The best wet cat food for even the pickiest of pets

Your cat will be meowing for more with these nutritious wet cat food choices.

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by Caitlin Casey |

Cats can be known for their fussy preferences of food and love for the shake of tasty treats known to wake any cat up from their beds. Once they reach full adult growth after twelve months, it's likely you'll move onto a mixture of dry and wet cat food for your cat's diet. The question is, which wet cat food is the best?

Some cats might be more inclined to eat wet cat food once they've tasted it because of its luxurious gravy and meaty flavours. Now, you can even get all-natural choices or wet cat food tackling certain ailments.

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So, lucky for you, we've tallied up the best wet cat food on the market right now - from IAMS to Purina or Royal Canin, you'll find our selection for the best tins, cans and pouches right here.

Wet or dry cat food?

Many pet cats will have their preferences for food already - you'll notice if they leave more than half their bowl, they're probably not enjoying it. A big question that many cat owners have is whether it's better to have wet or dry food.

Both wet and dry food has their benefits, and really it's up to you as a cat owner. In our general recommendation, you should be looking at a mix between both wet and dry while regularly feeding your cat twice a day.

Wet cat food can be extremely beneficial for targeted diets, helps with water intake and contains a variety of ingredients. On the other hand, dry cat food can be efficient, cheaper and left out longer.

Not sure which choice is best for your pet? Read our full dry cat food review and overall cat food review so you can make the best decision for you and your kitty.

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What are the benefits of wet cat food?

Today, we're looking specifically at how the best wet cat food is good for your cat. Here's a breakdown of the main reasons you should be incorporating wet food into your cat's diet:

• Water intake: Getting your cat to eat wet cat food helps their overall water consumption – you’ll find they’re thirstier if they’re just on a dry cat food diet.

• Various textures and ingredients: Cats will have their fave choices, but putting them on a wet cat food diet gives them a lot of variety, where wet cat food packs often come with different flavours and can vary in textures from soups and casseroles to flakes or even pâté.

• 100 per cent balanced and complete: You can get wet cat food that’s completely nutritious for cats, so there’s no reason they can’t sustain on a wet food diet**.**

• Targeted diseases: If your cat is prone to diseases or sensitive stomachs, you can get wet food that targets this and helps to keep a healthy diet.

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How much wet cat food should I feed my cat?

It all depends on how large your cat is, their exercise and life stages, as well as how much food is in your food packs.

If you're unsure, most cat food brands will have a guide on their packs or websites to help you. It's also a good idea to consult your vet in case your cat needs a special diet.

For instance, Whiskas suggests that kittens should have one pouch a meal with kitten food pouches, two to four times a day. For adult cats, it's 240 calories a day, which should be a mixture of dry and wet cat food, leaving out some in the day for cats to graze on. Two meals (two pouches or one can) should be enough to sustain your adult cat.

Our shortlist of the best wet cat food UK

So, with all that in mind - what is the best wet cat food? Below we've tallied up our favourite options for your kitty. Remember, this is just wet food for adult cats, so if you have a kitten or senior cat you'll want to get different food for them.

Best wet cat food for variety: Iams Delights Wet Food Land and Sea Collection in Gravy, 12 x 85g

Best wet cat food for a healthy coat: ROYAL CANIN Intense Beauty Cat Food, 85 g

Best all-natural wet cat food: Scrumbles Natural Wet Cat Food Multipack, 6 X 85g

Best wet cat food to stock up on: Purina ONE Cat Food, Mini Fillets in Gravy, 40 x 85g

Best wet cat food tins: Applaws Natural Wet Cat Food, Multipack Fish Selection in Broth, 12 x 70 g

Best wet cat food paté: Lily's Kitchen Paté Selection 32 x 85g Multipack

Best wet cat food for fussy eaters: Meowing Heads Wet Cat Food Selection, 10 x 100g

Best cat food with high meat content: Natures Menu Country Hunter Superfood Selection for Cats, 12 x 85g

Best top-rated wet cat food: Felix As Good As It Looks Wet Cat Food, 40x100g

Check out our full breakdown of these choices below.

