The best mini exercise bikes for a great workout while sitting down

A mini exercise bike can provide a safe and efficient full-body workout despite its small size and low price range

best mini exercise bikes

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Don’t let its tiny size fool you; mini exercise bikes are an economical alternative to full-size gym equipment or a bicycle and can get the heart pumping even though you’re sitting down while using them.

With various settings for either rehabilitation or a full-on workout that can challenge legs, glutes, core muscles, and even arms, buying the best mini exercise bike is a great way to stay fit from the comfort of your own home or even the office.

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Mini exercise bikes benefits

Depending on the resistance level you set, a mini exercise bike can provide just as good a cardio workout as going for a run or a bike ride but is much kinder to the joints. Some mini bikes even allow the user to be standing up to provide a more intense workout. On a lower resistance setting, even the elderly or those who have recently had an operation can use one of these little things daily to strengthen essential muscles and keep the bones safe.

Pedalling with the arms is another way to use a mini exercise bike as this can engage the arm, shoulder, and core muscles, so you really do get a full-body workout. In addition, its small dimensions ensure that it won’t take up much space and can easily be tucked away and stored out of sight. Most of these little machines are also super quiet so you can even work out at the office under your desk without disturbing your co-workers.

The best mini exercise bikes to buy at a glance

Whatever you’re looking for in a mini exercise pedal machine, we’ve found ten of the best of them for you to choose from.

1. Best Mini Exercise Bike UK: AGM Mini Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser - View offer on Amazon UK

2. Best Mini Exercise Bike for Weight Loss: Opti Mini Exercise Bike 2020 - View offer on Argos

3. Best Smart Mini Exercise Bike: Smart Interface SITIN® Adapted DeskCycle Mini Exercise Bike - View offer on Etsy

4. Best Mini Exercise Bike with Resistance: Ultrasport Mini Bike Exercise Bike - View offer on Amazon UK

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The best mini exercise bikes

As the number one best-selling mini exercise bike Amazon has in its "pedal exercisers" department, this AGM machine has a lot to offer, despite its low price tag. Perfect for physical therapy, and even those with limited mobility, this mini exercise bike pedal exerciser's settings are user-friendly and adjustable, and its digital LCD display shows calories burned, distance cycled, duration, and laps.

The Opti Mini exercise bike is Argos's bestselling mini bike. It has variable resistance controls, sturdy feet to keep it in place, and an LCD display that gives you all the essential stats. At around 3.5kg, it's lightweight enough to effortlessly move around and it comes with a one-year guarantee. "Have been doing up to two hours a day without realising it," wrote one reviewer. "It tells you speed, distance covered and calories burned. I've been eating more yet losing weight due to the calories I burn."

For something a little more high-tech that can be synced to your TV, try the SITIN® Mini Exercise Bike. This amazing pedaller can be connected to your screen. and you can become truly immersed in your cycling activities- no leaving the house needed here. With the "SITIN® technology "Smart Interactive Training Interface Node" you will be able to interface with any Windows PC to provide an immersive, interactive exercise experience (Internet connection required)".

Ultrasport Mini Bike Exercise Bike
Price: $100.54

Instead of providing a few set levels of resistance, the Ultrasport mini bike has a rotary knob that allows you to create the exact amount of resistance required and easily flit between rehabilitation and strong workout modes — and every mode in between. "You can change the resistance by just turning the knob on the centre of the bike so that you can really feel your legs being worked out," wrote one happy purchaser, and another added, "For its price and size, it is making my heart race."

After an injury or operation, patients are always advised to get some light exercise, but in the cold and wet British winter, this can be quite the feat. Other exercise machines like treadmills or full-sized bikes can be too much for someone recovering or dealing with pain, so a mini exercise machine, like this NRS Healthcare motorised pedal exerciser, is a great alternative. Providing a low-impact workout with adjustable resistance, it's the perfect way to start getting those muscles working and back in shape.

himaly Mini Exercise Bike Portable Home Pedal Exerciser
Price: $105.21

Although notorious for its superior cardio capabilities and as being one of the best ways to get and stay fit, not everyone is a fan of cycling or pedal exercise, but a smooth pedalling system, like the one on this portable home pedal exerciser by himaly on Amazon, can get even the most hesitant users to enjoy the activity. One of the many five-star reviews for this little machine reads, "I bought this as I really want to get in shape and there isn't a lot of room in my house having something small so you can pop to one side was suitable. Really easy to put together you just popped the bottoms on by putting the bolts and washers on them it comes with the bolts and the tool to do them up with it has a digital display so you know how much you're doing and keeps track you can do your legs or your arms with it so very handy it's a good little workout does make you have a sweat. I wasn't sure how stable it was going to be but it actually is it doesn't move when using it. "

As a motorised piece of exercise equipment, this machine is ideal for elderly folks or those with limited mobility as it can assist in getting the limbs moving while slowly increasing strength. It's easy enough to use when watching TV or reading a book, and it has automated timed programmes too. One satisfied customer who suffers from osteoarthritis wrote, "[I] purchased the Reviber mini exercise bike to help maintain movement in my knee joint and keep my muscles working since being stuck indoors. It has really helped my knee movement, preventing stiffness."

This mini exercise bike for office use has been specifically designed to effortlessly fit under a desk so you can kill two essential birds with one stone; work and exercise. The desk cycle has a high-quality magnetic resistance and more than twice the power of other commercial mini pedal exercisers, hence its steeper price tag. Its smooth cycle doesn't strain the joints, and it's so low noise, so can easily go unnoticed while using it in even the busiest office. "The extra expense in getting a proper magnetic cycle is absolutely worth it," explains one happy shopper, and the underlying message it the many five-star reviews for this machine is that it is well worth the money.

If you've read all about the benefits of mini exercise bikes and like the fact that they take up minimal space but still feel that you'd prefer something you can really grab onto, this mini folding bike might be the solution you've been looking for. Hop on it as you would a regular exercise bike but, when you're done with it, it folds up to around the size of an ironing board for easy storage in a cupboard, behind the sofa, or under the bed. "Sturdily made and has a small footprint when folded," described one reviewer. "Pretty easy to assemble and worth the money."

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