The best Anker speakers

Whatever style of speaker you prefer, Anker has your audio needs covered

The best Anker speakers

by Kyle Purves |
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Anker is a reliable name when it comes to high-quality speakers, and its Soundcore range is proof of that. From budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers to dependable and durable outdoor powerhouses, there's something for everyone. But which ones are the best?

Anker Soundcore speakers tend to share a few traits across designs. Most models come with some degree of waterproofing, with plenty being excellent choices for use as a shower speaker. They also tend to perform pretty well when it comes to bass, so that's worth noting if that suits your music taste.

The best Anker speakers at a glance:

Best overall Anker speaker: Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker - View on Amazon

Best Anker mini speaker: Anker Soundcore mini - View on Amazon

Best Anker speaker for bass: Anker Soundcore Motion x600 - View on Amazon

These speakers come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Some are exceptionally tiny, making them good picks for travel, whereas others are larger and more powerful, perfect for keeping a party going.

We're plenty familiar with Anker speakers, so we'll help you decide which one is the best for you. We've gathered up a list of our favourite models and noted what they excel at, as well as their pros and cons. Whatever your preferences may be, we're confident that one of these Anker speakers will be perfect for what you need.

The best Anker speakers:

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Best overall Anker speaker

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth SpeakerAnker/Amazon
Price: $39.99

The Anker Soundcore 2 pretty much does it all. It has a fantastic 24 hours of playtime, connects easily with other devices (especially other Soundcore 2 speakers), and has some solid drivers for its size. It's small enough that you could pack it away in a bag and take it with you somewhere, but it's also powerful enough to use in a party setting.

The Soundcore 2 is a great all-rounder that won't disappoint. Still, if you think you might prefer something stronger in a specific niche, those options are available.


  • Brilliant all-day battery life
  • Pairs well wirelessly
  • Great bass for the size


  • More powerful options are available

Best Anker mini speaker

Anker Soundcore miniAnker/Amazon
Price: $24.99

The Anker Soundcore mini, as its name suggests, is absolutely tiny. It will comfortably sit in the palm of your hand, so don't be afraid to take this with you on a sunny day. It's also incredibly lightweight, so it won't become bothersome either.

What's most impressive about it is the Bluetooth range. Usually, a speaker this size would have a fairly limited range, but the Soundcore mini has no difficulty outranging much larger devices.


  • Tiny build that is very lightweight
  • Great Bluetooth range
  • Simple controls


  • Driver faces up, might not be for everyone

Best Anker speaker for bass

Anker Soundcore Motion x600Anker/Amazon

Rrp: $199.99

Price: $149.98

For pure performance, the Motion x600 is the clear winner. The sound quality is superb, providing clear and crisp audio whether it's music or even a podcast. It truly shines when it comes to bass, pumping out powerful beats that rival larger, much less portable speakers.

The audio projection is notable too. With five drivers and five amplifiers, it's no surprise that this speaker can push its sound across even the largest of rooms.

Read our full review of the Soundcore Motion x600 here.


  • Very impressive for bass-heavy music
  • Great audio projection
  • Sound quality is rich and clear


  • Not the best travel option

Best Anker speaker for playtime

Anker Soundcore 3Anker/Amazon
Price: $50.99

A playtime of 24 hours is already great, but the fact that the Anker Soundcore 3 can reach a full charge in roughly four hours is nothing short of impressive. You'll basically never be without it or your music. Plus, it's a little more powerful than the Soundcore 2, so you get better sound for longer.

It connects via Bluetooth 5.0, meaning it's a reliable connection that's unlikely to drop or be easily disturbed. As such, this is a great speaker to pair up with other models.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 is very reliable and consistent
  • Brilliant battery life
  • Charges quite quickly


  • Raised buttons aren't everyone's style

Best Anker speaker for outdoors

Anker Soundcore Motion Boom PlusAnker/Amazon
Price: $179.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$179.99View offer

The Motion Boom Plus thrives in the outdoors. Its battery life is more than enough to last a camping trip, and the addition of a built-in power bank means it can even charge your other devices in a pinch. Naturally, it also sports a solid level of dust and waterproofing, so rain and bad weather won't hold it back.

