Smart and seamless: the best Google speakers of 2024

Brilliant sound, amazing smart features: discover the power of Google with these awesome speakers

The best Google speakers of 2024

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Without a doubt, if you're searching for the best speakers of the year, you'll find a Google speaker in its ranks. Smart, affordable, and powerful: Google speakers combine excellent aesthetics with precise audio to deliver gorgeous sound throughout the home, but that's not all.

Google being Google, its speakers are filled to the brim with smart, voice-assistant technology for instant responsiveness and a massive array of features, from music selection to thermostat control. There is a huge range of portable speakers on the market, but few can compete in terms of sheer features and seamless functionality as Google's speakers.

The best Google speakers of 2024: at a glance

Best overall: Google Nest Audio - View at John Lewis
Best budget: Google Nest Mini - View at Argos
Best high-performance: Google Nest Hub Max Smart - View at Argos
Best value hub: Google Nest Hub - View at Amazon

Selecting the perfect Google speaker for you, however, isn't an easy task. Sorting through tech specs, puzzling through online retailers, and getting the best value for your money: deciding upon a great Google speaker isn't simple.

So, we've done the work for you, scrawled through the internet and found the very best prices on Google speakers, with the most features and best sound picked out, just for you.

The best Google speakers of 2024

All prices are correct at the time of writing. Prices, stock and deals are subject to change without notice.

Best overall Google speaker

Google Home AudioGoogle

One of our favourite speakers of the year, the Google Nest Audio speaker has plenty of sound, plenty of smart features, and a gorgeous design that'll fit right into any home. On the larger side compared to most smart speakers on the market, the Google Nest Audio is perfect for blasting music whilst doing chores or relaxing.

Control music with a simple voice command, hear about the news and control your other smart devices, the Google Nest Audio is perfect for having total control over your home at a word. Though Google doesn't specify much about what's under the hood of the Google Nest Audio, or its other speakers for that matter, the Nest Audio has impressive, bassy sound thanks to its 75mm woofer, which certainly handles itself.

Though there is some notable compression during louder, bassier songs, the sound is generally very accurate, which is impressive for its price. Aesthetically minimalistic, yet eye-catching, the Nest Audio is easily one of the best smart speakers of the year, and at its price - it's a steal.


  • Powerful smart speaker with plenty of audio power
  • Stunning minimalistic Google design
  • Plenty of smart features for total smart device control


  • Struggles at higher volumes

Best budget Google speaker

Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker - CharcoalGoogle

If you're looking to save money without cutting out any features, the Google Nest Mini is a wonderful option for any home, big or small.

This nifty little speaker has a huge amount of power despite its size, largely thanks to its 40mm, 360-degree audio driver that kicks out sound, unlike any speakers of a similar size.

Controlling the home's smart devices is precise and speedy, with Google's Voice Assistant hitting a high with accuracy in the Google Nest Mini, it's truly terrific.

Despite its size, however, the Nest Mini isn't portable, to our dismay. Its smart features are a little more power-hungry than a regular speaker, so it must be wired. If there was portable optionality, there would be no contender. Be that as it may, the Google Nest Mini is a spectacular speaker, one that's worth its small investment.


  • Great sound, small design
  • Excellent smart features
  • Excellent value


  • Not portable, power cable required

Best high performance Google speaker

Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display - CharcoalGoogle

For a high-end experience, the Google Nest Hub Max is a next-level smart option - combining both a tablet and a speaker into the ultimate smart experience. Ever wanted to watch YouTube on a speaker? Now you can, and it's brilliant. Control with a touch or a voice command, and you can start watching your favourite programmes in a flash.

This larger tablet/speaker might not be ideal for everyone on account of its size, but for most - it's a great size. Call your friends and family with its built-in web camera, watch Netflix and control your Spotify playlist with better accuracy than you'd get with a standard smart speaker, it's just that good.

Admittedly pricier than most Google speakers, but loaded with features, and above all - terrific sound, the Google Nest Home Max has some of the best sound available from Google speakers, so it's worth its price tag. It's easily one of the best speakers for music of the year so far.


  • Phenomenal sound
  • Excellent smart features
  • Built-in tablet for great control


  • Perhaps a little too large for some users

Best value Google Home Nest Hub speaker

If you want the power of the Google Home Nest Max, but don't want to spend too much money, the Google Home Nest Hub is the perfect alternative for smart users.

Touch and voice control at a moment's notice: this dedicated speaker and home control system is simply phenomenal for the price and is silky smooth to use. This speaker/tablet setup is ideal for those who find the size of the Home Nest Max to be a little offputting, making it more suitable for crowded kitchens and coffee tables.

At a lower cost, the Google Home Nest doesn't have a web camera as the Home Nest Max does, but for most, it's a small price to pay. With rich, bass-filled sound and crisp audio, the Home Nest is a diamond in the rough of the smart speaker market, and it's perfect not just for music, but also for binge-watching your favourite shows.


