The best non-chocolate gifts for Easter

No need to stress, everyone's covered with the best non-chocolate gifts for Easter. 🐇

Non-chocolate gifts for Easter picture of presents piled next to some coloured eggs

by Eve Miller |

Spring is in full swing now and Easter is just around the corner. With the supermarket shelves stacked with chocolate eggs galore, it might be hard to find an Easter gift that isn’t chocolate-based. That’s OK - because we’re here to help.

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Maybe the recipient of your gift is too young to eat chocolate, or they have an allergy. They might not have a sweet tooth or it could be a special occasion. Whatever the reason, there are many gorgeous, unique non-chocolate gifts for Easter that will show them just how much you care. Stand out from the crowd and be everyone’s favourite Easter bunny with our top gifting picks.

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The best non-chocolate gifts for Easter 2022

When is Easter 2022?

Easter Sunday changes every year and this year it falls on the 17th of April, so pop that date in your diary.

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