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In a world where health and wellness are in the spotlight, finding the best Reformer tables can be a bit tricky. With every corner of the market competing for your attention and money, the task becomes even more challenging. Nevertheless, it's clear that Reformer Pilates has truly captured the fitness world's interest, and for good reason.

This workout routine, known for its low-impact yet high-impact results, is all about toning your core, enhancing flexibility, and boosting overall body strength. To make the most out of this specialized workout, it's crucial to invest in the right equipment. Just like picking the right Pilates bands, when choosing a Reformer Pilates table making sure you get proper gear is essential.

The best Reformer tables at a glance:

Best overall Reformer table: Byron Bay Pilates Co Foldable Pro Pilates Reformer - View now on Vitality4life
Best budget-friendly Reformer table: AeroPilates Pilates Reformer 435 - View now on Argos
Best for premium performance: Byron Bay Pilates Co Reformer with Full Trapeze Table - View now on Vitality4life

The key to elevating your workouts from ordinary to extraordinary, Reformer tables are known for their precision engineering and ingenious design features. Made primarily to facilitate movement, sculpt the body and hone the mind, the Reformer Pilates table is the ultimate way to unlock a world of transformative exercise.

Although a slightly scary contraption to look at, especially when you're just used to working through yoga practice on an exercise mat, Reformer tables are versatile pieces of equipment designed to assist a wide range of Pilates exercises. They consist of a frame with a sliding carriage, springs, straps and other attachments which vary from design to design. Reformer tables are nothing to be scared about though, in fact they are great for strength training, core strengthening, flexibility, injury rehabilitation and coordination.

But with a plethora of options saturating this newly discovered market, how to you decipher the best from the rest? That's where we come in. In our buyer's guide our experts have delved into the intricacies of each table, highlighting their unique features, pros and cons. So, discover the ultimate tool for achieving the healthiest version of yourself as we reveal the best Reformer tables available right now.

Buyer's guide to the best Reformer tables 2023:

The best overall Reformer table

The foldable little sister to Byron Bay Pilates' full trapeze table (we'll get onto this option later on), this machine is packed with all the features you'd expect from pricier tables. One of the most impressive attributes of its Reformer is the space-saving and compact design. The Foldable Pro can easily be folded into a smaller size within minutes, enabling secure storage when not in use. Its folded dimensions are: H28cm, W65cm and D114cm.

Even though the Foldable Pro is the smaller option of the two Byron Bay Pilates products on our list, that doesn't mean that quality has been compromised. The design is still very much the same, with an exceptional - and quiet - eight wheel carriage system.

Also included with the Foldable Reformer Pro is an adjustable footbar, which can help you to mix up your Pilates regimen with new exercises. Whether you choose to engage it with your hands or feet while the carriage glides, the footbar delivers an intense workout for your abdominal, triceps, biceps and lower back muscles. Regardless of your height or exercise routine, its machine features four alterable height settings via a pull-and-lock mechanism to ensure you're getting the most from your workouts.

Byron Bay Pilates' machines are built to last, which is why they are crafted from A-grade German beech wood with a smooth finish. Meanwhile the five nickel-plated carbon steel springs resist rust, and stainless steel and aluminium components guarantee durability and a pristine appearance. It certainly makes for a great centre piece to your home gym.


  • Features a footbar and solid jump board
  • Folding design makes it a great option for smaller spaces
  • Eight wheel carriage system for smooth movement
  • Great price point for the features/quality


  • Some users found it was a little awkward to fold away

The best budget-friendly Reformer table

If you're looking for an affordable yet effective Reformer table, the AeroPilates 435 is definitely worth considering. Claiming to replace the functionality of 27 pieces of gym equipment into one, this machine facilitates efficient workouts that can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. Its foldable design makes it ideal for smaller home gyms and its built-in wheels simplify transportation and allows for swift storage.

A standout feature of AeroPilates' Reformer table is the cardio rebounder. This is a vertical trampoline that offers a heart-pumping cardiovascular workout, without subjecting your joints to any harsh impact, meaning you can work out comfortably. Additionally, it boasts a footbar for executing traditional Pilates exercises.


  • Comes with multiple resistance cords
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Affordable price point
  • Included workout wall chart and two workout DVDs


  • Some users found the machine to be a little jerky

The best Reformer table for premium performance

Byron Bay Pilates Co make our list for the second time with their solid dual Pilates Reformer with trapeze system, designed to meet the demands of both home enthusiasts and professional studios. Its singular rail design ensures unmatched stability and durability, and is also virtually silent, so bid farewell to interruptions or jarring movements. The carriage glides effortlessly on an eight wheel system, with four vertical wheels supporting it, and another four horizontal wheels guiding its path. For extra stability, a non-slip surface coats the solid standing platform at the carriage's end.

Another great thing about the Reformer is that it's completely customisable to your unique needs and preferences. The two position EVA foam padded headrest ensures comfort and support for users of all heights and shapes.

