Studio by Silentnight Memory Hybrid Mattress: 60-second review

What's The Best review the Studio by Silentnight Memory Hybrid Mattress, where comfort is a top priority.

Silentnight Studio mattress

by Natalie Corner |

We all know how important a good night of sleep is worth. It’s the difference between happy and grumpy, eyebags for a meeting or no eyebags.

When we think of how we sleep, our mattresses are perhaps the most important part, followed closely by pillows and duvets. One bed brand that is synonymous with all these things and has been labelled by shoppers as one of the “most trusted in the UK” is of course Silentnight.

The bed brand celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2021 and conducted research that found that the average Brit gets just three ‘good’ night’s sleep a week and that 7 out of 10 of us are sleeping on the wrong mattress.

It only makes sense then to test out what it’s like to sleep on the ‘right’ mattress, an award-winning one to be correct, the Studio by Silentnight Memory Hybrid Mattress. After the unrolling and a month spent sleeping on a highly recommended mattress, What’s The Best deputy commercial content editor, Natalie Corner shares her thoughts on the double mattress.

Score 4/5

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Pros Cons
• Body-hugging memory foam • Length for a tall person
• Great sink-in sleep • Extra pillows for side sleepers
Firmness rating Medium/firm
Support system Pocket Sprung/Mirapocket
Material Memory foam
Matress depth 25cm
Length 187cm
Silentnight mattress close up
©Natalie Corner

What’s to love?

For the most part, I can be anywhere and, in any bed, and still have a good night of sleep. But more recently I’ve found that things haven’t been quite right and swapping out my pillows have not been solving the problem of restless nights.

I’ve always preferred a very firm mattress, not quite rock solid but veering that way. So after looking into different variations, I considered the Silentnight Memory Hybrid could be a good fit for me – a little softer but still with the firmness I prefer.

After the mattress was left to settle for the recommended 24-48 hours so it’s fully fluffed up, I climbed into bed and those people I’ve heard that say memory foam is like sleeping in a cloud were very, very correct. Over the course of a month of me sleeping I’ve very rarely woken up to shift around, I sink in and once the lights are out that’s it until my alarm goes off.

Silentnight mattress bed
©Natalie Corner

What’s just okay?

I measure an average height of 170cm, and when I snuggled deep down into my bed – which is a wooden four-poster frame with a fixed headboard and footboard – I noticed that there was a large gap between the mattress and footboard of the bed.

It wouldn’t concern me usually because my 10.5 tog winter duvet fits in the gap, but my feet are at risk of going over the edge of the bed if I’m not right on top of my pillows at the top of the bed. For anyone taller than me, I would say the length of the mattress is something to take into consideration as this measures approximately 187cm.

Silentnight mattress depth
©What's The Best / Natalie Corner

Any negatives?

I thought I only liked one flat pillow, I’ve slept for so long this way and was pretty happy. But as I’ve already mentioned switching up the way I sleep has meant deeper more peaceful sleeping.

It’s not necessarily a negative but now I need an extra pillow because I find myself staying in a side-sleeping position more often than my usual stomach position. Firm mattresses have previously allowed me to sleep on my stomach without the risk of my back dipping. However, with a softer mattress, I feel my spine is supported more sleeping on my side – perhaps because of the 1,000 zoned springs that claim to enhance spinal alignment – and so an extra pillow is needed to keep my head and neck aligned correctly.

How we tested it

I swapped my usual mattress for the Studio Silentnight Memory Hybrid Mattress and after 31 days was able to write the review. I slept on it with a variety of pillows and two different duvets to fully understand how I sleep. Safe to say it is now very well. Read more on how the What's The Best team test out products for review.

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Natalie Corner is the Deputy Commercial Content Editor for Bauer Media, working across brands such as What’s The Best, Yours, Mother&Baby, Heat and Closer, specialising in lifestyle and fitness content.

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