The best VPNs for Windows PC

Your WIndows 10 PC will never be safer. Protect your home desktop with these no nonsense VPNs.

VPNs for Windows PC

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When we think about online security and web privacy, the first thing we think of is our trusty home desktop. Whether it be a lightweight laptop or a heavy-duty gaming tower, you need the protection of one of the best VPNs. Virtual Private Networks today all tend to target Windows 10 or above, so as long as your PC runs on the Windows 10 operating system or better, you're on for a winner. Choose from the best VPNs for Windows PC today.

All VPNs have their own distinct strengths and weaknesses, for PCs, this is still the case. Your choice of VPN for Windows PC really just boils down to your personal online activity on this device. If you use your PC for online banking, you'll certainly want to prioritise security and reliability. If you can't get enough Netflix, you'll benefit from a provider with top speeds.

Almost all desktops come pre-installed with the best virus and firmware protection, if they don't, it's always the first priority. You should view VPNs in the exact same light. You're at just as much risk of falling victim to a privacy or data breach as you are of picking up a nasty virus. If you're going to have one, you might as well have both.

The best VPN for Windows PC at a glance:

The best VPN for Windows 10 for PC: ExpressVPN - View on ExpressVPN
The most secure VPNs for Windows PC: NordVPN - View on NordVPN
The best VPNs for Windows PC for streaming: ProtonVPN - View on ProtonVPN

From streaming and gaming to online banking and working from home, we've put together a comprehensive ranking of the very best VPNs for Windows PC. Read on and find the right Virtual Private Network for you and your device.

Please note: All prices are correct at time of writing. VPN deals and savings are subject to change at short notice.

The best VPN for Windows 10 for PC

ExpressVPN Logo
Price: £7.00 p/m+


If your PC is the hub of your online activity, there's no better VPN to watch out for than


  • Easy-to-use Windows app
  • Great speeds and security
  • Network lock (Express' kill switch)


  • Could be more customisable

The most secure VPN for Windows 10 for PC

NordVPN Logo
Price: £2.99 p/m+


Security, security, and more security. NordVPN is the bodyguard for your PC. It's hands down the


  • Max security
  • Solid performance
  • User-friendly


  • No Windows free trial
  • No dedicated router app

The best VPN for Windows 10 for PC features


Still a relatively dark horse within the world of Virtual Private Networks, PIA lands on this


  • More affordable provider
  • Feature packed
  • Huge server list


  • Complex interface for beginners

The best Windows 10 VPN on PC for streaming

Proton VPN logo
Price: £4.99 p/m+


Narrowly besting PIA, ProtonVPN comes in hot as the best VPNs for Windows PC for streaming


  • Innovative app - intricate features
  • Seamless streaming, great for unblocking Netflix
  • Fabulous free plan


  • No 24/7 live support

The best budget VPN for Windows 10 for PC

Surfshark logo
Price: £1.94 p/m+


When you look at VPNs for Windows PC, and you don't want to be spending too much, look no further


  • Greatest value for money
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Easy interface


  • No free version on Windows
  • Minor kill switch issues under intense use

Relevant terms

VPN - Virtual Private Network

Kill switch - If internet connection is lost, it kills any internet connection until a secure VPN link is re-established

Double data encryption - When a VPN combines two algorithms in order to create the encrypted Virtual Private Network

Split tunnelling - A split tunnel allows the user to select which data they would like to access/send via VPN and which they're happy to allow through their standard internet service provider route.

How to set up a VPN on Windows 10

Setting up a VPN on a PC running Windows 10 or above is easy. Just head over to the website of your chosen VPN and click download. Open the VPN app and log in or sign up if you haven't already. Now, all you have to do is tweak your configuration settings to your choosing, then click activate.

How to use a VPN on PC

VPNs for Windows PC are very simple as long as the Virtual Private Network is compatible with your PC. Assuming you've installed the VPN app and signed in, you use this as the control centre. Use the VPN app to activate or deactivate the VPN, as well as configure your Virtual Private Network settings.

Since we're talking about Microsoft products, you'll likely benefit from one of these providers if you're looking for an Xbox Series X VPN too. These are ideal for using a Windows 10 desktop.

Is there a free VPN for PC?

There are plenty of free VPNs you can use on your PC. Our top pick free VPN for Windows PC would be the free version of ProtonVPN, and it offers a wholesome VPN experience you might not even get from some paid providers.

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