Of course, this is a larger speaker than most on this list, so you'll need to factor that into your travel plans. That said, the carry strap does help out in this regard.


  • Built-in power bank to charge other devices
  • Excellent audio power
  • Very reliable waterproofing


  • Need to account for its size when travelling

Best Anker desk speaker

Anker Soundcore Motion X500Anker/Amazon
Price: $169.99

The Motion X500 is another very versatile speaker from Anker that can perform well just about anywhere, but we like it best as a desk speaker. Its build is a bit different than other Soundcore speakers, being a bit more vertical, and as such, it's got a lot of power behind its sound without taking up too much surface space.

The Motion X500 is designed to focus on spatial sound, so you'll always feel immersed in music no matter where you sit in a room. As such, it's a great companion to help focus on work and other tasks.

Read our full Anker Soundcore Motion X500 review here.


  • Loud, powerful audio
  • Great spatial surround sound
  • Doesn't take up too much room


  • The upward-facing driver is a bit small

Best Anker shower speaker

Anker Soundcore Motion 300Anker/Amazon
Price: $79.99

Listening to music as you shower is great, but you need a waterproof speaker that's loud enough to be heard, and that's where the Motion 300 comes in. It's a great size, being lightweight and small enough that you can have it in your bathroom or take it on the go. It's not our favourite pick for bass, but other than that, it's more than powerful enough.

The battery life is quite impressive for the size. At 13 hours, you won't need to charge it regularly, and even when you do, it goes back to full in a reasonable four hours or so.

Read our full Anker Soundcore Motion 300 review.


  • Solid battery life for its size
  • Great waterproofing
  • Compact and lightweight enough for travel


  • Bass is outclassed by other Anker options

Best Anker poolside speaker

Anker Soundcore Boom 2Anker/Amazon

Rrp: $129.99

Price: $109.99

The Anker Soundcore Boom 2 isn't just a waterproof speaker; it's also one that floats. That's right, you can take your tunes to the pool now. An IPX7 rating means that as long as its charge section is secured correctly, it can be submerged without any issue. It's the ultimate summertime companion.

As part of the Boom line, it's well-suited for bass-heavy music, so even if you're using it indoors, it still performs well at parties. You may want to play around with the settings a bit to get things just how you like them.


  • Floats on water
  • Easy and reliable to connect with
  • Powerful, booming sound


  • Will likely need to play with the settings to get it right for you


What is the difference between Bluetooth and wireless speakers?

Although Bluetooth and Wi-Fi may sound like they have the same function, in practice you want them for different purposes.

A Wi-Fi speaker setup has a better overall range and can more easily accommodate extra devices. It's best used for a speaker setup in a home or static location; you could connect a set throughout your house and have the same audio playing. The sound quality also tends to be a little richer than with Bluetooth.

A Bluetooth speaker is your portable and travel pick. Although the range is more limited, it's unlikely to stray far from your phone anyway. There tends to be a bit more latency between the source and the output, but this isn't an issue for just listening to music.

What does the waterproof rating mean?

Short for ingress protection, the IP rating of a speaker measures how well protected it is against dust and debris as well as water. The first number represents its resistance to solid materials like dust and sand, so consider that if you're taking a speaker to the beach. Anything at IP6 or above is effectively dustproof. Since speakers tend to focus on waterproofing, they may leave the first number as an "X" instead.

The second number represents how waterproof the speaker is. IPX5 can handle jets of water, making that and above ideal for a shower speaker. Most waterproof Anker speakers sit around IPX7, meaning so long as the back is sealed per instructions, they can be submerged without issue. Of course, always be sure to double-check before bringing the speaker near water.

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