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From the best tower fans to the best pedestal fans, these will help you fight the heat.

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With the cost of running a fan setting you back anywhere from 5p to 18p a night, using a fan throughout the summer months can end up costing you a pretty penny. That said, there are many different reasons why the best cooling fan UK can make your life easier.

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Whether you're using a fan to circulate fresh air around your home, helping your pets feel refreshed on a warm day or wanting to cool down after a home workout, we've found the best options for you. But before we start running down our favourites, we've pulled together a guide to help you get to know this home essential better.

What is a cooling fan?

To understand what a cooling fan really is, we had to go right back to the beginning. With the help of The Fan Museum, Greenwich in London we can trace the fan's history back to around 3000 BC where it is believed that Greeks, Etruscans and Romans used fans as cooling and ceremonial devices.

Fast forward to 1882, Dr Schuyler Skaats Wheeler invented the first electric fan which resembles the propeller fan that we recognise today. Now, that's a cool fact!

History is great and all, but what does this mean for cooling fans today? The Oxford Dictionary definition will tell you that a fan is 'a machine that creates a current of air', but it's so much more than that.

Benefits of using a cooling fan:

Yes, a cooling fan does create a current of air, but there are many ways that this can impact your life positively. Here are seven benefits of using a cooling fan:

  1. It will help keep you cool when it's warm outside.
  1. Using a desk fan can help you concentrate in the heat.
  1. Can remove any unwanted odours from a room.
  1. Some reports indicate that a fan may lower sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) risk.
  1. Fans improve ventilation in your home.
  1. It's cheaper to run than air conditioning - plus, there's no installation cost.
  1. The white noise it creates can help you drift off to sleep.

The different types of fans explained

Tower fan: A tower fan is a thin and compact alternative to a regular fan. As well as featuring an oscillation function, many options will allow you to tailor the settings so that you can tweak the temperature to suit you. Amazing!

Pedestal fan: The best way to describe a pedestal fan? Basically, it's just a portable electric fan that will ensure you feel fresh in any room in your home.

Handheld fan: Escape the heat and get a breeze on the go, thanks to handheld fans. We're not talking folding fans here - this lot can be fully electric or battery powered.

Heater and cooling fan: Want to use your fan all year round? Invest in a fan that also has a heater function. This fan is a brilliant option for the bedroom.

Standing fan: Yes, you guessed it, a standing fan is a machine that stands tall. Usually adjustable, you'll be able to move this type of fan around the home with ease.

Now that you understand what the different types of fans do, you'll have a better chance of taking home the right one for you.

Here at What's The Best, we've spent hours researching and testing products to help you make the right decision on the best cooling fan that will keep you feeling refreshed all summer long.

Best cooling fans UK

Editor's choice
ANSIO Tower FanPhoto: Amazon

There's nothing worse than going to bed after a day of sticky heat, right? Instead of showering before bed or applying a cold compress, you can relax with a cool breeze thanks to the ANSIO Tower Fan. Its incredible features, like the 60-degree oscillation, get a big thumbs up from us.


• Three speed settings

• Timer function and easy to use control panner

• 1.75 m power cable

• Size: 24 x 24 x 76.5cm

• Power: 45 watts

Review: "This is the best fan I’ve ever owned! Other fans I’ve had just blow already warm air about but this actually blows lovely cool air! Even on lowest setting. It’s quiet... it’s amazing! Would 100% recommend it."

Best tower cooling fan
Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan
Price: $353.33

Renowned for its state of the art technology, Dyson is unrivalled when it comes to its tower fans. Not only does this device use less energy than other cooling fans, but it's also quieter, safer and easier to control.


• Uses air multiplier technology

• No fast-spinning blades

• Easy to clean

• Size: ‎28 x 28 x 140.8cm

• Power: 56 watts

• Run time: 9 hours

Review: "This fan is brilliant. The air from it is cool. I don’t find it noisy at all and the remote is very convenient".

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Best handheld fan
John Lewis & Partners Handheld and Foldable Desk FanPhoto: John Lewis

Whether you need cooling down on public transport on the way to work or at the local pub, this handheld fan from John Lewis is a handy tool to have in a heatwave. We love that this easily stores away in a bag. Plus, once it's fully charged, you can enjoy a cool breeze on the highest setting for up to four hours.


