We reveal 2023’s ten most searched Fit-Tok trends

May your workouts be as legendary as the Fit-Tok trends that inspired them...

A woman in front of a camera getting ready to film her workout. One of the 10 most searched Fit-Tok trends of 2023.

by Gemma Lavers |
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We live in a world where fitness-meets-TikTok, where workouts are not only about breaking a sweat, but also breaking the internet. In 2023 the fitness scene has witnessed some of the greatest fitness content creation, and most searched Fit-Tok trends. All which have had us scrolling, swiping and breaking out into dance moves. Brace yourself for a fusion of fitness and TikTok (aka Fit-Tok) - getting into shape has never been so trendy.

With more overall TikTok views than there are people on the planet - a whopping 7.6 billion for #Fittok alone - it seems the fitness world is keeping us all entertained. From comfort workouts like 'Cosy Cardio' to the '75 Day Hard Challenge' that sounds more like a survival reality show, these trends hope to make starting your fitness journey a little easier.

Lifespan Fitness have gathered information on the top most viewed fitness trends from TikTok. Armed with the SEO magic of keyword search and Semrush, they've tallied up the monthly global searches for each trend. The result? An unveiling of the hottest fitness trends that have left their mark in 2023.

The results are in...

  1. Reformer Pilates, with 27.4M TikTok views and a monthly global search of 238,400

  2. 75 Hard Challenge, with 28.3M TikTok views and a monthly global search of 145,100

  3. Under-Desk Treadmill, with 3.3M TikTok views and a monthly global search of 70,600

  4. 12-3-30 Treadmill Workout, with 18.8M TikTok views and a monthly global search of 65,030

  5. Weighted Hula Hoop, with 10.1M TikTok views and a monthly global search of 61,400

  6. Plank Challenge, with 13.4M TikTok views and a monthly global search of 25,460

  7. Hot Girl Walk, with 996.4M TikTok views and a monthly global search of 18,300

  8. 5-minute Stairmaster Workout, with 329.6M TikTok views and a monthly global search of 9,560

  9. 3-2-8 Method, with 2.1B TikTok views and a monthly global search of 3,520

  10. Ab Dance Workout, with 561.7M TikTok views and a monthly global search of 2,620

The breakdown

Lifespan Fitness reveal the reigning champion of fitness trends is (perhaps unsurprisingly) Reformer Pilates. It's the workout on a reformer table that makes you flex, bend and twist, and with 27.4 million TikTok views, it's likely we'll see this trend continue into 2024. After all, Pilates is a lifestyle, not a trend as such.

Now, if you thought your normal gym workout was challenging, meet the 75 Hard Challenge, the second-place fitness trend with a whopping 145,100 monthly searches. This workout is like the Ironman of self-improvement, demanding 75 days of no-nonsense dedication. From a strict nutrition plan that's cheat-meal free, to sweating it out for two 45-minute workouts a day, this challenge is there to put fitness junkies to the test.

Under-Desk Treadmill is in third place with 70,600 monthly searches. This little beast is making waves with 3.3 million TikTok views, proving that working out during Zoom meetings is the new power move.

The 12-3-30 comes in fourth place with 65,030 monthly searches. Next time you're on a treadmill, set your incline level to 12, speed to 3mph and walk for 30 minutes to reap all the benefits of this magical formula.

To round off the top five comes the Weighted Hula Hoop (because regular hula hoops won't cut it in 2023). Proving that hip-swinging is not just for dance floors anymore.

#FitTok is here to stay

As we say goodbye to 2023's most searched TikTok trends, it's clear that the Fit-Tok universe has successfully transformed our workouts from repetitive routines into epic sagas of creativity and sweat. From the hot girl walk to the 12-3-30, these trends have not only brought joy to our workouts, but have also garnered millions of views.

Who knows what trends will surface in the years to come? One thing's for sure - Fit-Tok will keep us enjoying, sweating and hashtagging our way to a healthier self.

Gemma Lavers is a Health & Fitness writer for What's The Best. From understanding nutrition to practising yoga and Pilates to delving into the psychology of motivation – she enjoys demystifying the latest fitness trends. All while staying on top of the dynamic health landscape, whether the best gym leggings, fitness trackers or the benefits of yoga.

When Gemma’s not writing, she can be found attending Pilates, yoga and Zumba classes. She’s also a bit of a home workout aficionado, constantly trying out new ways to keep her moving at home. Between writing, exercising and shopping, there’s nothing she loves more than hopping on a plane and exploring new cultures.

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