The best Google Nest Wi-Fi of 2024

Bring super-fast Wi-Fi speed to your home: discover our favourite Google Nest Wi-Fi routers of the year

The best Google Nest Wi-Fi of 2024

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The future of Wi-Fi technology, the recently released Google Nest Wi-Fi is one of the best wireless routers, made to ensure that connecting anywhere around the home is completely seamless, and your signal is strong throughout your home.

But with new router technology comes a lot of confusion, questions and worries about just what the Google Nest Wi-Fi is capable of. Offering much more than your standard router, experience the true potential of your pricey fibre optic in the most slick and satisfying design we've seen for a router.

The best Google Nest Wi-Fi at a glance:

Best overall: Google Wi-Fi Pro - View on Amazon
Best midrange: Google Nest Wi-Fi - View on Amazon
Best budget: Google Wi-Fi Mesh - View on Amazon
Best multipack: Google Wi-Fi Pro pack of three - View on Amazon

We're going to be breaking down the needless technological jargon, wading through complex technical specifications and giving you a clear-cut picture as to why the Google Nest Wi-Fi should be in your home.

We'll explore the available options, and figure out what's the best for your budget, whether you're struggling to gain signal and need some next-level signal boosting, or you need a budget option to give you the best network speeds at a great value.

The best Google Nest Wi-Fi of 2024:

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Best overall Google Nest Wi-Fi

Google Wi-Fi ProAmazon/Google

Google's Wi-Fi Pro delivers reliable, wide-range coverage for your home in a completely app-integrated design. This small, modern mesh Wi-Fi router is delightfully simple to use in both design and use.

Unobtrusive and perfect for desk-side connectivity, the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro's surprisingly small size is compensated for with its enormous 120 square metre connection range and tri-band frequencies, giving you access to faster 6GHz frequencies.

It's hard to pick faults with the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro, but if we were, we'd note the lack of physical buttons to press on the device itself, making it difficult to use for those who aren't so technologically inclined, you'll need the Google Home app for any kind of control.


  • Excellent connection speed
  • Great area coverage
  • Easily integrated with Google Nest products


  • Lacking buttons of any kind

Best midrange Google Nest Wi-Fi

Google Wifi - MeshAmazon/Google

If you want massive improvements to internet speed, a gorgeous modern design, and impeccable internet speed, the Google Nest Wi-Fi is a phenomenally powerful, speed-boosting router.

Handling up to 100 devices on a single connection thanks to its hefty signal strength, as well as a whopping 120 square metre range, the Google Nest is precisely what you need for a device-heavy household.

Easy to use with the intuitive Google Home app, which isn't great for those who are less technologically inclined, but still solid, controlling the Google Home is hands-free and completely via the app, which is refreshing to those who are familiar with resetting a standard router.

At a significantly cheaper price than the Nest Wi-Fi Pro, Google's Nest Wi-Fi is perfect for those who don't need a massive signal range, whilst still offering great speed and stability.


  • Great internet speed
  • Secure WPA3 encryption
  • Nicely designed and easy to use


  • Weaker signal coverage and half the speed of Google Wi-Fi Pro

Best budget Google Nest Wi-Fi

Google Wi-Fi -MeshAmazon/Google

For a simpler, yet cheaper alternative, the Google Wi-Fi Mesh is exceptional at enhancing Wi-Fi speeds for all devices in your home, without the need of a Wi-Fi dongle. Beautifully designed, subtle and slick - perhaps even more so than the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro, the futuristic design of the Google Wi-Fi Mesh is great for blending into lounges, living rooms and offices comfortably.

With a range of 85 square metres, you can comfortably cover your home with solid connection speeds. But if you're looking for stronger speeds in the furthest reaches of your home, you can use multiple meshes simultaneously.

If you're looking for ethernet connectivity in your Google Wi-Fi Mesh, you won't find it, there's no ethernet ports to be found. For most, however, who wish to avoid a tangle of cables, the Google Wi-Fi Mesh is excellent for keeping your space clutter-free and wireless.


