The best monitors under £100 in 2024 that tick all the boxes without the big price tag

Full-HD, clear displays and perfect for everyone: save hundreds with the best monitors for under £100

The best monitors under £100

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The best monitors under £100 offer a lot. In years passed, some of these monitors would have broken into the best monitor of the year lists, but as time has moved on and tech improved, they've fallen in price and been left behind by some of the bigger-featured models of the contemporary scene. However, just because they don't have the flash of some expensive picks, that doesn't mean they can't offer you great sizes, crisp, clear picture quality, and great build quality to make life in your home office a little easier.

That being said, not every monitor under £100 is going to be worth it, at such a low price you're sacrificing a few features here and there, so finding a worthwhile monitor isn't easy. We've taken the legwork out of scouring the internet for the best budget monitors, refining our picks down to the top ten monitors under £100.

The best monitors under £100 in 2024 at a glance:

Best overall monitor under £100: Dell SE2422HX 24 Inch Full HD Monitor - View on Amazon
Best budget monitor under £100: KOORUI 22 Inch Business Computer Monitor - View on Amazon
Best monitor under £100 for office work: HP 22 Inch FHD Monitor - View on Amazon
Best monitor under £100 for gaming: Acer EK241YHbif 24-inch Monitor - View on Amazon

Pricey monitors might be all well and good: breathtaking 4K monitors, ultra-thin bezels, and 144Hz refresh rates are undoubtedly brilliant, but for most people, this is nothing but overkill.

So if you're looking for something made well, built to last, and with solid visuals for casual streaming, social media browsing or even some light gaming, the best monitors for £100 in 2024 might just be for you.

The best monitors under £100 of 2024

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Best overall monitor under £100

Dell SE2422HX 24 Inch Full HD MonitorAmazon/Dell

A truly outstanding monitor that's simply perfect for casual use, general browsing or even some light gaming, the Dell SE2422HX 24-inch monitor delivers solid performance for a bargain price. Well-built by Dell, a reputable monitor manufacturer, the SE2422HX feels sturdy during installation and takes up very little space on a desk.

Whilst design-wise, it may be well-made, there are some aspects that we certainly can see some potential for improvement. Namely, the lack of multiple port connectivity might dissuade some users from going for a cheaper option as this limits some freedoms whilst working.

That being said, the Dell SE2422HX is a gorgeous full-HD screen with a solid 75Hz refresh rate and is bound to last countless hours of work, all without straining your eyes.


  • Perfect for office work
  • Comfortable and suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Full-HD quality is impressive


  • Lacking multiple HDMI ports for greater connectivity

Best budget monitor under £100

KOORUI 22 Inch Business Computer MonitorAmazon/KOORUI

At less than £80, the KOORUI 22-inch monitor begs the question: how low can you go when it comes to finding a great monitor under £100, the answer is surprisingly low.

Geared with a 75Hz VA panel, a standard 250 nits of brightness and 5ms response time, the KOORUI 22-inch monitor is by no means a game-changer in the field of great monitor deals, that being said it's a well-made monitor with plenty to offer users who rely on a second screen for work.

At the cost of a discount, the KOORUI monitor is around 22 inches, a small yet largely unnoticeable size difference from a standard 24-inch monitor, but a smaller screen may reduce overall productivity on account of having less room to see documents.

All-in-all, if you're looking for a bargain, you've found it in the 22-inch KOORUI monitor.


  • Excellent ultra slim bezel-less design
  • Great brightness and comfortable to view
  • Solid picture quality


  • Smaller 22-inch size isn't for everyone

Best monitor under £100 for office work

HP 22 Inch FHD MonitorAmazon/HP

Truly a monitor under £100 that's perfect for professionals, the HP 22-inch laptop is beautifully designed with plenty of ease-of-access cable management, as well as a toggle button for simple settings control.

HP's functional monitor features good tilt for proper angling comfort, a small, yet ideal for snug spaces 22-inch screen, and some truly excellent stand design which looks sensational. Some might not enjoy the overall thickness of the design itself, but this is a minor flaw in what is a workhorse of an office monitor under £100.


  • Perfect for long work hours
  • Ideal size for smaller desk spaces
  • Built-in cable management and screen tilt for optimal viewing


  • Particularly thick design

Best monitor under £100 for gaming

Acer EK241YHbif 24-inch MonitorAmazon/acer

Easily one of the best value monitors under £100, the Acer EK241YHbif 24-inch monitor is perfect for those in need of crisp visuals, an ultra-smooth 100Hz refresh rate, and FreeSync technology for a screen tear-less gaming experience.

Sporting a three-sided bezel-less design, the Acer EK241, the overall design of the EK24 looks clean, and subtle, making it ideal for an office setting as well as a home desk. The Acer EK24's visuals are solid, with plenty of full-HD colour accuracy and a decent amount of contrast too. Our favourite feature of the monitor, however, has to be its 100Hz refresh rate, unlocking some excellent gaming potential for those with next-level hardware.

