The best retractable dog lead for every adventure

No matter what breed of dog you have or where you're going, these extendable leads will help you get the most out of your walks 🐕

Dogs and owners using the best retractable dog leads

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For many, going on a walk with your dog has probably been a lifesaver during recent times, but it’s always a treat to get out and about with your pooch. Dogs have to be on their lead in most public spaces by law, but it also keeps them safe as they exercise. Leads don’t have to be restrictive, though.

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Retractable leads can give your dog freedom and keep you in full control, ensuring everyone is happy on your daily stroll. With a simple lock mechanism on the handle, you can choose the length of your lead with ease, and it reduces pulling. Retractable dog leads are strong and extendable, so they’ll work for any walk you and your pup have planned.

When buying any retractable lead, it's wise to consider what your dog might need. Do they pull a lot? Do they chew their lead? How big are they? These factors will contribute to your retractable lead choice.

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Whether you’re a new dog owner or looking for a change, we have a selection of the best retractable dog leads out there.

Why do dogs pull on the lead?

When your dog is pulling it is usually a sign of excitement and curiosity as they are exposed to a new surrounding and sounds. However, too much pulling can strain their neck and hurt you as well.

How do I stop my dog from pulling on extendable leads?

According to, there are many ways you can train your dog not to pull. It is advantageous to reinforce good behaviours by rewarding your pet when they stay close to you and by ignoring their pulls. Here are some training tips:


‘Heel’ is a great command to introduce when you’re getting a puppy used to their first lead.

  1. When your dog tries to run off, say ‘heel’ in a clear, calm voice to get their attention.
  1. Wait until they look back at you – this will make the lead go slack.
  1. At that moment, reward them with a treat.
  1. Repeat until you can use the ‘heel’ command to keep the lead slack and your dog’s attention focused on you.


Stopping a walk every time your dog pulls is a great way to teach them that walks are less fun when they try to do their own thing.

  1. When your dog pulls on the lead, say ‘stop’ in a loud but calm voice.
  1. Stand still until your dog stops pulling and the lead goes slack.
  1. Repeat!

Stop & turn

Dogs usually pull because they’ve seen or smelt something exciting. The ‘stop and turn’ technique teaches your dog that pulling isn’t an effective way to get where they want to go. It also gets their attention firmly back on you. Use ‘stop and turn’ like this:

  1. When your dog pulls, say ‘stop’ in a loud, clear, calm voice.
  1. Immediately change direction or turn in a tight circle.
  1. Reward your dog when they follow you.
  1. Repeat!

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