Everything at EA Play 2021: Dead Space, Apex Legends and more

Catch up on EA Play 2021

EA Play 2021

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EA Play 2021 has aired, its games showcased. Though it seems like a long month since E3 2021 and the Summer Games Fest, EA put its best foot forward and put together a pretty smooth performance.

The showcase gave audiences an update on what to expect doing forward with the existing, live-service games Apex Legends and Knockout City. A new game mode for the previously announced Battlefield 2024 was revealed and we got another look at the Burton-like adventure game, Lost In Random. Grid Legends was an early highlight, while all had to wait until the closing moments for the most atmospheric reveal and first-look at the rebuilt Dead Space.

Read on to find out more, or click here to watch the even in full.

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The best from EA Play 2021

Dead Space

Dead Space closed out EA Live, but it’s first on our list. Though it's only a one-minute teaser of the rebuilt sci-fi gore-horror classic, it didn’t fail to leave an impression. It has everything you’d expect from a Dead Space game - flickering lights, the impending fear of Necromorphs and helpful, though slightly unsettling, graffiti. EA Motive is rebuilding Dead Space for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Release date TBA.

Grid Legends

Grid Legends opened EA Live with some fast-paced racing and roaring engines. It also managed to inject some drama into proceedings by revealing that human actors are being used to bring the rivalries of the story mode to life. While there’s melodrama in the pit lane, the tracks promise to host ridiculous match-ups (truck versus car, anyone?). Codemasters has decades of experience building race games that please petrolheads. Grid Legends launches in 2022.

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Lost In Random

We got a good look at the gameplay of Lost In Random, a dark and quirky title that draws an inevitable comparison with the movies of Tim Burton. The story follows two sisters, Odd and Even, who are separated when Even is kidnapped. With help from her bizarre companion Dicey, Odd strikes out into the regions of Random to save her sibling. While the adventure side of the game sees players interact with the world’s mysterious and freakish citizens, the action sees Odd fighting foes with a slingshot. Additionally, companion Dicey has moves dedicated by playing cards, which can be unlocked and combined in various ways to affect the tide of battle. Releasing on consoles and PC on 10 September 2021.

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The rest from EA Play 2021

Here are the rest of the announcements from EA Play 2021. It’s not as hype-worthy as the best, but it’s still good stuff.

Battlefield 2042 - Battlefield Portal

Battlefield Portal is the latest mode revealed for the upcoming Battlefield 2042. Its focus is on customisation, letting players build custom multiplayer modes on maps from across the eras covered by the series. These modes can then be shared with the online community. Battlefield 2042 is releasing 22 October 2021.

Apex Legends: Emergence

Season 10 of EA’s battle royale is on the way. In addition to new maps and ranked arenas, the launch trailer introduced us to a younger Mirage and new hero Seer, who appears to be one stealthy dude. Launching 3 August 2021.

Knockout City: Season 2 - Fight at the Movies

Fight at the Movies is the second season for dodgeball battler, Knockout City. As well as new movie and cinema-themed maps, the game is getting League Play, new skins and a celebratory ball, the Soda Ball. Launching 27 July 2021.

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