Best 27-inch PC monitors of 2024

Without the perfect 27-inch monitor, you're not getting the most out of your PC - here are our favourite 27-inch monitors of the year so far...

Best 27-inch PC monitors

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Drastically overlooked, yet absolutely crucial - a great PC monitor is the lifeblood of your computer - and can either make or break your favourite pastimes, whether it's gaming, watching your favourite shows or video editing - and a 27-inch PC monitor is the perfect size for it all.

You may be building your very first PC or simply stepping up your PC monitor game - but in any case, we've got some of the most superb 27-inch PC monitors of the year, perfect for any budget. 27-inch PC monitors are excellent for spatially conscious students in need of some anti-social gaming relaxation without needing to fork over hundreds for a 4K smart TV. They're also perfect for space-constrained office workers in need of some extra screen space.

Best 27-inch PC monitors at a glance:

Best overall 27-inch PC monitor: ViewSonic VX2718-P-MHD 27-inch Monitor - View at Laptops Direct
Best budget 27-inch PC monitor: KOORUI 27 Inch FHD Monitor - View at Amazon
Best 4K 27-inch PC monitor: BenQ EW2780U 27-inch IPS 4K Monitor - View at Amazon
Best 27-inch PC monitor for photo editing: ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV Professional Monitor - View at Amazon

27-inch PC monitors are large enough for comfortable viewing, and small enough for easy transportation - so wherever you go, you can always have that extra screen.

Whether it's silky smooth 165Hz gameplay, stunning 4K monitors, or just a humble full-HD budget monitor - there's an excellent 27-inch monitor for you in our selection of the best, up next.

Best 27-inch PC monitors of 2024

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Best overall 27-inch PC monitor

For the ultimate smoothness at the lowest price - you won't find a better deal than ViewSonic's VX2718-P-MHD monitor. Yes, it’s aimed at gamers, but it’s an outstanding monitor for all uses. Running at 165Hz and supported by AMD's Adaptive Sync - fast-motion visuals like menus, sports, movies and more are as smooth as butter.

Design-wise, the ViewSonic VX2718 is classic, lacking the flash of more expensive models, but minimalistic in a satisfying way, to say the least. With 2 HDMI ports and a DisplayPort, users have plenty of multi-device options available to them. Should they want to switch between their PC or console, it's as easy as a button press.

The VX2718 also has some dual speakers - perfect if you need sound in a pinch. All in all, it's an all-around excellent monitor at a sensible price.


  • The 165Hz refresh rate is excellent for anyone using this for smooth, detailed fast-moving action like movies, games or sports
  • The VA panel ensures consistent and vibrant colours
  • The unfussy design will fit with all PC setups and decors


  • It’s not 4K, so anyone who wants to watch Ultra HD content may want to look elsewhere

Best budget 27-inch PC monitor

A brilliant budget monitor for practically anyone, KOORUI's 27-inch FHD monitor is great for high-quality visuals and performance.

Constructed well, with easy-to-access buttons for quick settings alterations, the KOORUI also has an impressive 99% SRGB colour accuracy, so creatives on a budget will like this too. The 27-inch PC monitor also has ultra-thin bezels to get the most out of the screen's size, enhancing its ultra-modern aesthetic.

When it comes to performance, KOORUI's gorgeous Full-HD screen is silky-smooth with its especially brilliant 100Hz refresh rate. Overall, it’s one of the best Full-HD monitors under £150 - you really can't do better for value; it's a brilliant monitor that pairs well with budget or mid-range PC builds.


  • A solid build makes it a robust choice despite the lower price point
  • The 100Hz refresh rate is much better than many in this price range for smooth, detailed visuals
  • Flicker-free and wide viewing angles make it ideal for many uses, including watching video


  • If you’re looking for integrated sound on a budget, this has no internal speakers

Best 4K 27-inch PC monitor

This BenQ EW2870U monitor delivers a 4K screen with a thin bezel and a sensible stand design, both of which are modern and stylish. Plus, you get a super-impressive set of features packed Inside. Firstly, there’s Freesync to keep motion nice and sharp. That’s joined by HDRi. Any HDR support is seldom seen on monitors in this size and price range, so Benq’s HDRi enhancement tech is a welcome addition. 4K video or other HDR content will look stunning.

On top of all of that visual goodness, there are some extras like 5-watt internal speakers and eye care features like low blue light mode and flicker-free tech too. The 4K screen also has adaptive brightness to help viewing in brighter rooms. All in all, it’s a stunning 4K experience.


  • The 4K resolution and HDRi technology deliver sharp, vibrant images for immersive viewing
  • Enjoy your 4K content for longer with eye-care features like Low blue light and a flicker-free display
  • Lots of connectivity options so you can use this with various devices for maximum flexibility


  • If you do want the best when it comes to HDR, Benq’s HDRi technology isn’t quite up there with full HDR10

Best 27-inch PC monitor for photo editing

ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV Professional Monitor
Price: $318.15
Alternative retailers
Walmart$345.49View offer

If there’s one thing that photographers need for their digital darkroom, it’s a  large, reliable monitor that's easy on the eyes with excellent colour accuracy. The ProArt Display from ASUS is packing some serious credentials - Calman validated with 100% sRGB and Rec. 709. That means even more control and accuracy for colour-grading and tweaking your shots for truly professional results. 