With five included springs offering different degrees of tension (light, medium and heavy), a versatile gear bar, a multi-position footbar and two carriage stop adjustments - adaptability is at your fingertips. If all that wasn't enough, fully adjustable rope lengths, connected to a dual-use hand and foot strap via a pulley system, enable swift positioning changes for different exercises.


  • Suitable for users of any height and shape
  • Included extras: a solid jump board, cardio rebounder, long box and adjustable foot strap
  • Five springs with difference tensions
  • One-piece rail structure for continuous and smooth movement


  • The machine is large and not folding, making it unsuitable for some home gyms

The best foldable Reformer table

Latona Foldable Pilates Reformer Machine
Price: $999.00

Unlock the advantages of a professional Pilates Reformer in the convenience of your own home. The Latona Reformer table blends studio-quality durability with a foldable design that seamlessly integrates into your space. Featuring a robust steel frame, high-density cushions for unparalleled workout comfort, and nickel-plated springs, Latona ensure effortless and precise movement on their table.

Its innovative design sits flush to the ground, meaning you have more balance and control during your workouts. Unlike a Reformer table that doesn't fold, you don't need to worry about allocating an entire room to a home gym. With the Latona, you can fold and lock the machine in seconds into a space-saving shape.

After you've finished your Pilates session, effortlessly wheel it out of the way. Its also suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all levels, as it boasts five nickel-plated springs so you can adjust the level of resistance depending on your fitness level and workout.


  • Foldable and compact for home use
  • Comfort headrest with three positions
  • Five springs to adjust level of resistance
  • Four footbar positions including down position


  • May not be suitable for taller individuals

The best long travel Reformer table

Align Pilates A8-Pro Reformer with Standard Legs
Price: £2,549.88

This Reformer has a great USP: it has the longest travel in the Reformer market right now, making it suitable for all users thanks to its extensive customisation options. Now the A8-Pro is in its fourth generation, Pilates fanatics can expect three interchangeable leg heights (low, standard and high) and its rapid change spring bar. The spring bar is a game-changer when it comes to streamlining the adjustment process in group classes, as it allows for easy changes with just one hand. These features make it an investment that adapts to various settings, from studios to rehab centres to your very own home.

Align-Pilates set the standard for Pilates equipment when they produced the A-8 Pro Reformer, with its eight PU wheels, which was a significant upgrade from the four nylon wheels seen in the previous model. These tweaks result in a Reformer that delivers a quieter, smoother ride that requires less upkeep.

Despite the A8-Pro's robust construction, its surprisingly simple to stack and move. Like some of the previous Pro models in the same series, it accommodates a Half Cadillac Frame, making it one of the most versatile Reformers too. Also similar to the A2 model is the accessories included; jump boards, mattress converters and platform extenders. Again, proving the A8-Pro is the ultimate long travel Reformer table and can be seamlessly added to your current gym setup.


  • Longest travel of any Reformer: 113cm
  • Six footbar positions including flat
  • Adjustable shoulder rest and shoulder pads to give an option of two widths
  • Includes Align-Pilates 'Silent' system for a quiet Pilates experience


  • Can be hard to get hold of due to popularity

The best user-friendly Reformer table

Peak Pilates MVE Reformer
Price: £3,249.00

Everything about the Peak Pilates MVE Reformer is customisable. From the retractable shoulder block, retractable risers and a gear bar selection, it has all been meticulously designed to provide the maximum adjustability and comfort for Pilates enthusiasts of all levels.

Similar Reformers on the market may not have studio-height legs, sit on the floor or may need to be flipped on their end in order to be able to be stacked with legs. However, the MVE Reformer rivals this with their table which solves the problem of all three. So, if you're looking to use this Reformer in a commercial space, the space-saving stacking could be a massive bonus if you're wanting to stack lots of tables up at once.

Another thing to note is that included with the MVE Reformer is a free long/short box. If you require a Tower system for your Pilates practice, the Reformer can be upgraded to include a full Tower system with the MVE Reformer Tower Conversion, meaning all your Reformer, tower and mat work can all be completed on this one table.


  • Can be stacked up to four tables high
  • Five spring system for various resistance
  • MVE long/short box included with purchase
  • Non-slip pad


  • Only available in black upholstery

What should I look for when buying a Reformer?

It's fair to say a Reformer table is an investment piece within your home gym setup. So, when buying one it's essential to consider several factors to ensure you choose the right one for your requirements.

Quality and durability

The last thing you want is to buy a Reformer table that isn't going to stand the test of time. Look for a machine made of high-quality materials, such as steel or aluminium frames, nickel-plated springs and durable upholstery. The right Reformer should be built to last a lifetime.


Some Reformers have more adjustability than others. For example, both the Peak Pilates MVE Reformer and the Align Pilates A8-Pro offer users maximum personalisation. So, search for a table with adjustable components such as footbars, headrests and shoulder rests. This will mean you have the option to customise the piece of equipment to your own body and needs.

Resistance levels

Reformers utilise springs or cords for resistance. Some models have adjustable resistance levels, from light to heavy, to vary the intensity of your workouts while others may have less selection. Our suggestion is to opt for a machine with four or five different intensity levels to ensure you're buying a Reformer with the right resistance for you.