If there's anywhere to improve on the Acer EK24, it must certainly be the build quality, which isn't the best we've seen from Acer. The EK24's stand feels a little flimsy during setup, so if you're someone who likes to rearrange your setup on a weekly basis, take care whilst handling it.

Quick, sharp, and ultra-thin, the Acer EK24 is a worthwhile investment into smooth gaming, great visuals and is overall a wonderful gaming monitor option for less than £100.


  • Fantastic 100Hz refresh rate
  • Solid screen resolution and colours
  • Terrific bezel-less design


  • Build quality isn't spectacular

Best curved monitor under £100

KOORUI 24-Inch Curved Computer MonitorAmazon/KOORUI

This seemingly impossible KOORUI 24-inch curved monitor for less than £100 is a diamond in the rough when it comes to deals, and with very few competing curved monitors offering a similar price, it's a great option to go for.

With an 1800R curved screen, the KOORUI 24-inch curved monitor is designed to with the contour of your eye, giving you total comfort and visibility beyond a standard flat screen. Alongside its low blue light filter options, your eyes should remain comfortable and fresh throughout a tough working day.

For screen smoothness, however, you might want to consider a standard monitor screen - at 60Hz, there can be some choppiness during intensive use, but as a standard refresh rate, you're unlikely to notice the difference.

For comfort, colour and general design, the KOORUI 24-inch monitor is one of the best curved monitors on the market, especially for budget buyers.


  • Phenomenal curved screen design
  • Comfortable 24-inch screen view
  • Great colour


  • Low 60Hz refresh rate

Best monitor under £100 for dual screen

Lenovo L22e-40 22 inch PC MonitorAmazon/Lenovo

If you're looking to maximise your productivity, a dual-screen setup is game-changing. Having access to multiple screens on a desk gives you a level of control that's simply impossible on a single laptop screen.

Enter the affordable Lenovo L22e-40 with its razor-thin bezels and space-efficient design that's perfect for even cramped desks. Lenovo's L22e-40 has a terrific adjustable metal stand design, with plenty of room for notes and snacks underneath.

A beautifully designed monitor under £100, the slim design of the L22e-40 allows for seamless dual-screen integration without clashing monitor stands. For one of the best monitors for dual-screen of the year, you cannot go wrong with Lenovo's bargain L22e-40.


  • Excellent stand design
  • Solid picture and visuals
  • Ultra-thin bezels for great dual-screen


  • 22-inch design might be small for some users

Best monitors under £100 for sound

Philips 243V7QDAB - 24 Inch FHD MonitorAmazon/Philips
Price: $225.67

When it comes to budget monitors in general, you're not entirely spoilt for choice when it comes to great quality speakers, but there are some exceptions. The Philips 243V7 24-inch monitor has, amongst a sharp design, crisp visuals and a smooth 75Hz refresh rate, two solid built-in speakers.

Of course, you're not getting the most wondrous soundscape from the Philips 243V7 24-inch monitor, but what you're getting is good volume without the tinniness of standard monitor speakers and a good deal of clarity, especially with voices.

There isn't heaps of bass and immersion to be found in the Philips 243V7 24-inch monitor, but asking that of a monitor under £100 is perhaps too much. But for solid sound and an all-around solid monitor, it's perfect for budget buyers.


  • Solid speaker quality for a low price
  • Good colour and sharp visuals
  • Plenty of eye-comfort settings to explore


  • Dull design with bulky stand

Best adjustable monitor under £100

iiyama XB2283HSU-B1 21.5 VA LCDAmazon/iiyama

Having a smaller workspace can require some creativity, especially whilst on a budget. Ditch the stack of books and cluttered workspace and invest in something that'll make your work life comfortable and flexible, and the iiyama XB22 is just that.

Delightfully well-made with a swivelling screen, adjustable height and a gorgeous full-HD screen, iiyama's XB22 monitor is ideal for the smaller spaces in your home, where having room for books and notes is a must.

If you're trying to squeeze in two monitors but simply can't, simply rotate this 22-inch screen vertically, and your setup is suddenly much more space-efficient. If you need space for your peripherals - raise the screen. It's just that simple.

And then there's the screen itself, with its 1ms response times and comfortable, bright colours - it's truly a difficult monitor to critique. One thing to mention, however, is that users who haven't used a 22-inch screen might find it too much on the smaller side compared to their standard 24-inch monitor.

Less screen means more closed tabs and slower productivity, which can be offputting, but for those comfortable with the size, it's an amazing deal.


