The best storage boxes for all your home essentials

From storing toys long-term in the garage to everyday storage options, we've shortlisted our favourite storage boxes

Three of the best storage boxes displayed on a wooden floor

by Emily Farquhar |

Are you starting to feel cramped in your house? Are your children's toys taking over every inch of floor space? Maybe you're just looking to change up your kitchen space, add in some extra storage baskets and make your house more homely.

Storage boxes are always a great solution. Storage boxes come in a variety of designs and styles, all with the simple purpose of storing possessions so they're ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Depending on whether you need the best garden storage box or the best outdoor storage box, it is important you purchase the right kind of storage based on size, durability, and other factors such as being water resistant.

You might want a box that matches the colour of your room, or maybe you need storage for something specific like photos or clothes.

How do you store clothes, so they don’t get mouldy?

There are a few handy tips to know if you're wondering how to store clothes in a box to ensure they don't go mouldy. Firstly, ensure your clothes are 100% dry before putting them into storage. Secondly, if these storage boxes will be kept in areas prone to water damage, ensure you use boxes that are water-resistant. Thirdly, do not mix clothes in storage with any products that could potentially leak. For extra caution, I would pack your clothes into vacuum storage bags like these Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags first before placing them into a storage box. This will maximise space and provide 80% more storage.

Whether you need a storage box for your living room, bedroom, garage or outside, the following products are well worth the investment:

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