Smooth and quiet operation

When honing your mind and body during Pilates, a quiet room is often preferred. A Reformer machine should provide a smooth and noise-free glide during exercises.


A good indicator of the manufacturer's confidence in their Reformer is their warranty policy. Ensure the table comes with a warranty that covers parts for at least one year.

Space available in your home

Reformer tables are available in all different sizes, depending on how large the carriage is. It's all about selecting the right size for the space you have free in your home. Be sure to measure the available space in your home where you plan to set up the machine. It should fit comfortably in the designated area and allow enough room for you to perform your Pilates routine safely.

If you're not wanting to designate a certain space to a Reformer table 24/7, take a look at some of the foldable options so you can store it away - like the Latona Foldable Machine or the AeroPilates 435.


What goes on in a Reformer Pilates class?

Bauer's Commercial Content Editor, Natalie Corner, is a keen attendee of Reformer Pilates and gives What's The Best a run down of what exactly goes on in a class.

"If you haven’t seen an Instagram post or TikTok of someone raving about reformer Pilates on your fitness feeds then, well where have you been?

"Luckily for me, I’m based in Manchester where there are plenty of Reformer Pilates studios in and around the city centre which I’ve tested out and the ones I attend when there's availability are RE in Salford or The Green Lab in the Northern Quarter.

"Firstly, if you’re already familiar with Pilates or yoga then you will find a reformer class, a more advanced version of your mat class. If you’re a regular gym goer but don't regularly stretch, or do single leg or upper body work you will find this difficult, also if you have poor balance, it is an extra challenge.

"All attendees are recommended to wear grippy socks, as it gives you some extra stability when you’re moving on the Reformer tables. But, if you get sweaty then, in all honesty, they’re not really going to make much difference because your feet will slip inside the sock, it’s just recommended by the studios that you wear them. Grippy socks are the only specialist type of clothing you need, otherwise leggings, shorts, t-shirt, or vest are all suitable for practice, and don’t forget a sweat towel.

"Some classes will be labelled as beginner, intermediate or advanced, it really depends on the studio you attend. You are recommended to work to your own ability and not push yourself because if you’re new to the Reformer machines, you could risk an injury. Also, be warned if you don’t listen to your instructor and activate your core then you may be in pain the next day.

"The hardest part of a Reformer Pilates class is the upper body and core work. Doing a plank on the floor can be tricky enough, but doing a plank on a bed that slides up and down with extra resistance is tough even for the most expert plankers. My shoulders burn, they are the weakest part of my body, and if I don’t focus on my core or balance my weight then my knees drop even attempting the military press section.

"My favourite exercises are the lunge and squat sections at the RE class. The studio schedule is broken down into upper, lower and full body across the week so you can pick what part of your body you want to focus on. Sliding back into a lunge with the bed on high resistance is surprisingly challenging and that’s with zero weights! In a normal gym session, I can do a static lunge with two 14kg dumbbells, but simple body weight and an unstable platform has me shaking and crying out as my muscles burn in the hold.

"There are also rope handles attached to the tables, which are used for arm work like rowing exercises, or for your feet for leg raises which test your core. After every 45-minute class I’ve attended I’ve come away buzzing with energy. If you think you’ve smashed the gym because you can lift 100kg, drop those weights and test your core stability and balance with a Reformer Pilates class, and see how strong you really are."

Is Reformer Pilates three times a week enough?

There is no 'one size fits all answer.' The frequency of Reformer Pilates sessions you attend per week will depend on your fitness goals, fitness level and other physical activities you like to take part in. Our Fitness writer Gemma Lavers suggests if you're primarily using Reformer Pilates as a way to maintain overall fitness, flexibility and core strength, attending three sessions per week can be sufficient.

Three times a week is regularly enough to help you stay in good shape and prevent loss of both flexibility and strength. Saying that, it might be nice to mix up your workout routine and incorporate additional forms of exercise alongside your Pilates. Ultimately, it's about finding a healthy balance between Pilates, cardiovascular exercise (like running, cycling and swimming) and rest days.

If you're aiming to use Reformer Pilates to assist with rehabilitation or to prevent injuries, your workout schedule should be customised to fit your needs. Some individuals with specific rehabilitation requirements may benefit from daily Pilates sessions, whilst others may find that twice a week is plenty sufficient to aid progress.

Is it worth having a Reformer at home?

As with anything, there are pros and cons to having a Reformer table at home, but it's worth considering factors like fitness goals, budget, available space and how much use you'd get out of it. If you're dedicated to Pilates and think you would value the convenience and privacy of having your very own Reformer machine, investing in the equipment can be a worthwhile decision.

However, if you're uncertain or prefer the guidance of a professional, it might be an idea to continue attending classes at your local studio or gym. Another alternative is to opt for a hybrid approach, and combine studio classes with the occasional home practice using a Reformer table.

Gemma Lavers is a fitness writer for What's The Best. When she’s not travelling or writing, Gemma loves spending her weekend completing home workouts, or attending yoga, Pilates or Zumba classes.

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