The best Mac VPNs

Your Mac is not impervious to the dangers of the web. Only the best VPNs can protect your Mac, read now to find the right fit for yours.

The best Mac VPNs

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The privacy and security benefits of using an Apple Mac over a Windows desktop are pretty common knowledge at this point - but what about Mac VPNs? They don't seem to be as common knowledge. Here's the thing, your Mac should be protected by one of the best VPNs. Below, our experts discuss the best Mac VPNs, to help you find your fix.

As a device with access to the internet, Apple Macs are still vulnerable to the risks of the web. Data leaks and security breaches are still a very real threat to Mac users. With a solid VPN provider that at the very least accommodates MacOS systems, you can take solace in the safety of your online data.

The best Mac VPN at a glance:

The best Mac VPN: ExpressVPN - View on ExpressVPN
The best Mac VPN for privacy: NordVPN - View on NordVPN
The most customisable Mac VPN: PIA - View on Private Internet Access

The best Virtual Private Networks will offer a dedicated Mac app, just like you'll find on smartphone VPNs, and this should be easily located on the app store and installing should be a walk in the park. Your choice of Mac VPN will be determined by your preferences and the online activities you tend to favour on the device. Some VPNs are best for streaming and unblocking regional content. Whereas other providers deliver a service that prioritises customisation and accessibility.

Mac devices have become a staple in many homes and businesses for their smooth operating systems and superior functionality. It’s for this very reason that a VPN is a vital addition to any Mac. On the path of privacy, no device is safe, but a Virtual Private Network sure closes the margins. At What’s the Best, we’ve compiled a strong list of contenders for the best Mac VPNs. Take a scroll and discover what these stellar Virtual Private Networks can offer your Mac device.

About our expertise

At What’s The Best, we live and breathe technology. Among our team of tech experts, we have pretty much every base covered - from televisions and speakers to cameras and smartphones.

To say we spend a lot of time on the internet is a bit of an understatement, and most of the time, we’re using a VPN. Whether for work or recreation, we’re regularly connecting to VPN servers near and far.

It’s by collecting this shared knowledge, experience and passion, that we are able to select the best VPNs for you. We trust each of our picks implicitly - in fact, many of them we use ourselves. That's because at What’s The Best, if we wouldn’t buy it ourselves, we don’t recommend it. Simple.

Please note: All prices are correct at time of writing. VPN deals and savings are subject to change at short notice.

The best Mac VPN

ExpressVPN Logo
Price: £5.45 p/m+

The dream VPN is one that can effectively cover all bases, optimising your privacy and security as well as maintaining premium speeds. Not many providers can say they’re the full package, but ExpressVPN isn’t far from it.

Everything you could possibly think of doing on your Mac, ExpressVPN can protect you. The service has been praised for delivering an excellent streaming experience, with access to all the major streaming services. Users should note that not all servers can unblock content though, so care should still be taken. Reliability is a word constantly orbiting ExpressVPN, connection speeds aren’t only super-fast but consistent too.

There aren't many providers that can deliver on all operating systems quite like Express can, there's usually bias to some extent. Yes Express is excellent on Mac, and it's just as effective as a Windows 10 VPN too.

Mac users are treated to unlimited secure cloud back up, and the app also contains a highly intuitive split tunnelling feature. This allows the user to manually choose which apps are tunnelled through the VPN and which aren’t. Despite an easy-to-use app, some users found some of the advanced lacked the customisation that they’d like.


  • Powerful and secure VPN
  • Many useful Mac features
  • Excellent streaming capabilities


  • Advanced features aren't as customisable as competitors

The most balanced Mac VPN

Surfshark logo
Price: £1.97 p/m+

Surshark has become a noteworthy VPN provider thanks to its affordability and accessibility. Users are incredibly loyal to Surfshark based on its tremendous value for money. Subscribers have found using the VPN on Mac devices to be an extremely balanced, well-rounded experience.

Whether it be for an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, Apple are renowned for serving up new models on a yearly basis. This is why it’s important that your Virtual Private Network is compatible not just with your device, but its model too. Mac users need not worry with Surfshark, as the service covers all generations of Apple Mac.

