The best dried flowers: A trending at-home décor

Stylish and affordable, you will never get tired of these beautiful dried and preserved flower arrangements

Three beautiful dried bouquets against a rustic natural background

by Emily Farquhar |

You might have noticed dried flowers are becoming one of the most on-trend décor pieces in Instagram homes across the UK. Bouquets, arrangements and framed individual pieces – they have all been labelled necessary, and oh my, are we all about it!

Whether you are going for a little splash of colour in the corner, an addition to a feature wall or a bedroom masterpiece, dried flowers are always a good idea. They are not only trending in interiors for their aesthetics but for their environmental qualities as being low maintenance, biodegradable and with an extensive shelf life. Just keep them away from the usual water and sun (otherwise they are at the risk of fading), and you’ve got yourself a winner.

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Preserved flowers are another low maintenance, stunning home interior item. Just as the name suggests, they are preserved through the process of switching their natural sap with a sugary plant-based liquid or wax, which freezes their fresh appeal and pushes up their life span.

From naturally dried custom bouquets to preserved dyed bedside bunches, we shortlist ten of the best flower options just in time for summer.


How to dry flowers?

If you are a DIY flower enthusiast, you can create your own custom-made bunch by hanging your tied flowers upside down with either a hook, nail, or a coat hanger. Preferably, in a dark and dry location and out of direct sunlight, otherwise, this may fade the colours of your beautiful blooms! Keep them drying for approximately two to three weeks, and they will be ready once those gorgeous petals start to rustle.

How long do dried flowers last?

Depending on the brand and how well you’ve cared for them, dried flowers can last up to three years. If your dried flower bouquet does get a bit dusty, gently clean them with a hairdryer on the lowest and coolest setting possible.

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