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Take a pick of the best planters to help your plants thrive at home.

Indoor plant pots

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If you're looking for an indoor pot for your new plant baby, it may be tempting to just pick up the first one that grabs your eye - more often than not, we're looking for pots that suit our style and home décor after all! While there's absolutely nothing wrong with this, you may be picking one without much consideration for how it might affect your plant, and so your planter of choice may not be putting your plant's health first.

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Here at What's The Best, we've done the research and found the best indoor plant pots to help your greenery thrive and reach its full potential. We've included what you should be looking for in your new planter, some great options with sizes so you can make sure your plant will fit, and some key advice to re-potting your plants at home.

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Do indoor plants need a hole at the bottom?

Yes! You should make sure your plant pot has proper drainage to help prevent root rot and help your plants healthy. Plant expert Claire Ransom, founder of, said:

“Proper drainage is essential to keep your plants safe from unwanted bacteria and fungus, so holes at the bottom of your pots prevent water pooling.

“Adding a gravel or pebble layer at the bottom of the soil isn’t an advisable solution as the water will still pool at the bottom of the soil.

“Pots with holes are non-negotiable for healthy plant growth.”

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So when choosing the ideal pot for your indoor plant, you’ll need to make sure to either choose a decorative plant pot that has drainage holes or make sure to keep the plant in its original nursery pot, inside your decorative plant pot of choice.

What can you put under plant pots indoors?

If you choose an outer pot with drainage holes, a drainage saucer is the best solution for collecting any excess water without allowing it to spill on your window sill, furnishings or shelving. Even the best hanging plant pots can have these built in to ensure your plant lives up to its full potential.

Indoor potted houseplants
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What are the best pots for indoor plants?

The best pot for you will depend on the plant and your home décor. You should consider:

Material: Ceramic pots are the most popular and come in a whole range of colours, designs, and sizes to suit your décor and your plant’s needs. However, there are plenty of options on the market including plastic, clay, metal, rot-resistant wood, and even baskets. The choice is completely up to you, though ceramic is more porous which will help prevent your plant from being overwatered. A plastic pot is more affordable, lighter, and less likely to break if you’re particularly accident-prone!

Size: As well as having drainage to help your plant thrive, make sure to choose the right size. Size really does matter and you’ll want to check the dimensions of your plant’s nursery pot to determine the size of your indoor plant pot. Look for a pot that is at least 1cm taller and 1cm wider than the growing pot.

Style: Most plants will arrive in a nursery pot (a brown plastic tub), much like small outdoor plants, but these certainly aren’t the most attractive. You can decant these into your new indoor plant pot, or keep them in the growing pot it arrived in. Bloombox recommends keeping all your plants in their original growing pots if you can. There are a few reasons for this: it’s easier to check on the roots, they have some give, and you’re less likely to let your plant sit in water.

The best pots for indoor plants:

Decorative indoor plant pots with saucers

Once you've watered, make sure to empty out any excess water collected in the saucer.

This pack of two concrete indoor planters comes with a simple stripe design that'll sit beautifully against any style of existing home décor. Modern yet classic, the high-quality environmental cement pot and saucer are tough, durable, and you won't need to worry about moulding. These make ideal pots for succulents, cacti, herbs, aloes, and flowers, creating a much-needed breathable growing environment.

One reviewer said, "Gorgeous. Really lovely looking pot, looks expensive, feels expensive, but not!"

Size: H13.5 x W13.5cm and H11 x W10.5cm

Perfect for those of us who are slightly more butter-fingered than green-fingered, this trio of indoor plant pots is made from a super lightweight and sturdy eco-friendly polypropylene plastic to withstand any accidental falls. Designed in a Nordic style with a matte exterior and minimalist striped edging, these come with a rubber saucer and in a collection of fun pastel colours that'll brighten up any shelf or windowsill. Available in sizes small or large.

One reviewer said, "Love these pots so bright and cheery."

