The best portable DAB radios of 2024

Listen to your favourite radio stations wherever you go: great sound, amazing beats and retro designs all-in-one.

The best portable DAB radios of the year

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There's nothing quite like tuning into the radio, catching your favourite oldies or discovering something new, something that even the best speakers on the market aren't always capable of doing. Going retro and picking up a brilliant portable DAB radio is a wonderful way to break the habits of a worn-out Spotify playlist, but technology has moved on over the past few years.

Pick from hundreds of radio stations, find your niche and start your day with a pep in your step: the best portable DAB radios on the market are mind-blowingly good, and even better, they're cheap. But picking from the vast array of DAB radios, figuring out what you really need from your DAB radio isn't always straightforward.

The best portable DAB radios of 2024 at a glance:

Best overall: i-box DAB Radio Portable, Bluetooth Speaker - View on Amazon
Best budget: AZATOM portable DAB+ FM Digital Radio - View on Amazon
Best waterproof: JBL Tuner 2 Portable Radio - View on Amazon
Best retro: Roberts Revival RD70DG FM/DAB/DAB+ Portable Digital Radio - View on John Lewis

We've taken out the legwork of scrolling endlessly through online retailers, Googling what is DAB+, and saved you some head-scratching with our comprehensive roundup of the best DAB radios available anywhere.

From brands you know and love like Roberts, JBL, and Majority, ranging from ultra-modern to utterly retro, our list has everything you'll need to bring home the beats this year, even if you're on a budget.

The best portable DAB radios of 2024:

All prices are correct at the time of writing. Prices, stock and deals are subject to change without notice.

Best overall

One of the best-designed portable radios on the market, the i-box portable radio delivers great sound with over 60 preset radio stations, giving you plenty of options to explore your music tastes.

Doubling as a brilliant Bluetooth speaker as well as a traditional radio, the i-box's 360-degree sound is perfect for parties, lounging and filling rooms with glorious melodies that'll have you grooving throughout the day. And with its 10-hour battery life, rest assured you'll have plenty of time to groove.

For under £50, this waterproof, tough and reliable portable DAB radio offers plenty of value. With its AUX port, you can plug it into your dedicated sound system and amplify your sound even more, which is something you might want to do since the speaker has a weaker 5W sound.


  • Excellent 360-degree design
  • Small, compact and ideal for travel
  • Well-made and water-resistant for shower listening


  • Fairly low-wattage speaker

Best budget

A far more classic-looking portable DAB radio, the AZATOM DAB radio looks like the part with a stunning oak finish and almost-retro white buttons.

This brilliant budget portable DAB radio has 60 presets to explore, which can be quickly accessed using either the DAB radio's main buttons or the side knob for perfect tactile control.

AZATOM ditches the rechargeable aspect of portable DAB radios in exchange for classic AA batteries, which users may love or hate. Still, there's always a wired option to use if you're running low. Despite its larger design than most, unfortunately, the AZATOM speaker has a fairly standard speaker, with not the most exceptional sound. This, however, is expected for such a budget speaker.

Nevertheless, this attractive radio delivers great user options, has a solid design, and is well-priced.


  • Wonderful oak finish
  • Gorgeously designed and intuitive to use
  • Fantastic array of stations


  • Fairly weak loudspeaker

Best waterproof portable DAB radio

Best waterproof

For those who enjoy a long morning shower paired with plenty of tunes, JBL's Tuner 2 portable DAB radio might be the best option.

A far slicker design than most, rejecting the retro (aside from its space-age antennae), the JBL Tuner 2 is slimmer and easier to move about the house than other designs requiring a dedicated handle to lug about.

Doubling as a fantastic budget Bluetooth speaker, users can quickly connect to the JBL Tuner 2 and play songs on Spotify; you're not limited to just radio. With 12 hours of wireless music, you can grab your JBL Tuner 2 and head anywhere for a long while without needing to find a mains plug.

Unlike our other picks, which are significantly cheaper, the JBL Tuner 2 only has five presets, which is particularly low compared to its competition. If you're like us, you're likely to stick to your favourite stations regardless, so JBL's Tuner 2 remains a solid option for DAB portable radio shoppers.


