Ten of the best sleep masks for a good night’s rest

Expect everything from the best sleep mask for side sleepers to sleep mask with headphones.

Two of the best sleep masks. Left is Slip and right is Earths Secret

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You can't argue with the fact that sleeping is fundamental, but improving your sleep is a whole different kettle of fish. If you've tried counting sheep, building a routine, avoiding caffeine, using sleep gadgets and listening to relaxing music, then you know that drifting off isn't always that simple. Enter, the best sleep masks.

Sleep masks are one of those products that we associate with long haul flights. We wear them for the plane journey once and never use them again. However, building this handy accessory into your bedtime routine can have loads of amazing benefits.

The best sleep masks, at a glance

• Best overall sleep mask: Earths Secret Sleep Mask - View now on Amazon
• Best high-end sleep mask: TEMPUR Sleep Mask - View now on TEMPUR
• Best silk sleep mask: SLIP Silk Sleep Mask - View now on John Lewis

What are the benefits of using a sleep mask?

Whether you're struggling to get some shut-eye after a night shift or tossing and turning during your regular routine, here are seven benefits of using a sleep mask.

✔️ Blocks out light

✔️ Results in more REM time - for healthier sleep patterns

✔️ Can improve insomnia

✔️ Reduces distractions

✔️ Prevents dry eyes

✔️ Helps you to fall asleep quicker

What is the best type of sleep mask?

We'd love to give you the verdict of the best sleep mask of all time, but what is best for you might not work for someone else. That's why before you buy a sleep mask it's essential to determine the best type of sleep mask for you.

Here are the different types of sleep masks that you may come across:

Silk sleep masks

Weighted sleep masks

Foam sleep masks

Light blocking sleep mask

Sleep masks with headphones or earbuds

How we tested the best sleep masks

Over the years, we've had a lot of practice sleeping. According to Dreams, the average person spends approximately 26 years snoozing. Whether it was testing for a catnap on the sofa, catching some z's in the garden or helping us get some well-needed rest at bedtime, we've put these sleep masks for all budgets, cheap and more expensive, through their paces to get an idea of how good they are.

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Best overall sleep mask

Want to block out those pesky bedroom lights for a good night's sleep? The Earths Secret sleep mask is here to deliver pitch-black tranquillity for a uninterrupted snooze. Thanks to its clever C-shaped eye cups, not a speck of light will dare interrupt your beauty sleep. Perfect for catching Z's on a plane or in the cosy confines of your bedroom, it's a game-changer for your sleep routine.


  • Complete blackout design with C-shaped eye cups
  • No pressure on eyelids
  • Made from a soft and breathable material


  • Sometimes moves during the night

Best high-end sleep mask


Anyone familiar with the TEMPUR range will know to expect big things from this sleep mask. Spoiler alert: it did not disappoint. Using the TEMPUR material used in their mattresses, this product moulds and adapts to your face.


  • Filled with the pressure relieving TEMPUR material that forms to the shape of your face
  • Cushions the eye area while you sleep
  • Comes with a two year guarantee


  • Shouldn't be immersed in water

Best silk sleep mask

Slip Silk Sleep MaskJohn Lewis
Alternative retailers
Ulta$50.00View offer
Sephora$50.00View offer
Dermstore$50.00View offer
Neiman Marcus$50.00View offer

Anyone that has a six-step skincare routine or wants to up their regime needs to invest in this mask. After you've washed your face, tuck yourself in bed with the knowledge that it'll help to maintain your skin's moisture. Select from black or navy.


  • Made from the highest grade mulberry silk
  • Super comfy on the face
  • Great for skin health


  • Doesn't have adjustable straps

Best sleep mask for side sleepers

Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye MaskAmazon

Rrp: $19.99

Price: $9.98

Have you planned a staycation? If someone else is driving, you can have a little snooze on the way and get to your destination quicker. This one-size-fits-all mask has wide and adjustable straps that aren't restrictive.


  • Features a bending cartilage design to block light coming from the nose area
  • Soft cotton triangle wing design prevents the mask from slipping
  • Has five layers of breathable fabric for an ultra-soft feeling on the eyes


  • Eyes can feel a little restricted with the mask on

Best velour sleep mask

Silentnight Super Soft Sleep MaskSilentnight

Silentnight isn't just about mattresses, duvets and pillows they also have a range of sleep accessories including this sleep mask. The sumptuously soft velour material is perfect for blocking any annoying light that might be keeping you up at night. The mask is machine washable and includes a soft storage bag to protect your eye mask and keep it clean and fresh.


