The best mattresses to buy

Get a good night's sleep with a top-quality mattress - but with so many to choose from, which one is best?

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by Sophie Knight |

Choosing the right mattress is one of the biggest homeware decisions you'll make - you spend so much time sleeping that a supportive, comfortable mattress is vital.

There are loads of mattress brands available online these days, meaning you no longer have to set aside a whole day to trawl the shops trying them out, desperately trying not to get your shoes on them, feeling ever-so awkward pretending to sleep in front of the always-too-keen salesperson.

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We've listed double mattresses* below for comparison, but don't forget to check to see the up-to-date prices for all other sizes available.

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The Best Mattresses

Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress
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One of the most well-known names when it comes to mattresses, Silentnight is a brand you can trust. It's topped with memory foam and aims to ease achy backs and shoulders. Comes with a three-year guarantee for added peace of mind. Support: Medium Recommended for: Side sleepers Mattress depth: 18cm

Emma Original Mattress, Double
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Durable, pressure-relieving, and comes with 200 nights to try it out. The Emma mattress has won loads of awards for its comfort; it has a temperature-regulating top cover and breathable bottom cover, and three layers of foam. Support: Medium Recommended for: Back sleepers, front and side sleepers Mattress depth: 25cm

Eve Original Mattress, Double £599
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"Your mattress is your sanctuary" according to Eve Sleep, so you want to make sure you're comfy considering how much time we spend asleep - about one-third of our lives are spent sleeping. There are three foam layers to support your body while you sleep, and the memory foam isolates movement so you won't be woken up by your partner tossing and turning. You also get 100 nights to test it out, and if you're not satisfied, send it back. Support: Medium/Firm Recommended for: Back sleepers, front and side sleepers Mattress depth: 24cm

Wool 2000 Pocket Sprung Mattresses
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With 2,000 pocket springs in each mattress, you can choose between two firmness levels, and the price is 50 per cent less than on the high street. The mattress is made with breathable viscose damask, giving you a smooth and cool sleeping surface. You can trial this mattress for up to 100 nights and return it if it doesn't suit you (you must try it for a minimum of 30 nights). Support: Firm Recommended for: Back sleepers and side sleepers Mattress depth: 28cm

Nectar Memory Foam Matress, Double £599
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You can trial this mattress for a whole YEAR and send it back if you're not 100 per cent convinced, plus the warranty is 'forever' (well, as long as you own the mattress). These are real bonuses when it comes to choosing a mattress, as you really have to make sure you're happy with it - and an extra bonus when you're buying online without trying it out in the shop. Support: Medium Recommended for: Back sleepers, front and side sleepers

Mattress depth: 25cm

Simba Hybrid Mattress, Double £649
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Lay back on 2,500 springs for a great night's sleep, with five layers to regulate your temperature and keep you cool all night. It's called a hybrid because it's in-between a foam mattress and a coil-sprung mattress, giving you the benefits of both designs. You can try for 200 nights to make sure you're happy with it. Support: Medium Recommended for: Back sleepers, front and side sleepers Mattress depth: 25cm

Wayfair Cooling Open Coil Mattress, Double £128.99
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We were pleasantly surprised that Wayfair offer a 100-night trial on their mattress too. Not much more than £100 for an open-coil double mattress; its firmness is 'medium' meaning average support for your back. Support: Medium Recommended for: Back sleepers, front sleepers Mattress depth: 18cm

Dunelm Fogarty Just Right Orthopaedic Open Coil Mattress
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Less than £200 for this anti-allergy mattress, which has air vents to keep you cool. It's double-sided so you can flip it regularly to keep it in top condition. Comes with a five-year guarantee, although there are no refunds or sending it back unlike many others on our list. Support: Medium/Firm Recommended for: Back sleepers, front sleepers Mattress depth: 20cm

Studio by Silentnight Memory Hybrid Mattress
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The Memory Hybrid mattress from Studio by Silentnight has a pleasing bounce-back feel that responds intelligently to your body throughout the night. Relieves pressure and soothes minor aches and pains. Read our full review here. Support: Medium/firm Recommended for: Side sleepers Mattress depth: 25cm

*Prices stated are correct at time of writing, and for double mattresses unless otherwise stated

Lots of brands offer trials, so you don't have to commit until you're 100 per cent happy with your purchase. Check the T&Cs of the mattresses you look at - some offer 100 days, some offer 365 days (and some don't offer a trial at all - so do check). It's a good idea to try them out, especially as you haven't tested them in a shop at all.

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If you do trial them at home, take advantage of the timescale - it can take a few weeks for your body to become accustomed to a new mattress, so it might take a while to really work out if it's right for you.

Popular mattress designs at the moment include memory foam, cooling layers made from breathable materials, or a combination of the two. Memory foam might not be best for you if you get hot in the night, as it can be too cosy for some - again, that's why a trial is so great.

How often should you replace your mattress?

The Sleep Council recommends that you replace your mattress every seven years, as this means it's had over 20,000 hours of wear and tear, plus it's played host to all the fluid and skin cells we lose while sleeping.

A lot of mattress brands offer up to 10-year guarantees so keep an eye on if it needs replacing and don't lose the receipt details!

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How to keep your mattress in good condition

Using a mattress protector is a great basic way to keep it free from stains and washing it regularly will help keep your mattress fresh.

Flipping or turning your mattress regularly helps to wear it out evenly, ensuring your body is always supported in the right places. Let your mattress breathe! When changing your sheets, let your mattress air out for an hour or two.

Give your mattress a clean at least every six months. Start by gently vacuuming the surface with an upholstery attachment, getting into any nooks and crannies to clear up any dust. If there are any stains, a mixture of baking soda and water will do the trick, but ensure you check with your manufacturer's guidelines before applying anything.

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