  • Practical design
  • Excellent waterproof functionality
  • Great sound for price


  • Lacking a great variety of presets

Best retro

Roberts Revival RD70DG FM/DAB/DAB+ Portable Digital RadioRoberts

Embrace the retro with Robert's breathtaking portable DAB radio, a true throwback in aesthetics but certainly not outdated with its features.

With its blocky design, old-school handle and golden emblem across the front, this portable DAB radio might be our favourite in aesthetics. Still, when paired with an admirable 10W portable DAB radio, you've got a radio worth its slightly higher price tag.

Equipped with Bluetooth and an AUX port, you've got plenty of options to listen to music on a louder speaker or keep it quiet with a pair of headphones, but needless to say; there's lots of choice with this brilliant portable retro radio.

Regarding portability, the Roberts DAB radio is on the heavier side, which requires a handle to move about, so you're not quite getting the portability of a standard DAB radio, but for what it's worth, the extra weight is hardly a concern. The Roberts DAB radio is a phenomenal choice for those passionate about music who would love a centrepiece for their coffee table.


  • Gorgeous retro design
  • Excellent 120-hour battery life
  • Great sound with plenty of radio stations to choose from


  • Fairly heavy and not as portable as other models

Best ultra-light

Majority portable DAB/DAB+ Digital RadioMajority

Far more on the lighter side, the Majority Histon portable DAB digital radio is a sensational pick for those who want to bring their music wherever they go. Majority's DAB radios have dominated the market for years, so it's no surprise that their brilliant Histon radio performs so well for its price.

With 20 presets built-in and an incredibly portable design, the Histon delivers comfort and ease of access at a phenomenal price. A fantastic 15-hour battery life, paired with its crystal-clear sound makes the Histon a wonderful choice for anyone, budget buyers or otherwise.

For those who prefer a bigger, louder sound, however, this speaker may disappoint: it has a mono speaker, which is clear but a little on the quieter side compared to our other picks.


  • Ultra-thin design
  • Easy portability
  • 20 presets for great customisation


  • Lacking strong speakers

Best under £30

Majority Orwell portable Bluetooth DAB, DAB+ RadioMajority

A reliable smallish DAB portable radio from Majority, the Orwell is a sublime bargain with plenty to offer for its low price.

Equipped with over 40 preset stations, the Orwell vastly outcompetes its pricier competition, putting music front and centre. Solid connectivity with Bluetooth and AUX port optionality; if you're not a fan of this speaker's smallish output on account of its size, stream sound to a speaker or plug in a pair of headphones.

On that, the speaker quality of the Majority Orwell isn't the best, which is to be expected from its price point. There's some tinniness from the speaker and some lag when controlling the audio volume via Bluetooth.

That being said, for the price, the Majority Orwell is one of the best budget radios on the market right now and is worth every penny for radio listeners to enjoy.


  • Excellent value
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Great portability


  • Not a lot of volume

Best high-end

If you're looking for top-tier portable sound, the Pure Evoke Play portable music system has everything you'll need to experience excellent quality.

With a truly modern design, this monstrous 40W speaker offers sensational sound wherever you go, with plenty of bass. As for its overall quality, Pure's gorgeous grey mesh and eye-catching design feel as good as they look and make up for the higher price tag.

But this isn't just a Bluetooth speaker; there are also countless other features that the Pure Evoke Play has in store. Namely, there's a brilliant LCD screen on top, allowing you to connect to various music apps, including Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

For some, the larger size might become a little tiresome and difficult to position around the home, but it's an afterthought when its sound is so phenomenal; this is one portable DAB radio worth grabbing.


  • Gorgeous 40W sound
  • Well-made and solidly designed
  • The folding screen is a brilliant touch


  • Not as portable as other radios

Best smart portable DAB radio

Roberts DAB radioRoberts

Roberts has a huge range of gorgeous portable DAB radios, but few can truly compete with the STREAM94L, which blends a bit of old-school radio design with fantastic modern features.

