Samsung commits to sustainability at CES 2021

Samsung look to upcycle, rather than recycle

Samsung commits to sustainability at CES 2021

by William Austin-Lobley |
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Samsung dedicated a significant portion of its presentation at CES 2021 showcasing its forward-thinking dedication to sustainability.

Alongside reveals of the Bespoke 4-Door Refrigerator, Lifestyle TV, a huge 110-inch MICRO LED television and a range of real-life, sci-fi-dream-come-true AI robot home assistants, Samsung announced several innovations aimed at sustainability. Samsung has previously won awards for its environmental work, but these new measures are coming to a much wider audience.

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The first of Samsung’s measures is extending the use of its eco-packaging to include all QLED, UHD TV, monitor, and audio products in 2021. Not only is the packaging itself eco-friendly, with no gloss finishes or excessive ink usage, but the after-life use has been extended. Rather than just throwing boxes away, they can now be repurposed into everyday household items, including desk tidies and coin banks, cat tunnels and even TV consoles. You can read more about the eco-packaging here.

The Serif eco-package

The second measure of Samsung is Galaxy Upcycling at Home. This is an extension of a pre-existing program that repurposes older Galaxy smartphone models for new uses, including optical scanners. The new program allows users to extend smartphone lifecycles by integrating them into the Internet of Things (IoT). Such uses include using such a device as a smart baby monitor or as a home security device.

Clearly, the buzzword here is upcycling. Samsung is keen to reuse existing items, rather than rip apart old ones. Hopefully, even more innovation is around the corner, from Samsung and the wider technology industry.

You can read more with Samsung's press release, including about the upcoming AI robot range, or watch the presentation below:

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