonated, non-alcoholic and can be served as a drink or poured over food. Even better, you can treat them to wine or beer too.

WOOF&BREW Gift Hamper Selection Basket

Best birthday hamper for your cat
woof&brew pet hamper

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If champagne for your cats couldn't tempt you enough, why not go for the whole shabang with this pet gift hamper - another smashing birthday treat from WOOF&BREW. Including beer, wine, ice pops, tea bags and treats from Scrumbles in there, your cat will be feasting for their b-day.

Pet Cardboard Turntable and DJ Mixer

Best dj mixer for your cat
Pet Cardboard Turntable & DJ Mixer

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Pump up the party jams and let your cat hit the decks for a night of tunes. Oh, alright then, it's really a scratching pad u2013 but he'll love sharpening his claws on it (saving your furniture). Some assembly is required, but the resulting Instagram pics will be well worth it.

wYw Set of 6 Cute Kitten Shaped Birthday Candles

Best cat birthday party cake candles
wyw cat birthday cake candles

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What's a birthday cake without birthday candles? These cat-themed birthday candles are super cute and go right on the top of any birthday cake, or maybe even cat food if that's your thing. If you don't end up using them, they're also great for human b-days too. Efficient.

Purrsonalised Catnip Heart Toy by Freak Meowt

Best birthday party catnip toy
Personalised Catnip Heart Toy, £10

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Want to send a birthday card to the cat in your life? While he might not care for cardboard, he will adore this catnip-stuffed felt version, which can be personalised with the birthday message of your choice. You can choose up to 30 characters as well as the thread colour.

Chaska Pet Bed by Archie & Oscar

Best birthday party cat bed
Chaska pet bed

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Sadly, bouncy castles for cats aren't really a thing. Possibly something to do with the risk of claw puncturesu2026 This colourful bed is the next best option. The patterns give us pure circus vibes, and he'll love popping in and out of the different door holes. Plus, when the party gets too much, he can retreat here for a nap.

Dadypet Cat laser toy

Best birthday party laser toy
Cat Laser Toy

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Remember parties at laser tag centres as a kid? Recreate that giddy fun with a laser-chasing toy for your birthday kitty. There are four modes for automatic rotation, so it also doubles up as party disco lights. When he's tired of the laser, there's a feather toy that's sure to drive him wild.

Cat Party Supplies Decorations Set (210 Pcs)

Best cat-themed birthday party decorations
Ultimate cat decorations for birthday

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We all know there's no party without decorations, so make sure everyone knows whose party this is, with a cute range of this cat-themed set. This is the ultimate decoration set for your kitty, including 20 dinner plates, 20 dessert plates, 20 paper cups, 20 napkins, 20 straws, 30 Macaron balloons, 1 tablecloth, 3 banners, 10 cat face cake toppers as well as two balloon ribbons and 40 glue points - phew, and the kitchen sink too! These would also work well for human birthday parties too.

Do cats have birthday parties?

Hell yeah they do! Still not convinced? Check out these AMAZING cat birthday parties below...

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