The best wet cat food UK

If you're looking for the best selection for your kitty, this IAMS wet cat food selection of twelve pouches is a perfect choice. Including unique flavours such as steamed salmon and cod, or lamb and red pepper, your cat will be paw-sitively happy with the choice.

Type: Pouches, meat or fish in gravy

Flavour: Savoury chicken and turkey, lamb and red pepper, wild tuna and peas or steamed salmon and cod

Size: 12 x 85g

Why we like it: A great selection for all cats, 100 per cent complete and balanced

What cat owners had to say: “Good quality food. I rely on Iams for my cats' biscuits. My cats eat it up quickly and don't leave any. It's a medium portion, so in this sense, it depends on the size and appetite of your cat.”

This Royal Canin wet cat food is perfect for those cat owners looking to sleek up their cat's fur coat. With a blend of antioxidants and fatty acids, this keeps your cat looking healthy and maintain a healthy weight with only 3.7 per cent fat content.

Type: Pouches, meat in jelly

Flavour: Variety

Size: 12 x 85g

Why we like it: Helps maintain a healthy coat and urinary system, Omega 3 and fatty acids

What cat owners had to say: “Our Burmese really enjoys this food as she never leaves so much as a morsel. This makes it a good value for money because what's the point of buying a cheap cat food full of non-meat filler which the cat won't eat and isn't good for them. This is very high-quality meaty food. Strongly recommend.”

This is a new kid on the block - Scrumbles. Made for good digestion and immune function, this wet cat food has a high meat content and is perfect for any cat, especially those with sensitive stomachs. Reviewers love this for high quality with sustainability in mind.

Type: Pouches

Flavour: Salmon, Tuna and Chicken

Size: 6 x 85g

Why we like it: Over 70% meat, grain-free, essential amino acids

Tried & tested by cat owner and Commercial Content Writer Caitlin Casey: “I love Scrumbles. Their packaging is totally eco-friendly, and their food is made out of high-quality ingredients focused on real meat which I appreciated for one of my cats who has a sensitive stomach. Both my cats Pepper and Ollie completely hoovered this wet food up! You’ll also want to try their fancy paté if you’re looking for a treat.”

Formulated by vets and nutritionists, you're sure to get your money's worth with this multipack from Purina ONE. This Purina wet cat food has antioxidants to help your cat stay strong and healthy, with a good selection of meats in gravy that your kitty is sure to love.

Type: Pouches, meat in gravy

Flavour: Lamb, chicken, fish and beef

Size: 40 x 85g

Why we like it: Antioxidants, trusted cat food brand, no added flavourings

What cat owners had to say: “These aren't cheap but the quality is excellent. There's no horrible smell either. The cats are very satisfied & there's no waste as the food is high quality & not full of fillers. My cats are very healthy with bags of energy & sparkly eyes.”

This Applaws wet cat food selection is 100 per cent natural and comes in tins. Made out of fish for any cat who loves their tuna or mackerel, with over 75 per cent fish protein in the ingredients, you know you're getting high-quality cat food. Don't fancy fish? You can also get it in Chicken or Mixed flavours.

Type: Tins, fish in broth

Flavour: Tuna fillet, mackerel with sardine, ocean fish, or tuna with prawn

Size: 12 x 70g

Why we like it: All-natural ingredients, over 75 per cent meat content, natural source of omega 3

What cat owners had to say: “This stuff is the business. My cats are not fussy eaters, they would eat anything you popped in their dish and put in front of them. I am very fussy though and find the quality of this product is unbeatable. I have given this to my adult cats for a good few years and they are both healthy specimens. 100 per cent natural, no long list of horrid sounding ingredients and when you open the tin, no rotten pet food stench, just shredded chicken dinners. Cats say yummy and I say try it, you won't be disappointed.”

If you've been shopping for your cat for a while, you may have noticed Lily's Kitchen popping up here and there. This wet cat food selection box takes top place for our best wet cat food paté, making it easy for your cat to gobble up. With natural ingredients, grain-free recipes and no added sugar, we highly recommend this as a smooth wet cat food choice.