  • Amazing value speaker
  • 2-in-1 speaker and tablet design
  • Ideal for easy Google Home control


  • Doesn't include a webcam

Best designed Google speaker

Google Smart speaker mediumGoogle

A tough speaker to find online thanks to being discontinued, but for those who want a cheap, yet powerful smart speaker at a bargain price - the Google Home offers one of the best Google speaker experiences.

Beautifully designed and sturdy, this truly modern speaker is ideal for those in search of a powerful voice assistant to catch up on the news and jam to music with.

As a slightly older Google speaker, the Google Home's voice recognition isn't as terrific or responsive as other speakers, but it makes up for it with sound. This speaker's rich, vibrant sound is enough to be heard throughout the home, and it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker too, just in case you need a little more control.

Not wireless, but certainly worthwhile - for less than £100, this eye-catching speaker is well-priced and suitable for those who aren't technologically inclined.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Easy to use and control
  • Quick and responsive smart features


  • Slightly outdated compared to other speakers

Best Google speaker bundle

A worthwhile bundle if you're invested in your Google Home experience, this brilliant bundle is perfect for connecting your entire home to Google's amazing network of features.

Pairing perhaps the two best Google Assistant speakers on the market is a recipe for success, and opens up plenty of incredible new ways to entertain yourself, whether it's watching Netflix, listening to the radio, or controlling your other smart devices.


  • Great for sound across your home
  • Amazing smart controls
  • Combined tablet and speaker functionality is excellent


  • Might be too much power for smaller homes

The best Google speakers: buyer's guide

Google Nest Mini
©John Tekeridis

Key Google speaker terms you need to know:

Voice Assistant:

The Google Voice Assistant is Google's answer to Alexa: it's a smart speaker function that allows for total control of the speaker and its various functions.

To use, simply state: 'Hey Google', followed by your request.


Google speakers come equipped with Bluetooth technology, which allows you to ditch the smart controls and directly control it with your smartphone.

To do this, go to the Google Home app, tap Devices, and then touch and hold the device you want to pair on the app. Go to settings, then Audio Paired Bluetooth, and enable Bluetooth Pairing Mode.

Nest Cam:

Google's Nest Cam is both a doorbell device and a built-in tablet web camera, so it can be easy to get confused. The Nest Cam we're talking about is on the Google Nest Home Max. This webcamera has some great features, including instant video calling with friends and family, simply by stating their name. Group calls and more are available.

Google Home:

Google Home refers to a range of products made by Google, designed to be completely compatible with each other. When using devices on Google Home, you can control them using each other. If you have a Google doorbell, use your Google Nest Hub to see the front door, or even control your thermostat and lights.

This network of devices forms the Google Home, and with it you have an immense amount of control through any device on the network.


Chromecast is a media streaming technology made by Google that's compatible with several apps, including Netflix and YouTube, allowing you to switch watching YouTube from your phone to your Google Home Nest Max, to even your TV.

This seamless technology is simply brilliant and costs nothing, you don't even need a Google device to support it.

What can Google speakers do?

There is a huge range of features built into each and every Google speaker, here are a few of our favourite speakers:

Voice Match:

To get your personal playlists, saved radios and more on any Google device, link your voice to your Google account, and then you can access your information on any speaker.


With a simple command of what song you want to listen to, you can request any song for Google to play, and if it's available, it'll play it.


Request news, or any news radio station of your preference and you can tune in right away.


State what radio station you want to listen to, and Google will instantly tune in.

Play TV shows and films:

A nifty feature is connecting your Google Home speaker to a TV and requesting a movie or TV show, Google will find it and begin playing it if it's available.

Turn TV on and off:

If you've linked your Google Home speaker with your TV, you can control your TV almost completely, including turning it on and off, which is handy if you're having trouble finding the remote.

Morning routine:

Google's morning routine will catch you up on news, weather, traffic information and more, personalise and curate it to your morning and start the day right.


Ask Google to translate audio and straight away, you can hear accurate translations of practically any language. Google's voice recognition is getting better by the year, and improving with AI, so this technology is better than ever.

Home routines:

Have complete control of your home without even being there. Unlock doors, dim lights, put the heating on, and much more - with home routines can be programmed to prepare you for the day, whether it's to create a cosy environment before you come home, or turn on security cameras when you leave in the morning, there's so much you can do, the potential is immeasurable.

FAQs: your questions answered

Amazon Echo vs Google Speaker: what's the best?

With clearer voice recognition, better sound, and fantastic audio quality, the Google Home is an all-around better smart speaker experience, and its Home devices are well-integrated to be used together, which is where Amazon's range of smart home technology lacks.

Whilst Amazon's Alexa speakers are brilliant for the price, for a high-end, great-quality experience, you have to go with Google.

Is the Google speaker worth it?

If you love music and want a huge range of home controls along with it, the Google Home speakers are the perfect choice for you. Pricier than some smart speakers on the market, but with an overall better quality experience, Google speakers are among the best on the market and are absolutely worth investing in.

Has Google discontinued its speakers?

Despite a few of its speakers being discontinued, there are a number of great Google speakers still readily available that are still being manufactured. While there is no current news as to a Google speaker on the way this year, this technology is still new, with many newer models coming with five years of update support.

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