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Tried and tested, here are our final thoughts on the Trust Taxon QHD Webcam

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Trust Taxon QHD Webcam on Apple Mac

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The Trust Taxon QHD Webcam released in March 2021 and is an affordable challenger to the popular Logitech C920 HD Webcam. The Taxon QHD has a camera capable of capturing footage at a resolution of 2560x1440, aka Quad HD. The camera also supports 1080p (Full HD) and 720p (HD). All resolutions capture at 30 frames per second.

The Taxon QHD uses USB Type-A with a cable measuring over 170cm long. The Taxon QHD is plug-and-play, meaning that there’s no installation process or software to download. The webcam comes attached to a universal mount that can sit atop a monitor, independently or mount to a tripod via a screw mount.

Note: This review was originally published in June 2021.

Trust Taxon QHD Webcam on monitor
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In testing, the Taxon QHD replaced my Apple Mac in-built webcam. The improvement was clear immediately, with the webcam’s image quality is bright and clean with realistic colours. The wide-angle lens covers 80-degrees, which helps add context to the captured video and allows for two or three people to be seen.

It performs best in natural light and brightly lit rooms and is serviceable in dark environments, though here it’s a little noisy and grainy - this is a common webcam issue. Autofocus is always reliable and responsive.

The two in-built microphones capture voices clearly with quality suited to family chats and business meetings.

The strong video performance and affordable price tag make this a perfect webcam for casual and professional users. It’s ideal for budding streamers and YouTubers, but those wanting to record audio will still want an external mic.

Pros Cons
• Plug-and-play, no installation or software • No USB-C
• Clean image and reliable autofocus • No 60fps
• Wide-angle coverage • Average low-light performance
Resolution: QHD, 1080p, 720p
Frames: 30fps
Connection: USB Type-A
Software: None, plug-and-play

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A deeper look at the Trust Taxon QHD Webcam:

Trust Taxon QHD Webcam on Apple Mac
©What's The Best / William Lobley

What’s to love?

The image quality is bright and clean, with the autofocus working its magic without fault. The performance was a notable contrast to the built-in webcam on my Apple Mac, which always made my workspace look a tad dull and poorly lit, which isn’t the case. Not only is the image bright, but the colour performance is very realistic, too, with a vibrancy that adds life to a video call without looking overly saturated or distracting. It was so sharp I even got a compliment on my weak summer tan.

The Trust Taxon QHD Webcam is easy to use, working right from the box without the need for any additional software or driver installation. All I needed to do was tick a box in my video call settings to have the Taxon QHD as my default camera, and I never needed to think about it again.

The privacy filter is a nice touch, too. Not such much a filter as a plain old bit of sliding plastic that blocks the lens, it’s still nice to have some peace of mind it offers.

Trust Taxon QHD Webcam side-by-side comparison
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What’s okay?

Support for 60fps would have been a nice touch to have, too, even if only on the 1080p resolution. This flaw isn't terminal to the success of the webcam, as the 30fps video is enough for video calls casual and professional.

The USB Type-A makes the Taxon QHD a very accessible webcam. However, I cannot help thinking that a USB 3.0 connection would have been just as accessible while also providing the bandwidth for the aforementioned higher framerates.

The universal mount is perfectly serviceable; the vast majority of users will have zero issues with it. But, as the mount is unremovable, the camera is a little top-heavy when mounted on a small tripod.

Trust Taxon QHD Webcam mounting options
©What's The Best / William Lobley

Any negatives?

Users who only have access to USB-C ports will need to purchase a USB Type-A to USB-C adapter. An adapter is inexpensive but could be a tad frustrating if not known in advance.

How we tested it

Surprise! In the year 2021, I’m working from home. That means many video calls and meetings on Microsoft Teams and Zoom. For three weeks, the Trust Taxon QHD has been my video/audio device for all such events.

Primarily the camera has been plugged into my primary work desktop, an Apple Mac. For balance, I also tested the camera with a Windows 10 desktop and Apple Macbook Air (the 2020 version with the M1 chip).

While plugged into the Macbook Air, I took the Taxon QHD for a spin around my apartment, recording a video to test how the camera performed in different lighting situations.

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