The best radiator covers

Keeping toasty or staying trendy? You don’t have to compromise with the best radiator covers in the UK.

One of the best radiator covers in trendy living room

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Radiators are part of essential British living due to our unpredictable weather. If you feel the cold, then you know how comforting popping the radiator on can be. The only issue with radiators is they can be an eyesore and if you have kids or pets, they can seem dangerously exposed. This is where a radiator cover comes in.

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Coming in a range of colours, styles and practical uses, radiator covers are the perfect touch to complete a room and keep the space trendy and safe. There are many to pick from, so why not take a look at our list of the best radiator covers on the market? There’s a choice for every aesthetic and need you may have.

The best radiator covers shortlist:

The best radiator cover for the bedroom: ELEGANT Modern Radiator Cover in Grey

The best radiator cover for the living room: Cambridge White Radiator cover

The best radiator cover for the hallway: Habitat Odell Large Radiator Cover

The best glass radiator cover: Arvol Radiator Cover

The best rustic wood radiator cover: Meerveil Radiator Cover

The best floating radiator cover: Wood Finish Floating Radiator Cover

The best metal radiator cover: Printed Radiator Cover

The best oak radiator cover: Raines Radiator Cover

The best radiator cover bench: White Radiator Cover Bench

The best small radiator cover: Vida Designs Arlington Radiator Cover

The best extendable radiator cover: HOMCOM Extendable Radiator Cover

What types of radiator cover are there?

Steel radiator cover: If you want a metal look cover, then a steel cover is for you. Steel is a poor conductor of heat, so the cover wouldn’t be hot to the touch if you have the radiator on.

Oak radiator cover: Oak is a strong and durable choice for your radiator cover. It will last for years, but also has a gorgeous, traditional look to it.

Marble effect radiator cover: These have become more popular over the last few years and have a really high-end look. This would be a great option for bathroom and kitchen radiators.

Bamboo radiator cover: If you want something trendy but eco-friendly, then bamboo is the way to go. It does warm up when near heat, but not to a dangerous temperature.

Bench style radiator cover: These can be the ultimate space saver. If you have a lower down radiator, then this can be a practical and decorative option. You can hide your radiator, create a seating area or reading nook, plus some even come with storage compartments.

Tempered glass radiator cover: For a fresh, modern look, glass can be a great decorative option. This may take longer to clean, but the style will be worth it.


The best radiator covers

ELEGANT Modern Radiator Cover in Grey1 of 11

ELEGANT Modern Radiator Cover in Grey

This high-quality cover comes in a chic grey colour that will compliment many types of décor. The modern design is practical, but will also easy to fit into any room's design. You can also use the cover as a shelf for decorative items. Design features: This cover has a safety corner design with chamfered edges so you can move freely round it. The horizontal slats act as vents for heat flow. Material: MDF Board Measurements: 81 x 152 x 19cm (large) Sizes available: Small, medium and large.

Cambridge White Radiator cover2 of 11

Cambridge White Radiator cover

Sometimes you can't go wrong with a traditional white look. This cover will look great in your living room or bedroom, plus it's also shelving for décor. Design features: Easy assembly and venting incorporated into the design. Material: MDF Measurements: 900 x 1198 x 200mm (medium) Sizes available: Small, medium and large.

Habitat Odell Large Radiator Cover3 of 11

Habitat Odell Large Radiator Cover

Coming in a white, charming design, this cover has a period look to it that we are obsessed with. It's classic, but can work in a contemporary room, too. Design features: Can display ornaments and pictures, plus protects little hands from heat. Material: Painted MDF Measurements: 81.5 x 150 x 19cm (large) Sizes available: Small, medium and large.

Arvol Radiator Cover4 of 11

Arvol Radiator Cover

We can't help but obsess over how beautiful this cover is. If you are big into design and aesthetics then you'll love this. It's unique, bringing a twist on the marble trend. Design features: This cover is heatproof, has safe curved corners and slots over any radiator with ease. It allows heat to escape into the room efficiently. Material: Tempered glass (gloss finish) Measurements: 66 x 62 x 0.6cm Sizes available: All sizes are the same, but with changes to the width from 62-150cm.

Meerveil Radiator Cover5 of 11

Meerveil Radiator Cover

Another cabinet style cover, but this time with a gorgeous, rustic grey wood look to it. It's made from eco-friendly material and it will add a stylish touch to your home. Design features: This cover has rounded edges, room at the bottom for your skirting board and the vents help to accelerate the time it takes for your room to warm up. Material: Wood Measurements: 152 x 19 x 82 cm (large) Sizes available: Medium, large and extra large.

Wood Finish Floating Radiator Cover6 of 11

Wood Finish Floating Radiator Cover

Floating covers can make any room look modern and fresh. This grind styled cover is on trend, but the best part is it can be personalised to your style preferences. Design features: Easy to fit, safe and can be used to feature décor. Material: Solid Wood. Measurements: You personalise this and you can check out the measurement guidefor help. Sizes available: Personalised.

Printed Radiator Cover7 of 11

Printed Radiator Cover

With a funky but practical design, this cover is tough but fun. The unique design stands out and will make any room feel more modern. Design features: Easy to clean and has rounded safety corners. Material: Stainless steel and glass. Measurements: 1220 x 640mm Sizes available: Width remains the same, but height can range from 620mm - 1220mm.

Raines Radiator Cover8 of 11

Raines Radiator Cover

With a stunning oak finish and warm contemporary design, this cover has a nice family feel. It sturdy, stylish and budget-friendly, which sounds great to us. Design features: Easy setup plus an elegant panel grill and room for your skirting boards. Material: Oak MDF Measurements: If you allow for a 3-4cm gap around your radiator, then it should fit over any medium-sized radiator. Sizes available: Medium.

White Radiator Cover Bench9 of 11

White Radiator Cover Bench

For those with limited space or who want a spare seating area, this cover is perfect. It's stylish and you can have it tailored to your specific requirements. Design features: Can be used as a bench and has additional storage. Material: Wood Measurements: Height is always 980mm, but the depth can be personalised.Sizes available: Whatever size you need.

Vida Designs Arlington Radiator Cover10 of 11

Vida Designs Arlington Radiator Cover

If you only have a smaller radiator but still want a stylish cover for it, then this will be perfect for you. It's simple and chic but works practically, too. Design features: This is really easy to clean and has slats that will help vent the heat your radiator gives off safely.Material: MDFMeasurements: 80 x 68 x 16cmSizes available: Small, medium, large and extra large.

HOMCOM Extendable Radiator Cover11 of 11

HOMCOM Extendable Radiator Cover

With an efficient slatted design that easily extends, this cover is one you can take with you to any house. You'll get good air flow and versatility with this one.Design features: Extendable length and extra space on the top shelf for displaying ornaments.Material: MDFMeasurements: 140-204 x 21 x 83cmSizes available: Comes in one size, but is adjustable.

What should you consider when buying a radiator cover?

Make sure you measure your radiators and allow a few centimetres space around it before you buy a cover. Also, consider what style you want it to compliment and what you might want to display on or around it. It's best to take note of whether you have a skirting board or parts that stick out behind your radiator, too.

Are radiator covers safe?

Yes, radiator covers are very safe as long as they are well-made and installed correctly. Keep the space around your radiator and cover clear so the heat has room to travel for optimal safety.

Do radiator covers waste heat?

If you pick a material that still conducts some heat and a design that allows the heat to get through, then your room should still get nice and warm.

Can you put stuff on radiator covers?

Many covers are made to be added storage or an extra decorative shelf. Double check on the packaging, but you should be fine to put photo frames, trinkets and home accessories on radiator covers.

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