The best bedding plants for a bright summer garden

Create stunning garden displays with our list of the best bedding plants.

The best bedding plants

by Marina Avraam |

As soon as summer makes its long-awaited appearance, one of our favourite things to do is embellish our garden with vibrant and beautiful flowers. Apart from hanging baskets, fruit trees and other garden plants, bedding plants are a great way to create a stunning display bursting in colour.

From begonias and petunias to lobelia and geraniums, the options for bedding plants are endless. The flowers most suitable for bedding are colourful, flamboyant, easy to maintain and with a long bloom period to ensure a long-lasting display.

To help make your gardening that much easier, we've made a list of the best bedding plants you can get on the market.

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What are the best bedding plants?

Petunias, begonias and geraniums are a few of the most popular choices for bedding plants due to their long blooming periods, vibrant colours and easy maintenance.

When should you plant bedding plants?

Bedding plants are not frost hardy, which means it's important that you plant them after the risk of frost has passed. For the UK, we recommend waiting until May or June, to stay on the safe side.

Which bedding plants like shade?

Most bedding plants are sun-loving and require direct sunlight to grow and flourish. Having said that, a few varieties including Begonias, Fuchsia, Lobelia and pansy can tolerate part-shade.

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