A reliable beginner to intermediate VPN, the pleasant app interface makes for a welcoming VPN experience too. Protected by WireGuard, there can be no doubts that while Surfshark can accommodate a tighter budget, it still delivers where it needs to. Even with its currently small network, server speeds are more than satisfactory.

Surfshark will give you real-time data breach alerts, always keeping you in the loop. Even though the kill switch isn’t customisable, users still found it to effectively come to the rescue.


  • Brilliant value for money
  • Total Mac generation coverage
  • Strong privacy


  • Small network
  • Speeds don't match the more expensive brands

The best Mac VPN for privacy

NordVPN Logo
Price: £3.69 p/m+

NordVPN is a no-nonsense provider that can fortify any device, especially your Mac. When it comes to privacy, you’ll struggle to find a better option on the market.

Nord’s large-scale coverage and fast servers are enough to satisfy any VPN user. So, we can see why its privacy features are considered the icing on the cake. NordVPN runs one of the most up-to-date independent audit processes, ensuring that no-logs policy is backed up.

Through both WireGuard and Nordlynx, NordVPN provides exceptional speeds that have optimised protection. Users won’t even notice the Virtual Private Network is active witch such a seamless experience. The absence of split tunnelling on Mac does feel like a stone left unturned, so users should take some caution when carrying out multiple tasks.

Customers have mixed feelings towards Nord’s online support, though with such an airtight VPN we can’t see many users facing too many obstacles.


  • Best in privacy
  • WireGuard and Nordlynx shine
  • Wide coverage


  • No split tunnelling on Mac
  • Customer support could be better

The most customisable Mac VPN

Customisation is a sought-after feature in a VPN for both beginner and expert users. PIA seems to understand that customers want a Virtual Private Network experienced that caters to them personally, and to their specific needs. Customisation can be practical, or it can be aesthetic, and Private Internet Access nails both.

For Mac users, PIA offers a highly customisable experience. A standout in customisation is PIA’s tweakable encryption settings. Users can manually assign an encryption format depending on what they need. The recommended format is the most well-rounded set-up, but users can also choose between security and speed focussed as well as a configuration that negates authentication.

PIA also runs dynamic IP addresses instead of encrypting a static one Pair this with one of the effective encryption formats and users get a truly unique privacy set-up.

Unlike most providers, Private Internet Access is void of a free trial. New users will only have the 30-day money back guarantee for buyer assurance.


  • Customisable encryption settings
  • A cheaper option


  • No free trial

The best Mac VPN for security features

IPVanish logo
Price: £2.66 p/m+

Despite their namesake, making your IP vanish is the least of what this VPN provider is capable of doing for your Mac device. IPVanish is as secure as they come, with some clever strategies to ensure users achieve total online protection.
Users get DNS leak protection, traffic obfuscation and IPv6 leak protection.

To beginners, that might not make all the sense in the world. In English, your online presence is safeguarded from some of the most dangerous data breaches.

The Mac app is solid by all accounts, with a reliable kill switch should it be needed. Users found IPVanish to be a decent option for streaming too, it’s actually a top-drawer VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick.


  • Reinforced security
  • Reliable for streaming


  • No cryptocurrency payment option

Glossary of terms

VPN – Virtual Private Network

Regional content – Media blocked by geological location

Kill switch – If internet connection is lost it kills any internet connection until a secure VPN link re-established

Encryption – Privacy coding

Yes, VPNs are a perfectly legal and legitimate way of protecting your online devices. As long as your online activity is legal, there’s nothing wrong with using a VPN to protect your personal data.

What's the best free VPN for Mac?

One of the best free VPNs for Mac is Atlas Free. This free version grants Mac users 2 GB daily data allowance, which is the highest of all the best free VPNs regardless of operating system.

How to get a VPN on Mac

Getting a VPN on your Mac is simple. Just head to the app store, find and install the VPN. Once the app is installed and you’ve signed up or logged in, just activate the VPN and you’re good to go. It's important to remember that despite both being Apple products, the best iPhone VPN will have differences to these Mac providers, so make sure research extensively.

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