  • Great for a comfortable setup
  • Ultra-fast 1ms response time
  • Good connectivity and overall design


  • Small size isn't perfect

Best monitor under £80

MSI Pro MP241X 24 Inch 75Hz FHD MonitorAmazon/MSI

If a truly cheap monitor is what you're looking for, the MSI Pro MP241X is a great alternative to save money that could otherwise be spent on top-tier peripherals.

Hardly suffering from its lower price point, the MSI Pro's screen quality is particularly great with full-HD visuals, a wide viewing angle for optimum eye comfort, and plenty of onscreen colour for editors and binge-watchers alike.

Unfortunately for some users, the MSI Pro MP241X can occasionally begin to flicker, with some tearing during gaming. While it isn't ideal, these issues are rare amongst users, and at its price, it's worth the risk.


  • Solid design
  • Good colour and an excellent wide viewing angle
  • Amazing value


  • Some users have experienced screen flickering

Best monitor under £100 for photo editing

AOC 24B1H Full HD 24" VA Monitor - BlackAmazon/AOC

If you're an amateur editor looking to start truly capturing the essence of landscapes, wildlife or otherwise, photo editing is a must, but for that, you'll need a reliable monitor. Typically speaking, you'll be spending a considerable amount of money on a monitor to reproduce colours accurately, but there are some solid options out there worth grabbing if you're a budding photographer in need of great colour.

AOC's 24B1H is precisely that monitor, and its all thanks to its wonderful 3000:1 contrast which is unheard of amongst monitors under £100. Whilst colour reproduction is the same as standard full-HD monitors at 16.7 million colours, contrast creates a wonderful contrast between the darkest and lightest tones, making pictures truly pop.

That being said, AOC's 24B1H shines amongst the best monitors for photo editing market, and photo editing looks wonderful on it. What's more, the ultra-thin bezels and solid build quality certainly push the AOC 24B1H's quality to another level.


  • Great 3000:1 contrast
  • Solid design and build quality
  • Ideal for dual-screen


  • Standard refresh rate and picture quality

The best monitors under £100: buyer's guide

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Key terms you should know:


Resolution is determined by the quantity of pixels displayed on a device's screen, with higher pixel counts indicating greater resolution.


Contrast refers to a screen's darkest colour compared to its lightest colour, the greater the contrast, the sharper and more immersive the image.

Colour support:

Colour support is an indication of the number of colours a monitor screen can replicate.

Refresh rate:

Refresh rate is a measure of the number of new images a monitor screen can create per second. A standard monitor has around a 60-75Hz refresh rate, but more expensive monitors can have upwards of a 240Hz refresh rate.

Response time:

Response time, typically measured in milliseconds (ms), denotes the duration it takes for a monitor to transition colours. A lower response time signifies a faster screen performance.

Screen type:

When it comes to monitors, there are three main screen types to look out for:


Twisted Nematic (TN) panels, once prevalent but now uncommon, were the initial LCDs introduced to the market. They offer comparatively slower performance and lower quality than newer panel technologies yet remain significantly more affordable.


Vertical Alignment (VA) monitor panels are a screen technology known for showcasing richer black tones and enhanced contrast compared to standard IPS panels. However, this advantage often comes with the trade-off of slower response times.


In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels provide quicker response times compared to VA panels, albeit with a slight reduction in contrast.


High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology enhances both the brightest and darkest contrasts, resulting in a more immersive screen experience on your device.


An HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a method of transferring high-quality audio and video simultaneously through a single cable.


Digital Visual Interface, or DVI, is another method of transferring video via a cable.


Video Graphic Array (VGA) can be used as an alternative to both DVI and HDMI and is a reliable method of transferring video.

Are monitors under £100 worth it?

There are some truly terrific options for budget monitors under £100, and while they might not offer 4K visuals and high refresh rates, they're incredibly reliable and perfect for those who simply don't need to spend much money.

Should I use HDMI, DVI or VGA?

Without question, if you can use HDMI, you should absolutely use it. DVI and VGA are older technologies and can easily be broken with incorrect installation. What's more, HDMI cables transfer both audio and visual data, so you won't have to struggle to find another cable for sound.

FAQs: your questions answered

Is 75Hz good for gaming?

75Hz is a solid refresh rate for gaming, your favourite FPS shooters should look smooth and without tearing when playing at this refresh rate. However, for true seamless gameplay, a 144Hz monitor is hard to beat.

Why are curved monitors good?

Curved monitors, though rare at less than £100, are suitable for those who value their comfort above all. The curved monitor's design contours to the shape of your eye, giving you a better view that is generally more comfortable than a standard flat-screen monitor.

Can I find a 4K monitor under £100?

To be blunt, absolutely not. Unless you're looking for second-hand monitors, there aren't any options on the market right now for 4K monitors that are less than £100, nor will you find any 1440p monitors at this price, it's an expensive technology that cannot be easily manufactured at such a low cost right now.

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