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Combat the harmful effects of sitting all day with desk exercise equipment.

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With more of us working from home than ever before, you might be spending more time at your desk, working longer hours or being less active than you were when you were commuting to the office, or heading to the office kitchen for a coffee and a catch-up. Wouldn't under desk exercise machines come in oh so handy as part of your home gym equipment to burn a few more calories a day?

The best under desk exercise machines, at a glance:

• Best overall under desk exercise machine: Sunny Health And Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Exercise Bike - View on Amazon
• Best premium under desk exercise machine: DeskCycle2 - View on Amazon
• Best budget under desk exercise machine: Opti Seated Mini Exercise Bike - View on Argos

An under desk exercise machine can also help to improve your circulation and generally just make you more active. For a more intense workout during your lunchbreak, you might want to consider a home exercise bike or turbo trainer.

Why not invest in a mini exercise machine? Check out our list of the best that we’ve ‘worked out’ you won’t be able to resist.

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Best overall under desk exercise machine

Sunny Health And Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Exercise BikeAmazon

Rrp: $149.99

Price: $136.90

Wanting a whisper-quiet workout session? Sunny Health's machine is driven by a magnetic belt that ensures simple and most importantly, quiet operation. With eight levels of resistance, it's the perfect workout buddy for office-goers, seniors, athletes on the mend, and those undergoing therapy. You can also use the digital screen on the exercise machine to track your time, speed, calories burned and distance covered. And, wave goodbye to complicated setups, as the Sunny Health machine comes partially assembled.


  • Digital display that shows time, distance, speed and calories
  • Pre-assembled
  • Easily slides under furniture


  • Some of the resistance levels aren't different enough
Dimensions55 x 47.5 x 36.5cm
MaterialAlloy steel

Best premium under desk exercise machine

If you have a need for speed, the DeskCycle2 will take your working day to another level. While you're tapping away on your computer, you can vigorously or slowly pedal away with eight resistance settings. Your joints will thank you later. This nifty little machine even has Whisper Quiet Magnetic resistance that won't interrupt your work meetings. Plus, there's also twice the resistance range on this machine compared to other pedal exercisers - at eight calibrated resistance levels. So you can always be sure of a challenge.


  • Eight calibrated resistance settings
  • Whisper quiet so it doesn't interrupt work
  • Adjustable pedal height


  • Pedal straps lie flat sometimes when not in use, makes getting on and off quite difficult
Dimensions62 x 51 x 31cm
MaterialAlloy steel

Best budget under desk exercise machine

For exercising on a budget, this Opti Mini Exercise Bike could make for a great addition to your home office space. It has a manual resistance system, console feedback with a small display (granted, it's battery powered) and variable tension control. This means you'll be able to work up to your goals, without rushing into them without the proper foundations in place first. The Opti is also extremely lightweight, weighing a mere 3.55kg meaning once you've finished with it under your desk you can easily store it in a cupboard or under a bed.


  • Small and lightweight for easy portability
  • Variable resistance control
  • Sleek design


  • Maximum user weight of 100kg
Dimensions38.5 x 39 x 48cm
MaterialNot specified

Best under desk exercise machine to get your steps in

DOMYOS Mini Stepper MS500Decathlon

If you're wanting to hit that 10,000 step mark on a daily basis, this little machine could come in quite handy. The DOMYOS MS500 stepper comes equipped with anti-slip feet and pedals with grippy surfaces, all to make sure that you don't slip while exercising (so you can smash your daily targets with ease). Plus, another great thing about this machine is that is has bands that you can use to strengthen your upper body muscles, meaning that you can get a full-body workout in just one machine.


  • Four function console with information on metrics like duration and calorie expenditure
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Easy-to-use console


  • Initially, the resistance is very stiff
Dimensions34 x 44 x 25cm

Best under desk exercise machine for easy use

Rollingsurfer Under Desk Elliptical MachineAmazon

Rrp: $199.99

Price: $149.99

Experience easy versatility with the Rollingsurfer Elliptical and its three automatic modes, offering pre-set workouts. Meanwhile manual mode grants you control over direction and speed with five adjustable levels, ranging from a leisurely 1.5km/h to 5.7km/h. Stay informed with the built-in LCD display that tracks everything you'll need to know: distance, speed and calories, all easy navigated with the included remote control. Designed for safety and comfort, this under desk exercise machine also features non-slip footrests and rubber anti-slip feet, providing a reliable and stable exercise platform.


  • Five speed levels so you can choose what speed you want to go at, and even push yourself
  • Built-in display and remote control for an easy user experience
  • Features non-slip footrests for safety


  • Not the best for weight loss, better for stiff joints
Dimensions37.5 x 40 x 25cm
MaterialABS plastic, Aluminium

Best mini under desk exercise machine

Standing at just 32cm high, this exercise machine can easily slide under any desk or small space with ease. Its lightweight construction makes it super easy to transport, ideal for integrating into sedentary activities like office work, meetings, and even binge-watching your favourite TV series. Catering to users of all sizes, the AGM exercise bike has adjustable foot straps and customisable resistance levels, easily controlled with the tension knob, ideal for beginners or those in the midst of their rehabilitation journey post-surgery or injury.


  • Lightweight and portable size
  • Four different levels of adjustable straps to suit every user
  • Easy-to-move tension knob


  • Best for beginners
Dimensions40.6 x 35 x 32cm
MaterialAlloy steel

Best under desk exercise machine for walking

If you've got a little more space under your desk, you might want to think about investing in a treadmill instead. With a robust 2.25HP quiet motor, this under desk treadmill operates silently, perfect for home offices. Made with a sturdy steel frame and advanced multi-layer design, this treadmill ensures a stable run with its shock-absorbing features. Plus, the spacious non-slip running belt makes for a safe and comfortable running or walking experience. And, it arrives fully assembled, meaning you can get exercising right away.


  • LED display
  • Minimalist white design
  • Remote control that can adjust speeds while running


  • Not the quietest under desk exercise machine
Dimensions139 x 68 x 16.5cm

Best under desk exercise machine for small spaces

If you're tight on space, but you still want a way of keeping fit indoors, this treadmill is the world's most compact and lightweight treadmill. It's compatible with height adjustable standing desks and it's so simple to manoeuvre with built-in wheels. Moreover, it even has a slim profile and is lightweight to make storage a breeze, whether that's under your furniture, in a cupboard or under your desk. Plus, the handy little LDC monitor is there to help track your progress.


  • Super small size, good for extra small spaces
  • Manoeuvrable wheels underneath
  • LCD monitor that counts steps


  • Might be quite heavy for some
Dimensions17.5 x 97.5 x 55.5cm
MaterialNot specified

Under desk exercise machines: FAQs

Which under desk exercise machine should you choose?

Realistically, this all depends on which exercise you prefer and how much desk space you have. Users of a mini exercise bike tend to find that while the movement is great, they can't always keep it up if they need to concentrate, and you may need to change your position to combat your knees hitting the desk.

Under-desk elliptical users don't have this issue, but it can sometimes be a less strenuous workout than cycling.

How many calories will you burn?

As with any fitness routine, if it doesn't feel strenuous, it won't be burning that many calories, and this logic applies to under desk exercise equipment. With any of the options above, you can look to burn around 100 calories a day, which doesn't seem like a lot, but it's 500 more a week than you would've burned just by sitting still. Other benefits include muscle tone and improved circulation, so we think it's still worth it for that alone.

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