Size: Large H15.5 x D16.8cm

The Sill Hyde Planter
Price: £30.30 ($42)

With a choice of mint, cream, blush, black, or terracotta, this simple yet effective earthenware cylindrical planter can be easily matched to your home décor. With a matching saucer, you can choose between small and medium sizes to suit your plant. This planter has been called 'The Hyde', named after Hyde Park - the largest Royal Park in London - added proof that this indoor plant pot screams of sophistication.

Size: Medium diameter 7 inches

If you're looking for the best indoor plant pots, one of the best retailers we'd have to recommend is Oliver Bonas - they have a great range of beautiful planters and this pot and saucer is no exception. This standing round pot with three raised feet comes in a myriad of calm tonal blues and comes with a suitably matching saucer to catch excess water. It's also available in yellow tones if you're looking for something a little sunnier for your living space.

One reviewer said, "I love this pot! I have it on my kitchen window sill with an Oliver Bonas plant in it. High-quality finish - lovely colour."

Size: H15 x W15 x D15cm

Terracotta pots are standard for plants, but you can truly elevate your plant with this choice of vibrant green emerald pot and matching saucer, inspired by the lively coastal village of Dragør, Denmark. Absolutely stunning, they'll make for show-stopping displays with the glossy glaze and simple yet intricate design.

Size: H12 x W14 x D14cm

Made of durable earthenware, these gorgeous plant pots come with hidden saucers at the base of their design to catch any excess water after watering. The calming, speckled, sand colour will look lovely in your bedroom, or placed on neutral white or wooden furniture.

One reviewer said, "These two pots are beautiful, feel very mid-century and a great colour. Not too pink and the bottom 'plates' can be interchangeable which makes them even more individual. Took them to the local garden centre to make sure the plants I bought would fit and got stopped by three people (one of which was a young guy who worked there) asking me where I got them from. Apparently, they are 'sick'!! I felt old, cool but old."

Size: H22 x W19 x D19cm and H20 x W19 x D19cm

This square pot and saucer make an ideal planter for cacti, herbs, and ferns, and the unique appearance will fit well in modern homes. Let the light play off the brushed, shiny brass surface, though you'll need to be wary of the extra TLC the brass will need compared to a ceramic or plastic pot. As it's likely to tarnish, you'll need to use a little elbow grease to bring it back to its original appearance over time, using the scouring pad handily provided.

Size: H12 x W11.5 x D11.5cm

Hase Set of 2 Concrete Planters
Price: £30 (was £39)

These on-trend concrete planters will add a pop of colour to your home with the colourful pink and mustard saucers beneath. We love that these saucers are really discreet as they're form-fitted around the pots themselves.

Size: H18 x W19 x D19cm

Decorative indoor plant pots with drainage

Water your plant in the sink or outside, letting any excess water drain out before putting back in position 30 minutes later. We'd still recommend housing your plants in their original nursery pots inside the decorative planters.

This white and sandy beige planter with a sturdy wooden stand makes for some beautiful Boho Chic. Handcrafted, each planter is unique and will easily complement existing décor in your home. Perfect for plants such as peace lilies, philodendrons, and spider plants, this indoor plant pot comes equipped with a drainage hole that will help prevent your plant from getting waterlogged and provide a breathable living environment. We'd still advise keeping your plant in its nursery pot, and you'll need to be mindful of excess water dripping out of the bottom after watering.

One reviewer said, "Very happy with this product. Arrived well packaged with a note about the product which was a nice little touch. The pot is very pretty and lovely quality. The stand is sturdy."

Size: H23.5 x W22cm

Pot dimensions: H14.2 x W18.5cm

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We love the style of these hanging planters that comes with handwoven macrame rope and a white speckled plant pot design that imitates concrete, keeping it looking natural and unique. Ideal for hanging plants such as ferns, ivy, pothos, and spider plants, these planters also come equipped with drainage holes that can be plugged if you wish. We think this will help make watering easier and will mean you won't need to worry about water or soil escaping as they hang indoors in your room of choice.

