Save up to 45% with the UK’s best Beats by Dre Black Friday deals 2023

The best Black Friday deals on Beats by Dre in 2023. Save big today.

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Beats by Dre are unmistakable. Whether talking about its headphones or speakers, the brand has its aesthetics locked down and on point. Not only known for style, the Beats’ distinctive ‘b’ icon has also become a mark of audio quality. If you want to update your audio game or treat someone this holiday season, 2023’s Black Friday sales are the best time to grab an excellent deal on Beats by Dre.

Why are Beats by Dre so highly sought after? Head to the bottom of the article, and we’ll get you up to speed. You can see the best Beats products with a Black Friday 2023 discount below if you are already in the know. If you're interested in more discounts from Apple, the parent company of Beats by Dre, head to our roundup of the best Apple Black Friday deals.

Black Friday as a day may have passed, but the deals still continue, so we're here to help keep track of them.

The best retailers for Beats by Dre Black Friday deals:

Amazon: Save big on Beats headphones and earphones

John Lewis: Up to £90 saving on Beats

Currys: Save on Beats by Dre

The best Black Friday deals on Beats by Dre

Please note: All prices and deals are correct at the time of writing. Subject to change without notice.

22% off

It's Beats, but new and improved. And with a nice Black Friday discount. Experience enhanced audio clarity with Beats Studio Buds +. Featuring improved Active Noise Cancelling to block ambient sounds, a refined Transparency mode for situational awareness, and spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, these earbuds offer a comprehensive audio experience. Enjoy extended playtime with up to eight hours of continuous listening and the convenience of a sleek charging case for on-the-go power refills.

45% off

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Rrp: $179.00

Price: $129.00

Alternative retailers
Bloomingdale's$141.55View offer
Macy's$143.10View offer
Best Buy$149.99View offer
QVC$189.96View offer

The archetypal Beats headphones - now with a huge 45% discount at Amazon. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones are popular for their sleek design, comfortable fit, and long battery life. They offer up to 40 hours of playback on a single charge and can be quickly charged with Fast Fuel technology. The headphones also feature Bluetooth connectivity and Apple's W1 chip for easy pairing with Apple devices.

34% off

Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Rrp: $249.95

Price: $199.95

Alternative retailers
Best Buy$199.99View offer
QVC$199.99View offer
Target$199.99View offer
Verizon$249.99View offer

Hook earphones - all the convenience of wireless earbuds, just with added peace of mind knowing they won't fall out during exercise. These secure-fit, sweat-resistant earphones have a powerful bass and up to nine hours of playback.

save £60

Beats Studio Buds
Price: £99 (was £159)

Is anything more Beats than that pop of red? Here, you get a discount on compact earphones with noise-cancelling and that distinctive Beats bass response.

save £70

Beats Fit Pro
Price: £149 (was £219)

Do you dig Beats and HIIT? These fitness-specific Beats earphones provide a secure fit and noise cancelling to ensure your tunes stay locked in as you sweat on. A 32 per cent discount is not to be missed.

save 20%

Over-ear headphones don't get much more popular than this. Featuring premium wireless active noise cancellation, personalized spatial audio, USB-C lossless audio, compatibility with Apple and Android devices, and up to 40 hours of battery life, the Beats Studio Pro wireless over-ear headphones deliver premium sound quality and an immersive listening experience. Grab yours this Black Friday with a 20 per cent saving.

save £25

Beats Flex Wireless Earphones
Price: £44 (was £69)

Enjoy rich, bass-enhanced audio with the Beats Flex Wireless Earphones. These lightweight, flexible neckband earphones boast 12 hours of playback. The buds are magnetic, and when they connect around your neck, they will also auto-pause music.

About Beats by Dre

Beats by Dre is a brand known for creating stylish and quality audio products, including headphones and speakers. The company was founded in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. It quickly rose to prominence based partly on the cultural cache of Dr. Dre but also because of the brand’s approach to marrying aesthetics and quality audio performance.

In 2014, Apple acquired Beats Electronics for a healthy $3.2 billion, recognising the brand’s immense influence in the audio industry and its potential to complement Apple’s existing product offerings. This acquisition has propelled Beats into the mainstream, integrating its products seamlessly into the Apple ecosystem. Beats headphones are now compatible with Apple devices, and the Beats app provides convenient controls and customisation options.

Beats by Dre is known first and foremost for its headphones and earphones, with their bold, bass-heavy sound, which is down to the company’s signature tuning, which emphasises the low-end frequencies. For this reason, fans of hip-hop, dance and other bass-heavy genres may favour the brand. Some notable examples of the brand’s output include the Beats Solo, Beats Studio, and Beats EP.

