The best hybrid BBQ for your next soirée

Make your neighbours envious, with one of these fabulous hybrid BBQs.

The best hybrid BBQs

by Marina Avraam |

Let's set the scene: The sun is shining, the lingering smell of BBQ wafts through the air and you're surrounded by friends and loved ones. You've got a beer in one hand, and you're reaching to snag some freshly grilled meat with the other - if that isn't the epitome of spring and summer, then we don't know what is.

Alfresco dining is the best way to spend those long evenings, but a great quality barbecue can mean the difference between an amazing meal and, well, an average one. If you've been trying to decide between a gas BBQ or a charcoal BBQ but just can't seem to pick, then it might be time to consider the best of both worlds: a hybrid BBQ.

Hybrid BBQs give you the option of cooking with both gas and charcoal, both of which have their own benefits. Charcoal BBQs tend to give you the best authentic, smoky BBQ taste, while gas is faster, as well as more efficient. With a hybrid, you can change up as and when you please and be as flexible as you like.

We've rounded up the best hybrid gas and charcoal BBQs for your next summer soirée, which is sure to make your neighbours envious.

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What is a hybrid BBQ?

A hybrid BBQ is one that allows you to switch between gas and charcoal whenever you like, or use them both simultaneously.

Is a hybrid BBQ any good?

Hybrid BBQs have started growing in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason.

With a hybrid, you can choose to use gas one day, charcoal the other, or both at the same time to achieve that smoky, BBQ flavour we all love plus the time-efficiency of gas. So, if you start out on charcoal but find you're running out of time, just switch to gas halfway through and your meal will be cooked within minutes.

Lighting up your BBQ is also much easier with a hybrid BBQ - you no longer need to worry about getting a lighter fluid or paraffin cubes, simply turn the gas burners on and your charcoal will be ready to cook on.

Can you use any cooking charcoal or gas on a hybrid BBQ?

Yes, though it's worth checking the manufacturer's instruction manual in case they have any requirements or recommendations.

The BBQ brand Outback, for example, recommend that you use their Hybrid Charcoal Briquettes for their charcoal, and John Lewis recommends propane or patio gas cylinder bottles ranging in sizes from 3kg to 13kg for their gas.

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