As a monitor, it’s a very slick design with a slim, unobtrusive bezel. And there are some handy connectivity options too, so if you’re PC or Mac you’ll be well looked after. Add to that ASUS's Ultra-low Blue Light technology to protect your eyes, and your creative work will really shine.


  • The 95% DCI-P3 and 100% sRGB coverage cater for the needs of professional and budding photographers
  • The stand has an ergonomic design with adjustments for tilt, pivot, swivel and height
  • Connect this to multiple devices or setups using a great range of connection ports, including HDMI and DisplayPort


  • Despite the colour accreditations, there is no HDR provision here

Best 27-inch home office monitor

ASUS BE279QSK Video Conferencing Monitor

Rrp: $239.00

Price: $209.00

If you’re looking for a slim, hassle-free solution for your home office, this 27” Video Conference Monitor from ASUS is for you. Undercutting many other monitors with this many features price-wise, as the name suggests this comes with a built-in webcam and speakers. That makes this a clever choice for a smaller desk and less clutter. And that camera is also Full-HD and adjustable too. As you might expect for built-in sound, you won’t be getting top-quality music speakers here - but for your video conferencing and occasional use they’re fine. 

Elsewhere, you’ll find a great range of inputs from DisplayPort to HDMI and an earphone jack for private listening. Brightness levels are good with eye-care features, and the panel is IPS which means better performance with colours and on-screen motion. Lastly, there’s an excellent range of adjustments here for ergonomic comfort.


  • The Full-HD resolution of the built-in webcam is a great match for video calls to work, friends or family
  • The 100% sRGB colour performance also makes this a good choice for anyone who needs accurate colours for their work
  • The stand has good tilt, swivel, and height adjustments for ergonomic comfort - and eye-care features too


  • Its looks may be a little basic for some

Best curved 27-inch PC monitor

If you haven’t used one of these yet, a curved screen is much more than a passing fad. This Philips 272E1CA will give you a sense of immersion and viewing comfort. The specification is solid too, with a Full-HD image on a flicker-free 75hz panel. You also get FreeSync for tear-free motion too. So, if you’re watching TV or movies at various framerates this can handle all but the highest.

A small but important detail for any desktop with a curved monitor is the viewing angle. Obviously, it’s easy to imagine that having two people looking at one curved screen would be problematic, as the curve introduces a more variable angle. But, not so here. It maintains the standard 178-degree viewing angle you’d find on a flat screen. So, sharing presentations, watching streaming TV or video, or collaborative working will be a pleasure on one of these.


  • The curved screen genuinely enhances working comfort and adds immersion for entertainment
  • The flicker-free and anti blue light modes work to reduce eye fatigue for more comfort all-round
  • Excellent wide viewing angles make this a practical monitor choice


  • Relatively few connection options depending on your needs

Best 27-inch monitor for video editing

This BenQ PD3205U is, of course, a decent size for any busy video editor who doesn’t have room for something 32 inches or more. Although we’d normally recommend that editors go for a dual monitor setup, if you only buy one of these BenQs you’ll still be able to arrange all of your timelines, toolbars, panels and media. 

One excellent editor-friendly addition is Darkroom Mode. This will adjust the image for comfortable viewing in dark environments. There’s sRGB and REC709 colour accuracy too, but this also has HDR10 - perfect for those editing and colour-grading for HDR. And there’s a brilliant Animation Mode that allows for more control over your images when you need it.

All in all, it’s a beautiful screen for your creative video work and all digital imagery.


  • Excellent colour accuracy with 99% sRGB and 99% Rec.709 - ideal for all designers
  • A 4K resolution panel means it's perfect for 4K UHD editors
  • The Darkroom and Animation modes make life easier


  • Anyone who is editing at high framerates might want a higher refresh rate

Best 27-inch monitor for the environment

This ACER Vero RL272yii monitor is for you if you’re environmentally minded,  ACER’s Vero RL2 monitors are made from a mix of 85% recycled plastic - and another 5% comes from plastic that would have been destined for the ocean. Sporting a stunning 27-inch IPS panel with Full HD resolution and a 75hz refresh rate, its environmental credentials don’t cost you anything in terms of image quality.

It’s even 99% RGB colour accurate, with a fast 1ms response time. As a quality monitor choice for anyone’s desktop in any home or office, you won’t get much more ecological than this. The build is sturdy enough, but the recycled materials do mean a slightly less premium feel - but we think that’s a small price to pay for all that eco-goodness.