• Three speed settings

• Takes five hours to fully charge using USB charger

• Rechargeable battery and charging cable included

• Size: 25 x 11.3 x 2.5cm

• Power: 3 watts

Review: "It's small and portable but surprisingly powerful. I like that it is so quiet so doesn't really disturb anyone else around you when using it. The charge lasts for absolutely ages too. Perfect for my menopausal heat issues!"

Best stylish cooling fan
Challenge Chrome High Velocity Tilting FanPhoto: Argos

We've found a fan that's style is subtly retro without being intense. What sets this fan apart from most is that it's made from high-quality metal, instead of unattractive white plastic. Although the shape is retro-inspired, the chrome finish feels modern, making it a pleasant balance of the two. This fan is also heavy enough to stand on its own, unlike cheap plastic fans that tend to fall at unexpected moments.


• Three speed settings

• Adjustable tilt and arrives fully assembled

• Includes a manufacturer's one year guarantee

• Size: 50 x 53 x 15cm

Review: "I bought this fan to keep me cool while using my indoor cycle trainer. It works a treat! Very powerful blast of air, fairly quiet, light and easy to move around."

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Best quiet cooling fan
Vornado 6303DC Energy Smart Air CirculatorPhoto: Amazon

What distinguishes the Vornado Fan from its competitors is that it utilises a unique vortex technology with deep-set blades. It allows the fan to provide a quiet and constant stream of cold air, which can cool most rooms up to 26 metres. It additionally has a timer function, so you can program the fan to run for specific periods (this is ideal throughout the night), and it also comes with a remote control.


• 80% less energy used

• Evenly circulates air

• Air flow up to 26m

• Adjustable, timer function and remote control

• Size: ‎21.4 x 36.6 x 30.7cm

• Power: 52 watts

Review: "Slightly pricey, but totally worth it. One of the most effective fans to cool you. I must stress this won't make a room "colder" by dropping it a degree or two, but definitely better than most room fans I have used. I have an Ansio room fan that I thought was decent, but the Vornado is far superior."

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Best desk cooling fan
Honeywell HT900EV1 Turbo FanPhoto: Amazon
Price: $27.50

One of Amazon's best-selling products, this quiet but powerful little fan has three power settings and a wall mount feature, which will save on floor or desk space.


• Cord included

• Three speed settings

• 90 degrees pivot option

• Size: ‎28 x 16.5 x 29cm

• Power: 40 watts

Review: "This fan is still a bit noisy like normal fans but it is fantastic! It is robust and great quality. It gives of a lovely breeze. If you get hot in the summer than get this. You won't regret it. I haven't. I'm thinking about getting another one. The packaging is great too!"

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Best pedestal cooling fan
Kirkton House Pedestal FanPhoto: Aldi
Price: £19.99 (was £32.99)

Calling all bargain hunters - this incredible fan from Aldi will help your money go further with a saving of £13. We love that this pedestal fan is available in chrome or copper, has a retro feel and includes overheat protection. What's not to like?


• Three speed settings

• Adjustable tilt fan head

• Cable length: 1.6m

• Size: ‎ 45 x 40 x 123cm

Review: "Really pleased with this fan, easy to assemble. Very powerful and looks great. Purchased in the sale for £19.99, only downside is it’s quite noisy but I’m ok with this - think I might buy another :)."

Best heater and cooling fan
DIMPLEX M2GTS Portable Hot & Cool Ceramic Fan HeaterPhoto: Currys PC World

Why buy just a cooling fan when you can buy a hot and cool fan? In the summer, this machine will ensure that your home gets a breath of fresh air. Whereas in the winter, it will keep you and your family nice and cosy with its toasty heater function.


• Heats and cools

• Has a 12 hour timer

• Three heat settings

• Size: ‎ 27.8 x 23.1 x 23.3cm

• Power: 2000w

Review: "Easy to use, easy to see digital display. Thermostat temperature setting is perfect - it will switch off once set temperature is reached! Very quiet, and quite stylish!"

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