How to use a VPN on Netflix

Let's simplify online privacy. Here's how to use a VPN on Netflix.

VPN on Netflix

by Jack Barrell |
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It’s hard to overlook how influential online streaming has been in redefining the way we watch our favourite movies and TV. Something else you shouldn’t overlook, is the positive ramifications that a great VPN can have on your life. A Virtual Private Network is an online privacy tool that encrypts your data and your online presence, it’s a serious defence against nasty cyberthreats. When we discuss streaming and online privacy together, we have to stress how easy it is to use a VPN on Netflix.

If you’re partial to a cosy night in binging a new eight-part original series, you’ve likely heard of Netflix already. Like any streaming service, Netflix requires an internet connection. Where there’s an internet connection, there’s a risk to your personal data if you’re not being safeguarded by a VPN. If streaming takes up a big chunk of your internet activity, we must urge you to consider a Virtual Private Network.

The How

VPN on Netflix

How to use a VPN on Netflix – well, the VPN doesn’t technically touch Netflix. The VPN will be protecting your device, and then you’ll use Netflix through the device. In order to achieve a streaming experience that’s encrypted and protected, you’ll need to activate your VPN. You can do this manually through the control centre on the app if it hasn’t already auto connected. Now, when you open Netflix, you’ll be streaming on a Virtual Private Network.

One of the neat little advantages of using Netflix with a VPN is that you can access streaming catalogues from all over the world. Due to licensing rights no two countries have the same Netflix catalogues, there’ll be movies on Australian Netflix that are no where to be seen on the UK catalogue.

There is a process to doing this though. The way you can access region-specific content is through changing your IP address to one located in that country. Thankfully, most VPNs make this a painless procedure. Once you know which country’s Netflix you’d like to venture into, just change your IP address to that country through your VPN app.

Choosing your Netflix VPN

Not just any VPN will do for Netflix though, you need a provider with the best streaming credentials. Fast and consistent speeds are a must, as well as reputable unblocking.

When it comes down to securing your devices while you watch Netflix, it’s actually very simple. The method has less to do with Netflix and more with the devices that you’ll be streaming on. VPNs tend to offer slightly varied experiences on different devices and operating systems. Your best bet is choosing the best Netflix VPN you can that also has great reception on the devices you’re going to stream on.

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