  • Comes with a soft storage bag for easy travel
  • Fully machine washable
  • Made from a soft touch velour eye mask


  • Looks quite large on your face

Best lightweight sleep mask

Instead of waking up throughout the night due to your partner's snoring, a sleep mask and earplug combination is here to save the day. The list of benefits for this go on and on, but here are a few of our favourites: it's super lightweight, blocks out the light and doesn't cause pressure on your eyes. Amazing!


  • Made from pure cotton filled into pure mulberry silk for a comfortable feel
  • Suitable for all head sizes with an adjustable elastic headband
  • Comes with earplugs for a proper night's sleep


  • Very large on the face

Best all-round sleep mask

Fall asleep in style thanks to this gorgeous sleep and eye mask from SMUG. The black wink design is everything, the material is soft, and it'll block out 100 per cent of the light - now that's what we call a triple threat.


  • Great selection of colours
  • 100% Blackout design for an uninterrupted nights sleep
  • Dome-shaped design ensures natural eyelashes or lash extensions aren't damaged


  • More of a satin-like material, which isn't for everyone

Best sleep mask for 100 percent darkness

Echor total blackout eye maskEchor
Price: £12.49 (was £17.99)


Need complete darkness to have a snooze? You can have a nap anywhere anytime thanks to the ergonomic wings on either side of the nose preventing any light from entering under your mask while also working to alleviate any pressure on your eyelids for fresher-looking eyes when you wake up. Its unique construction means that there's no pressure on your eyes at all. What a relief!


  • Ergonomic wings either side of the nose prevent light from entering under the mask, so you get that total blackout feel
  • Features PureComfort foam with a high-elastic foam inner for comfort
  • Eye indentations remove any pressure on your eyelids


  • Material is not the cosiest

Best sleep mask with headphones

Assuming that you fall asleep listening to ambient sounds, a sleep mask with headphones is the one for you. Considering it has a built-in speaker, it's easy to use and very comfortable. That said, don't forget to charge it before you get some rest or you won't be able to use it.


  • Provides 10-14 hours of music playback
  • The speakers inside this eye mask are covered with an ultra-soft cotton film so you can wear the mask for hours on end without it feeling uncomfortable
  • The speakers are 0.25 inches with true HD sound for a clear sound


  • Very large on your face

Best anti-wrinkle sleep mask

CurrentBody Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep MaskCurrentBody

This luxurious CurrentBody mask in made in collaboration with Dr Harris, London's leading non-surgical doctor. Dseigned to combat the signs of aging while you rest, the mask uses raised silicone dots and a mulberry silk blend to diminish fine lines and increase emotional relaxation. Awaken to youthful, radiant skin after each sleep with this pick.


  • Features a unique raised silicone dot design that's proven to increase emotional relaxation by 67%
  • Mulberry silk blend for ultimate comfort and to reduce fine lines
  • Created by London's leading non-surgical aesthetic doctor, Dr Steve Harris


  • Elasticated band is too limiting in its size and length, not great for all head sizes

A guide to a good night's sleep

Is it good to use a sleep mask every night?

Using a sleep mask every night definitely has a lot of benefits. Think of it as giving your skin a mini spa treatment while you sleep. Eye masks, much like earplugs, help to create an environment for deep, uninterrupted sleep by blocking out any pesky light. In addition, they can help with reducing wrinkles and fine lines by keeping the sensitive skin around the eyes hydrated and protected from friction. As with anything though, results only come with time and consistent use, so don't expect to see results straight away.

Are there any side effects of using sleep masks?

Eye masks are very safe to use, but there are a couple of things to be aware of. The first is that if you've got particularly sensitive skin, you might find that a eye mask irritates it. If this is the case, it might be better to not wear one to sleep in.

Secondly, wearing a sleep mask that's too tight around your head will also disrupt your sleep. If your mask s too tight it may cause headaches or added pressure on the eyes. Neither of which are pleasant. Saying that, a sleep mask that's too loose is also pointless as it will inevitably slip down during the night.

Lastly, your sleep mask needs to be thoroughly cleaned to keep bacteria at bay. If your mask isn't regularly washed it may harbour bacteria, which could contribute to skin breakouts and infections.

As a final note, these side effects are quite uncommon and can easily be avoided by selecting a mask made of high-quality materials that don't harbour germs, like silk for example.

Why can't I sleep?

The maze of sleeplessness often has multiple paths (unfortunately). Perhaps it could be attributed to your caffeine intake, or your screen time just before bed. Maybe it's the thoughts in your mind that won't let you drift into a dream-like state. It also could be disturbances like light and noise. Even your mattress. Whatever the reason, it's worth finding the trigger so that you can get back a restful nights sleep.

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