Packed with 120 presets, the STREAM94L has audiophiles and radio fans truly at heart with its brilliant array of music on hand. If you have a specific tune in mind, then you can always connect to the STREAM94L via Bluetooth or use its pre-loaded access to Spotify for your instant favourites.

For some, however, issues with Bluetooth connectivity and lag have caused some minor inconveniences, but this is rare amongst users so it's hardly anything to be concerned about.

For great sound, great smart speaker functions, a beautiful design, and as many preset radio stations as you'll ever need, the STREAM94L is a worthy competitor amongst our favourite DAB radios of the year.


  • Solid sound
  • Excellent display for smart features
  • Beautiful oak design and quality tuning knobs


  • Connecting to Bluetooth may cause some issues

Best under £50

Majority Portable DAB+ Radio with BluetoothMajority

Certainly, on the smaller side of portable DAB radios, the Majority Little Shelford DAB+ radio is ideal for sitting on the shelf or on the desk to enjoy some phenomenal beats throughout the day.

Easy to control via its brilliant display and various buttons to cycle through presets, from which you can save up to 20, the Little Shelford delivers comfortable convenience with its user-friendly design. While we're not huge fans of the slightly plastic-looking gold design, it has a retro appeal.

As for sound, there's not much to offer with its smallish size, which leaves overall quality sounding slightly tinny, but with an adjacent pair of speakers on hand, you'll get to experience radio the way it was meant to be heard.


  • Fantastic battery life
  • Solid design
  • Perfect display for optimal tuning


  • The sound isn't exceptional

Best alarm portable DAB radio

Best with alarm

Start your day right with the Roxel RDR-40 portable DAB radio and speaker, a wonderful way to avoid a dull, repetitive alarm that leaves you irritated before you start your day.

A cutesy design with a lot to offer, the Roxel RDR's 40 preset radio stations give you lots to listen to on the go, and its well-designed layout makes accessing all of its features a total breeze. With 12 hours of battery life, getting the most out of the Roxel RDR-40 DAB radio is a breeze.

If you're in search of top-tier sound, however, the Roxel RDR-40's 3W speaker doesn't quite deliver that triumphantly bassy sound we tend to look for in speakers, which is largely on account of its size and price. That being said, for an early morning rise, for tuning into discussions or just enjoying your music niche, Roxel's RDR-40 is a brilliant choice for anyone.


  • Beautiful design
  • Great presets
  • Good battery life for price


  • 3W speakers aren't the most powerful

The best portable DAB radios of 2024: buyer's guide

Key terms you should know:

DAB: Digital Audio Broadcast radio is a new method of receiving radio signals that has largely replaced traditional FM radio, it offers clearer sound with fewer interruptions.

DAB+: DAB+ is exactly how it sounds: it's an even better version of DAB radio with super-sharp sound and better performance.

FM: Frequency Modulation radio is the traditional radio you're likely familiar with, it uses radio signals for radios to tune into.

Wattage: Wattage refers to the amount of power a speaker can handle, the higher the wattage, the louder and more powerful the speaker.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a method of short-range wireless connectivity which enables users to quickly and wirelessly connect to nearby devices with great precision.

AUX: Auxillary ports is a method of manually connecting other audio devices to your portable DAB radio. To use, simply plug a 3.5mm audio jack into the DAB radio and connect it to a speaker or even headphones to enjoy better sound.

How do I find a radio station I'm looking for?

To find a specific radio station, simply find the specific frequency you're looking for online, and tune your radio using the radio's dial to find the station you're looking for.

FAQs: your questions answered

Are portable DAB radios worth it?

Portable DAB radios offer comfort, convenience and style to users in need of great audio around the house. They can often be affordable and are excellent for those who'd like a break from their old Spotify playlist for a time, having the luxury of songs being picked for you can be great for discovering music.

Can you use DAB radio without internet?

DAB radios do not need the internet and instead receive frequencies via radio waves. There are features on portable DAB radios that can require internet, but it's certainly not necessary.

How can I connect my portable DAB radio to a speaker?

If you'd like to connect your portable DAB radio to something with better sound, see if your radio has an AUX port; that way you can plug it into another set of speakers and begin to hear the sound you were searching for.

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