  • The build uses a high percentage of recycled plastic, including some that would have been ocean-bound
  • The screen is an IPS panel, so you can expect vibrant accurate visuals
  • We were expecting a standard 60Hz refresh rate considering the price and environmentally-friendly build, but you get 75Hz for even smoother motion


  • The build is a little less premium than others in places

Best 27-inch monitor for eyecare

If you're looking for a great value monitor to study on, a spare for dual-screen office work, or a basic gaming monitor, look no further than AOC's 27B3HM 27-inch widescreen monitor. Modern-looking thanks to its decently thin design, this monitor is a super-solid choice for eye comfort. And that’s thanks to some of the features that AOC are very well known for - such as a flicker-free display and its own Low Blue Light mode that reduces the blue frequency of light for less fatigue.

Our only nitpick is the external connection options. They’re a little thin on the ground, as the single HDMI port on the back of the PC monitor dashes any hope of attaching multiple devices at once if you need to. But, the eye-care features, adaptive sync and 75Hz refresh rate add up to a supremely comfortable monitor for longer sessions. We think it’s one of the best out there.


  • Enjoy reduced eye strain thanks to flicker-free and low blue light technology
  • The frameless design means a less obtrusive, more open feel
  • The 75Hz refresh rate and adaptive sync technology mean smoother motion and more detail when looking at content with different frame rates


  • Very limited connection options mean this isn’t ideal for anyone who needs to switch between more than one PC or system

Best 27-inch PC monitor for gaming

As gaming monitors go, rather than go too far with the whole gamer aesthetic, the bezel on this Dell G2724D is nice and slim. The stand is also neat, making it a great addition to a tidy gaming rig.  But the main attraction here for any gamer will be the addition of Freesync Premium Pro for tear-free motion and matched frame rates. Even better, it’s also compatible with Nividia G-Sync - brilliant for any gaming PC with a compatible Nvidia graphics card. 

Elsewhere, Dell has even thrown in HDR for a wider colour palette, plus 99% sRGB for anyone who might also be using this for creative purposes. You even have some connection choices thanks to two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort. But we think the stars of the show here are the 1ms response time and the blistering 165Hz refresh rate. The latter will work in tandem with FreeSync to bring super-high framerates to your screen without dropping frames or tearing. This is one of the best gaming monitors for any gamer and all high-end visual media.


  • The super-high 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time make for smooth, tear-free gameplay
  • Enjoy accurate and vibrant colours thanks to 99% sRGB and HDR 400
  • Mac and PC gamers are well catered for thanks to DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB-C connections


  • HDR 400 isn’t quite as capable as HDR/HDR10, so if you’re all about super-high colour accuracy look elsewhere

Best 27-inch PC monitors of 2024: Buyer's guide

How do I choose a monitor?

Choosing a monitor can be a challenging and high-pressure endeavour - this is the screen you'll be staring at for hours, days, or even weeks to come, so it's got to be good. But what should you be looking for? That depends entirely on what you're looking to get out of your monitor.


If you're looking for a dedicated gaming monitor, there are a few factors you should consider, but most importantly, you should look at the refresh rate.

Having a high refresh rate (120Hz and above) ensures that any gameplay you experience is buttery-smooth. High refresh rates reduce input lag and create a noticeably seamless experience for any games you choose to play.

But you can't just plug a 4K 144Hz 27-inch PC monitor into a low-end PC and call it a day, your PC has to be able to handle 4K before running any 4K gaming.

For 60fps gaming with a 4K monitor, you'll need a PC with at least an NVIDIA RTX 3060Ti GPU and above, as well as 16GB of RAM and an Intel Core i9-12900K or Ryzen 9 5900X - which isn't cheap, and doesn't offer the 120fps gameplay perfection that you may crave - for that you might need a 40-series card such as a 4080 and some truly next-level processing power.

Office work:

A great office work PC monitor doesn't have to be supported by a particularly powerful PC, even a cheap laptop can handle a solid 60Hz 27-inch PC monitor. For a great working experience, however, it's important to have a decently sized screen (27 inches is perfect), as well as eye care filter functionality, to ensure that your eyes are comfortable throughout the day.

Photo editing:

For photo editors and creators alike, your primary concern is resolution - editing 4K images on a full-HD monitor isn't going to give you an accurate representation of how your images will really look, and without colour - you may overcompensate and saturate images beyond what you might expect. Picking a monitor designed to handle plenty of colour is a must.

Look for monitors with 100 per cent sRGB or RGB, this tells you that the monitor can display all the colours in the colour gamut, so you're getting an accurate depiction of how your original work actually looks.

Best 27-inch PC monitors of 2024: Jargon buster

What's refresh rate?

Refresh rate is a measure of how fast your PC monitor can generate a new image per second. A standard monitor tends to reach around 60Hz (that's 60 new images generated per second), which is certainly smooth - but top-tier monitors can comfortably hit a 144Hz range, which gives games a wonderfully crisp, responsive snap.

What's contrast ratio?

Contrast ratio is a direct comparison of the lightest shade a screen can produce compared to the darkest shade. The greater the contrast, the more vivid the picture will be overall. This gives any games or shows you're watching a wonderful depth - and enhances the overall beauty of the screen.

What's adaptive sync?

Adaptive sync technology allows the monitor to sync to the frame rate of content rendered by the GPU - so, your monitor doesn't lag or stutter, and you're getting the most out of your pricey hardware.

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