The best pampas grass and how to style it in your home

If you haven't seen a vase of fluffy beige pampas grass stems on Instagram or Pinterest, then where have you been?

Pampas grass in a large vase and small vase on a table

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Since we’ve been spending so much time at home, our thoughts have turned to improving our interiors and popular trends like dried pampas grass can give it a much-needed inspirational boost.

If you haven’t seen at least several vases stuffed full of dried grass stems during your daily Instagram scroll, then where have you been hiding? Often a pale oaty beige colour, fluffy pampas grass looks pretty in a large porcelain vase right next to your stylish leaning mirror.

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One of those interior design trends that sees no sign of fading, pampas grass used to be popular back in the seventies and, of course, as with all trends, has come full circle and along with it more than 300,000 Instagram posts under the hashtag #pampasgrass.

Can't stick around for long? Here's a shortlist of the best pampas grass:

CHBOP 30 Pcs Natural Dried Small Pampas Grass

Beau Jour Natural Dried Pampas Grass 30pcs

Natural Dried Pampas Grass, 40pcs

Little Deer Extra Large Fluffy Natural Dried Pampas Grass

Home&Dried Pampas Posy

Pampas and Bloom Fluffy Light Brown Bunch

Cox and Cox six dried pampas grass stems

What is pampas grass?

Pampas grass is also known as Cortaderia selloan, and is a species of flowering plant in the Poaceae family, or basically, grass. It was once nicknamed "swingers grass", and reportedly used as a secret code. Now, thanks to its popularity, thieves have been stealing it and selling it for profit, which we strongly suggest you don’t do.

You could scroll for days bookmarking different ways of displaying your precious pampas grass, but first things first: you need to get some of those coveted dried stems. We’ve rounded up the best pampas grass styles so you don’t have to wait too long to put in your order.

The best pampas grass:

These stems are a bright white style that ranges between 38-45cm, with the actual plume flower length around 20-33cm. Opt for a contrasting vase to really pop against the pale shade of the pampas grass and bring some colour to your room.

A great bunch of stems to test the waters for your favourite pampas grass style. Affordable and you get 30 pieces that are 50cm tall, to either have in a big bunch or separate them up and pop them in different rooms of your house. Some reviews suggest that they need fluffing up in the sun for a few hours as they are flat when they arrive.

If you want a variety of colour options, then this bunch from Amazon is the perfect option and it is the tallest so far, at approx 65cm. Another inexpensive bouquet, the stems come in white and cream, along with a set of reeds to really make it stand out against your decor.

Word to the wise, the taller the pampas grass, the pricier they get. But for these extra fluffy tall stems from Little Deer, the added cost certainly makes it worth it. The pampas grass measure approx 110- 20cm, with the flower length approx 70-80cm and come as a set of three. Youu2019re going to need a really sturdy vase to keep the bunches from spreading out and losing their impact, or you could tie them together and have them leaning against a wall.

The great thing about Home&Dried is that its arrangements come perfectly packaged in a parcel that fits through your letterbox. It has launched some incredible posies recently, including the Pampas Posy, so you can get your hands on the coveted pampas stems that won't take up too much space. The smaller style measure 30-35cm in length and a larger version is approx 50cm in length.

These are exactly what it says on the tin: big and fluffy. If you want them placed on a tabletop, we'd suggest you opt for the shorter bunch which measures 60cm in length, or if you're feeling a floor standing vase, then the 110cm will suit perfectly.

If you're unsure about selecting big blooming pampas grass stems that could easily dominate a room, try these plumes out for size. They come in three or six stems, are very low maintenance and a lot slimmer style than on the rest of the list. They measure around 65-75cm per stem.

Pampas grass style inspiration

So you want some ideas of how to style your pampas grass? The chicest way is, of course, in a vase. Whether that's a cool black vase, a white porcelain style or if you're looking for something more unusual, you could always check out our best vases for all flower arrangements.

If you're feeling bold then we suggest buying large stems like the bunch from Little Deer and have them leaning in your bedroom.

How to care for pampas grass

If you have planted pampas grass outside, the good news is that the plant doesn’t require much upkeep. It just needs a sunny spot in your garden and fertile soil, and keep it trimmed back. Don’t expect big blooms until after about three years if you are growing it from seed.

To care for your dried pampas grass after you’ve received your flower delivery, a top tip is to spray it with hairspray to prevent any further shedding. But as the pampas grass has been carefully treated, it’s unlikely you will need to do anything extra apart from arranging it perfectly in your chosen vase, and picking a spot in your home away from direct sunlight to prevent bleaching, and away from humidity.

Is pampas grass poisonous to dogs and cats?

When purchasing any plants for your home, you have to consider any pets you have and whether they could cause any harm. Fortunately, pampas grass is non-toxic to dogs and cats. But we still recommend popping it in a place your dog may be less likely to take a liking to it and use it as a toy.

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