Type: Foils, paté

Flavour: Chicken & Game, Chicken Paté, Turkey & Duck, Lamb

Size: 8 x 85g

Why we like it: Smooth and easy to eat, high meat content, all-natural ingredients

What cat owners had to say: “I like a selection pack, as it gives variety at feeding time. The foils are much easier to store and use than the tins, especially as my cats like to lick them out while I am preparing their food, which you can not do with the tins. Plus can be recycled!”

This Meowing Heads wet cat food selection has been growing for its attractiveness to fussy cats. Made with natural ingredients and a grain-free recipe, this is high in gravy so cats can lick away. It also has added vitamins and minerals to make it extra nutritious.

Type: Pouches

Flavour: Paw lickin’ Chicken, So-fish-ticated Salmon, Top-cat Turkey, Surf & Turf

Size: 10 x 100g

Why we like it: All natural, extra vitamins and minerals, grain-free

What cat owners had to say: “I have been buying all possible kinds of food for my cat, most of the times she gets excited for two seconds and then she doesn't care about the food anymore. I was really surprised that she loves these pouches so much. She eats very happily, and she cleans her plate, something she has rarely done in her life. I am really happy, and she is happy too. I highly recommend this.”

If you're looking for high-meat content and high-quality ingredients, check out this Natures Menu Superfood Selection wet cat food box. All of the pouches have over 96 per cent meat content, meaning they're jam-packed with tasty meat for your kitties. Also grain-free and gluten-free, the best for the best.

Type: Pouches

Flavour: Turkey & rabbit, duck & pheasant, chicken & goose, chicken

Size: 12 x 85g

Why we like it: 96 per cent meat content, free from sugars, cereals and fillers, steam cooked to retain nutrients

What cat owners had to say: “We have three house cats and after a disaster with another brand, then finding out how much rubbish is shoved into mainstream ones, we decided to buy alternative brands with better stuff in. All three basically face plant into this food, they seem to love it. Seems to be more in it and the furballs are impatient to get it, they have twice a day feeds with some good quality biscuits for grazing throughout the day.

Felix is a wet cat food brand that every cat owner will know. If you haven't already tried this cat food, the Felix As Good As It Gets is one of the highest top-rated wet cat food selections on Amazon right now. In a jumbo pack of forty pouches, these pouches come in a variety of flavours and make up 100 per cent of your cat's daily antioxidants and no added flavourings or preservatives.

Type: Pouches

Flavour: Beef, salmon, chicken, tuna

Size: 40 x 100g

Why we like it: Trusted cat food brand, 100 per cent of your cat’s nutrients daily, the bulk box is cheap and efficient

What cat owners had to say: “My 10-year-old cat is very set in his ways & refuses to eat if he doesn’t like something, but he loves these & eats all flavours. Usually, I must change his food regularly to get him to eat because he’s so fussy, but not anymore!”

What is wet cat food?

To put it down to its bare bones, wet cat food is a mixture of water, meat or animal derivatives, vitamins and minerals that are put together to make a nutritious meal for your pet.

Some cat owners believe that the higher the meat content, the higher quality of wet cat food. This is because many cat foods come with fillers or cereals to pad out the food. If you're looking for higher-quality ingredients, look at wet cat food with higher meat, all-natural ingredients and wheat-free options.

Wet cat food can come in a variety of textures, such as meat in gravy, meat in jelly, paté, casseroles and many more options. If you're trying it out for the first time, meat in gravy is a good place to start because it's not totally soft, but has a yummy gravy for your cat to lick.

Is wet cat food healthy for teeth?

Yes, your cat can have totally healthy teeth whilst eating a diet of wet food. Some people believe that because wet food is softer, it's not as good at removing plaque and tartar from your cat's teeth.

This isn't exactly true, as food actually plays a minor part in plaque and tartar accumulation. If you're worried, we would recommend investing in wet cat food that promotes healthy teeth or mixing your wet cat food with dry biscuits, so there's more texture for your cat.

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