One reviewer said, "Used these for spider plants. Easy to assemble and hang. Love that these have a removable water plug at the bottom of the pots."

Size: H60 x D20cm

Pot dimensions: H10 x D20cm

Decorative indoor planters for nursery pots

Take your inner nursery pot to the sink or outside to water, letting any excess water drain out before putting back into your decorative pot 30 minutes later.

Inspired by the traditional woven baskets from Indonesia, this basket adds a modern, contemporary twist with bold gradual tones, a matte finish, and decorative yet functional handles. It comes available in sizes extra small to large, so you can use this beautiful planter for 17cm nursery pots up to 30cm nursery pots.

Size: Large opening diameter 32cm, internal depth 29.5cm

If you're looking for something a little more neutral and earthy in tone, this minimalist stoneware planter with a natural wooden stand will add a touch of industrial chic and raw natural beauty to your room. It's available in three sizes, small, medium, and large, and would be great to home a plant with hanging, trailing leaves and stems.

One reviewer said, "I absolutely love this planter, I bought the large size and it looks lovely in my living room."

Size: Large H43 x W25 x D25cm

This medium-footed ceramic plant pot comes in glazed pink with a concentric circle design in white that makes it both stylish and eye-catching. Perfect for your indoor plant collection, you can mix and match with other pots in their Yucca range for a cool and trendy display.

One reviewer said, "Beautiful plant pot which is the perfect colour. This is exactly what I was looking for!"

Size: H16 x W15.2 x D15.2cm

This gorgeous glazed ceramic plant pot with tonal dark blue hues will make a statement in your living space, particularly with the tall black iron stand that'll help make your plant a focal point of the room. We love the deep, stylish blues, but there's a more ocean-toned turquoise pot available too if you're looking for something a little lighter in colour.

One reviewer said, "Beautiful pot that is very sturdy as well as lovely to look at. Have had lots of positive comments about it."

Size: H65.5 x W20 x D22cm

Pot Dimensions: H20 x W22cm

Already have a favourite indoor plant pot at home with drainage holes?

T4U 14 cm Plastic Round Succulent Plants Pot Saucer Trays (Set of 10)
Price: $9.69

We've all made a spur-of-the-moment home décor purchase, but you may find that your lovely new indoor planter has holes in it, creating an unexpected mess on your tabletop or window sill. If you're looking to catch the drained water from your plant, there are plenty of saucers available to buy online in a range of sizes to suit your pot. This set of 10 saucer trays will work great indoors and outdoors to collect excess water, suitable for pots sized up to 14cm diameter.

When should you re-pot houseplants?

Every plant is different, but you’ll usually need to re-pot your houseplant every year - although some can flourish in the same pot for years. The best time to do this is in early spring.

You’ll know it’s time to re-pot when you see roots poking out of either the holes in the bottom of the nursery pot or the soil at the top.

It’s important to re-pot your indoor plants because if they become severely root-bound, they won’t be able to absorb enough water or nutrients. Re-potting into a bigger pot will also encourage growth, but you shouldn’t go up in pot sizes greater than 6cm diameter at a time.

How to re-pot indoor plants

  1. Remove your plant from its current pot, holding gently by the stems or leaves and turning sideways to help slide it out of place.
  1. Loosen the roots gently with your hands and if your plant is root-bound, unbind as best you can and trim, making sure to leave the thicker roots at the base of the plant.
  1. Remove roughly a third of the plant's current soil - some of the nutrients will have been removed from the mix so you'll want to replenish with new soil.
  1. Pour a fresh layer of potting soil into your new pot and pat it down to remove air pockets.
  1. Place your pot on top of the fresh soil in the centre of your new pot, and add potting mix around the plant to secure it in place. Don't pack too much soil in as you'll need the roots to breathe.
  1. Even out potting soil on top and water.

Find out more on how to re-pot your houseplant from The Sill.

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