Gemma Lavers

Gemma is a Commercial Content Writer at Bauer Media. She writes for What’s The Best, heatworld and Closer Online as a health and fitness specialist.

With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for wellbeing, her expertise in health and fitness spans a broad spectrum. From understanding nutrition to practising yoga and Pilates to delving into the psychology of motivation – she enjoys demystifying the latest fitness trends and staying on top of the dynamic health landscape, whether the best gym leggings, fitness trackers or the benefits of yoga.

As a seasoned writer, she seamlessly blends her knowledge with a reliable flair, making health and fitness not just a goal but a lifestyle. In the fitness world, Gemma isn’t just a writer; she’s a trusted companion on the path to ultimate wellness.

When Gemma’s not writing, she can attend Pilates, yoga and Zumba classes, and her next mission is to join a Reformer Pilates class. She’s also a bit of a home workout aficionado, constantly trying new ways to keep her moving at home.

Between writing, exercising, shopping and learning Polish, she loves hopping on a plane and exploring new cultures. Some of her favourite places she’s been to are Dubrovnik, Milan and Los Angeles.


Previously, as a Digital Marketing Executive, Gemma created content for various brands, including a first-of-its-kind affiliate partnership search engine and a luxury second-hand handbag and watch brand.

Before that, she graduated from the University of Leeds with a First-Class degree in BA Journalism. At Uni, she was a weekly Fashion and Lifestyle writer for the newspaper The Gryphon.

Gemma’s also been an avid blogger since 2017, writing travel and lifestyle articles for her website and portfolio, covering various topics like her road trip down East Coast Australia and book reviews.

Social media

She’s also a bit of a social media addict and became even more of one when she took over TikTok for a jewellery brand, creating engaging content and hosting competitions.

Gemma's areas of expertise

• Health and nutrition

• Fitness and equipment

• Home workouts

• Social media trends

Gemma’s top buying tips for readers

“There are so many trends out there regarding health and fitness equipment. Invest in durable and well-made products that can withstand the rigours of regular use. Your health is an invaluable asset, so choose products of good quality to contribute towards your fitness journey.”

“Steer clear of sensationalised products offering a quick fix or effortless results. Sustainable health and fitness outcomes are rooted in consistent efforts, balanced nutrition and a holistic approach to wellness. By investing in items that align with your goals and enable you to make gradual progress, you’re fostering a healthier relationship with your body and beginning that journey towards long-lasting wellbeing.”