  • Perfect small design
  • Affordable price
  • Great for solid speed


  • Smaller area coverage than other models

Best overall Google Nest Wi-Fi multi-pack

Google Wi-Fi Pro pack of threeAmazon/Google

A pricey, yet worthwhile investment into speed throughout the home, the Google Wi-Fi Pro pack of three ensures that you're getting incredible Gigabit speeds throughout your home.

Covering a total maximum range of 360 square metres, the Google Wi-Fi Pro pack of three is a simple, well-integrated way of bringing top speeds to even the furthest rooms in your home.


  • Top-tier connection speed
  • Wide, strong area coverage
  • Perfect for Google Voice Assistant control


  • Perhaps overkill for most homes

Best budget Google Nest Wi-Fi multi-pack

Google Wifi - Mesh Wifi System, pack of 3Amazon/Google

For strengthened speeds across the home, the Google Wi-Fi Mesh pack of three offers excellent speeds everywhere, even in larger homes. These brilliant access points can be scattered throughout the home, forming a network of mesh routers that drastically improve strength and overall stability.

What's more, you can also use Google Wi-Fi Mesh's Voice assistant, so you can control your Google Home devices from practically from any room you like.


  • Great multi-pack deal
  • Perfect for strengthening Wi-Fi in larger homes
  • Ideal for thick-walled houses


  • Not as strong internet speeds as higher-priced options

The best Google Nest Wi-Fi of 2024: buyer's guide

Key terms you should know:

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi, short for Wireless Fidelity, is a networking technology that enables computers, smart devices, and equipment to access the internet without the need for physical cables.

Data transfer speed: This refers to the speed at which a device can transmit and receive data. A higher data transfer speed typically indicates a better internet connection.

Wi-Fi band: Wi-Fi bands designate particular wireless broadcast frequencies used by devices to exchange data. Typically, two frequencies are utilized: 2.4GHz and 5GHz, although some devices have access to 6GHz frequencies.

Dual-band: Dual-band Wi-Fi provides users with access to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, offering the flexibility to choose between the two and enjoy the benefits of both worlds.

Tri-band: Exclusive to the highest-end dongles, tri-band technology offers users access to 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz frequencies, providing expanded connectivity options.

2.4GHz: The 2.4GHz frequency is widely used for Wi-Fi, albeit slightly slower. Opting for 2.4GHz provides broader coverage but may result in slower speeds.

5GHz: The 5GHz frequency offers improved speed, making it a preferable choice for those prioritizing speed over coverage.

6GHz: The 6GHz frequency delivers the highest speeds available, although with reduced coverage compared to 2.4GHz. Therefore, if your priority is to enhance speed and your device is compatible, opting for 6GHz is the ideal choice.

Signal coverage: Signal coverage represents the total area where you can establish a connection to your router.

WPA: WPA, or Wi-Fi Protected Access, serves as a security standard ensuring network encryption for data security. The latest iteration, WPA3, offers robust protection, including for public networks.

What does Google Nest Wi-Fi do?

Google Nest Wi-Fi is a replacement for your traditional router, which uses a mesh Wi-Fi system. Mesh Wi-Fi uses mesh satellites, acting as nodes, which give your household better access to strong, stable Wi-Fi.

Google Nest Wi-Fi is a technology that integrates with your Google Home appliances, whether that's a Google Nest Home speaker, Google Cam, or even Google Smart Thermostat - you can use Google Nest Wi-Fi to control the other smart devices on your Google Home network.

FAQs: your questions answered

Is Google Nest Wi-Fi worth it?

For strengthening speed, signal stability, and having easy control over your Wi-Fi, whether that's via parental controls or simple Wi-Fi customisation - Google Nest Wi-Fi is a fantastic way to maximise your internet speed, without having to replace your broadband altogether.

Do I need a modem if I have Google Nest Wi-Fi?

Google Nest Wi-Fi needs an active internet connection and modem in order to work, you cannot replace the modem itself with the Google Nest Wi-Fi, unfortunately.

Do I need multiple Google Nest Wi-Fi routers in my home?

If you're home is particularly large, or you have a basement with poor internet connectivity, we'd certainly recommend grabbing some additional Wi-Fi points for your home, this will only strengthen your network speed if you're getting poor signal with just one Google Nest Wi-Fi system.

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