ENACFIRE G10 Wireless Earbuds review: Great sound for a small price tag

What's The Best reviews the ENACFIRE G10 Wireless Earbuds.

The Enacfire G10 Wireless Earbuds

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The ENACFIRE G10 Wireless Earbuds are a pretty affordable product with all of the features you'd require in a pair of earbuds. They have easy-to-use and intuitive touch controls, wireless charging, IPX8 waterproof, and up to 36 hours of listening time with the case.

All of these functions sound great in theory, but did they impress our audio and tech expert Isabel Martins? Keep reading to find out.

Connection Bluetooth 5.0
Features Game Mode, IPX8, touch controls
Run time 6 hours before needing to charge, 36 hours total
Weight 5g
Pros Cons
•Incredibly lightweight •Bass is lacking
•Great sound quality •Not completely noise cancelling
•Low latency mode is ideal for gaming

Verdict: With a variety of intuitive controls, plenty of effective features, and great audio the ENACFIRE G10 Wireless Earbuds are an excellent product, in a very sleek package with a small price tag. The only slight downfall is the bass.

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An image of the ENACFIRE G10 Wireless Earbuds

• Light and sleek

• Comfortable and easy to use

They may be small but they are certainly mighty, weighing only 5 grams, the ENACFIRE G10 Wireless Earbuds are incredibly sleek and very easy to use. Unlike other earbuds, this device won't stick out of the user's ear due to its small and circular design.

To use them, simply place the earbuds into the ear canal, ensuring that the tip is facing forward. They sit quite snuggly but they do not pressure onto the ear canal, instead, they rely on your ear tips to keep them in place.

If this doesn't sound very secure, let me assure you, they are. I tested them at the gym doing resistance training, on a walk, on a run, and not once did it feel like they were going to slip out or fall.

The case itself is also extremely lightweight and portable, so whether you're walking to the gym, taking a stroll to the park, or doing some shopping, they'll take up very little space. It has two internal compartments where the earbuds can slot in and charge, as well as three small LED lights in the front that indicate how much battery life it has.

They are impressively comfortable! Be it due to their weight, or design, they slot in so seamlessly, I could easily use them all day without getting uncomfortable.

The box itself comes with a USB-C charger, as well as a packet of silicone tips in different sizes including small, medium, and large.

Unfortunately, they are only available in matte black.

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An image of the ENACFIRE G10 Wireless Earbuds

• Intuitive touch controls

• Low latency Game Mode

• 6-hour battery, 36 with case

On the whole, the ENACFIRE G10 Wireless Earbuds are very easy to use and incredibly handy. These are especially ideal for any gamers who want some cheap earbuds, as you can set these to Game Mode.

This mode basically uses ultra-low latency which speeds up audio processing and is ideal for gamers as it minimizes any audio lag, and you'll be able to react to what your teammates have said. It is particularly useful for multiplayer games and first-person-shooter games.

Essentially, low latency means there is a very small gap between what is displayed on the screen and what you hear. I put this to the test and they certainly delivered, I tried them whilst playing Minecraft and Call of Duty Mobile and the lag was minimal.

In terms of the controls, they are incorporated into the earbuds so you'll simply have to tap the earbud to start or stop a track, control the volume, as well as activate voice assistant and Game Mode. You will be able to do this either by tapping on the left or right earbud.

These are the full touch controls:

• One tap - pause or start track

• Two taps - increase or decrease volume

• Three taps - activate voice assistant

• Quadruple tap - activate Game Mode

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An image of the ENACFIRE G10 Wireless Earbuds
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In terms of audio, ENACFIRE claims that due to its "30% lighter dynamic driver, the G10 delivers 40% more bass, 100% more treble". Whilst I can confirm that I was definitely pleased with the sound quality, the bass was lacking slightly, it just wasn't as powerful as I had hoped. Nonetheless, the earbuds deliver clean and clear audio at all volumes and across most frequencies.

They provide great audio for most songs, including jazz, hip hop, or pop. However, if you're looking for something for more bass-focused music, such as heavy metal, techno, drum, and bass, then these earbuds won't be the ones for you.

In terms of how long they last, without the case they last up to 6 hours, and with the case they'll last up to 36 hours. Although the earbuds were never fully submerged in water, they did have a small amount of water spilt on them and they continued to work perfectly.

The G10s are not completely noise cancelling, but due to their weight and size, this would be a mammoth task to accomplish. Nonetheless, they work fairly well, particularly when making calls or sending voice notes. They definitely manage to seal against outside noise and isolate the audio that you will be listening to. Once on, surrounding noises significantly decrease and some even became muted.

The microphone quality was also quite impressive for such a small device, as I was able to make several different phone calls very easily. The audio was smooth and rich, with no connection issues, and as they each individually have a microphone, you can easily carry on phone calls with just one earbud. This is particularly handy if you want to have a call but you need to be more aware of your surroundings.

ENACFIRE claim that the G10 have a Bluetooth range up to "10m/33ft". However, in my testing, I found that an estimate of 7m/22ft was more accurate for clear crisp audio and that by 10m the connection will be quite broken and with quite a lot of lag.

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For just under £30, the ENACFIRE G10 Wireless Earbuds are fantastic. They provide everything you could want from sleek and small earbuds, including touch controls, great audio, and even a Game Mode. The bass may be lacking slightly, but all in all, it's incredible value for money.


Ultimately, ENACFIRE has done a superb job in creating a sleek and comfortable pair of earbuds, with a rich sound, and premium features. When it comes to the audio, it delivers clear musical components of music such as percussion and also isolates vocals and individual voices.

However, this is not for anyone who wants an all-singing-all-dancing set of earbuds - if you're looking for long-lasting battery life or something completely noise cancelling, you'll need to spend a bit more and look at some of the other best wireless earbuds.

Nonetheless, I recommend these earbuds. Not only are they a fraction of the price of their competitors, but they provide just as much as some more expensive models. I love the Game Mode, the fact that they're IPX8 rated, how secure, and how comfortable they are. I could easily use them all day without ever feeling any discomfort, be it from weight or ear pressure.

Score: 4/5

Pros Cons
• Great value for price • Bass is lacking
• Rich audio • Not much noise cancelling
• Low latency mode is ideal for gaming

How we tested it:

I tested these earbuds over a period of three weeks, taking them with me for every activity. I used them to go to the gym for resistance training, run around the park, and do any errands such as food shopping. I listened to podcasts throughout these activities, plenty of different genres of music, answered calls and activated voice assistant. All around they are an excellent audio product, and you'll find there's very little they're not suited for.

Isabel Martins is a Commercial Content Writer for What's The Best, specialising in technology.

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