In addition to headphones, Beats by Dre also produces a line of speakers. Some popular Beats by Dre speakers include the Beats Pill, Beats Pill+, and Beats Pill XL. Much like its headphones, Beats speakers are characterised by their bass bias, which is well-defined and punches through to get the party going.

While Beats by Dre products are pretty universal, Apple users will get the most out of its range. Now owned by Apple, the tech giant has seen Beats devices seamlessly integrate into the Apple ecosystem; equipped with W1 or H1 chips, Beats products boast enhanced connectivity and quick synchronisation, while iCloud integration ensures consistent settings across Apple devices. Apple users can also use the Control Center access to simplify controls, and Find My support helps locate misplaced devices. Beats speakers support AirPlay and offer wireless music streaming, and MFi certification ensures optimised performance.

Can you use Beats by Dre with Apple?

Yes, you can use Beats by Dre with Apple products. Apple owns Beats by Dre, and many of its products are designed to work seamlessly with Apple devices. For example, Beats headphones can be paired with iPhones and iPads using Bluetooth, and they can be controlled using the Beats app or the Apple Music app.

Furthermore, Beats speakers can be used with AirPlay to stream music from Apple devices. Many Beats by Dre products are part of the Apple Works Made for iPhone (MFi) program, meaning they have been certified to work with Apple devices.

Can you use Beats by Dre with Android?

Yes, you can use Beats by Dre with Android devices. While Beats by Dre is a part of Apple, most of its products are compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. You can connect Beats headphones to Android devices via Bluetooth and use the Beats app to manage playback and adjust settings.

Just note that the Beats Android app is different to the Apple app. There are some functional differences, including how you update firmware. Plus, you may have trouble connecting Beats products with W1 or H1 chips. Check around online to see if your Android will be compatible with these chips.

Are Beats by Dre worth buying?

Determining the worth of Beats by Dre headphones hinges on individual preferences. Renowned for bold, bass-heavy sound, they appeal to some but not all. Their expansive soundstage provides immersion but may sacrifice focus and detail. Consider these factors:

Sound Preference: Do you favour bass-heavy or balanced sound? If you like bass-heavy, Beats might be right for you.

Comfort: Are comfortable, long-wearing headphones crucial for you? Beats are pretty comfortable!

Features: Do you require extras like noise cancellation or wireless connectivity? If so, pick a Beats product that has all you want to offer. If you wish to buy basic headphones, look for another brand (and you’ll probably save yourself some money, too).

Price: Beats by Dre headphones lean towards the pricey side; assess if they align with your budget. Or grab them in the Black Friday sale!

Is Apple discontinuing Beats?

Rumours have been around for a while that Apple is discontinuing Beats, but no official confirmation exists. As of writing, Beats by Dre is still a subsidiary of Apple, and the company is still releasing new products. However, Apple could decide to discontinue the Beats brand in the future.

Are they still called Beats by Dre?

Yes, Beats by Dre is still the official name of the brand. However, the “by Dre” part of the name is occasionally dropped, with the products simply referred to as Beats.

Why did Apple stop selling Beats?

Apple stopped selling Beats products in its retail stores in 2020. However, the products are still available online and through third-party retailers.

What products do Beats by Dre make?


Beats headphones are renowned for their signature bold, bass-heavy sound and sleek, eye-catching designs. The company’s flagship Solo range, available in wired and wireless iterations, has garnered immense popularity among music enthusiasts seeking an immersive audio experience with a hip-hop flair.

The Studio line, featuring studio-grade noise cancellation technology, caters to discerning audiophiles who demand exceptional sound quality and isolation from external distractions. The Beats EP, a more affordable option, delivers high-quality audio in a compact, lightweight design, making it an ideal choice for everyday listening and commuting.


Beats speakers are equally impressive, offering various options for diverse listening preferences. The Beats Pill, a portable Bluetooth speaker, provides crystal-clear sound in a compact, pocket-friendly form.

The Beats Pill+, an upgraded version, boasts improved battery life, water resistance, and a built-in microphone for hands-free calls. The Beats Pill XL, designed for larger spaces, delivers powerful, immersive sound while maintaining the brand’s signature style.

Other Audio Products

Beyond headphones and speakers, Beats offers a comprehensive lineup of audio peripherals to elevate your listening experience. Earbuds like the Beats Powerbeats Pro and Flex provide wireless freedom and exceptional sound quality for active individuals.

Beats subwoofers like the Beats Studio Sub enhance home theatre systems with deep, rich bass. At the same time, wireless speakers like the Beats Pill+ and Beats Pill XL provide portable, high-fidelity sound for outdoor gatherings and parties.

When does Black Friday end?

Retailers are ending their sales at different times, with many continuing their Black Friday sales into December. So, if you're worried you may have missed out on a brilliant deal this Black Friday, fear not, between these current deals and the upcoming ones, you'll still have plenty of opportunities to make some great savings.

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