The best ergonomic desk chairs

Improve your posture and comfort with these supportive chairs

The best ergonomic desk chairs

by Kyle Purves |
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Ergonomic products are an absolute must for anyone spending a lot of time at their computer desk, and a proper desk chair is no different. We're all guilty of slouching and stretching the wrong way, but if you want to avoid annoying back pain, an ergonomic chair with good lumbar support can go a long way.

These desk chairs are often angled and curved to fit your spine in a natural position, so it should never feel like you're leaning up against a solid block. Since long-term comfort is the goal here, they're also often made from nice materials. If you're working from home, an ergonomic chair will make your experience a lot more comfortable.

The best ergonomic desk chairs at a glance:

Best overall ergonomic desk chair: Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair - View on Amazon

Best ergonomic office desk chair: Dripex Office Chair - View on Amazon

Best ergonomic desk chair for adjustability: Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair - View on Amazon

When it comes to ergonomics, the more the merrier, and so a quality chair pairs nicely with ergonomic accessories. An ergonomic mouse can prevent your hand and wrist from becoming strained and fatigued. Likewise, you can also opt for an ergonomic keyboard, or pair it up with a suitable wrist rest.

We've rounded up a list of a few of our favourite ergonomic desk chairs for you to consider. Each one has plenty of strengths that make it stand out, but we've also taken a look at their weaknesses and specs so as to provide a more detailed understanding. Regardless, you can't go wrong with adding one of these to your desk setup.

The best ergonomic desk chairs:

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Best overall ergonomic desk chair

Ticova Ergonomic Office ChairTicova/Amazon

This Ticova is our pick for the best ergonomic chair due to its near-flawless design. While a little padding would be nice, this is still a very comfortable chair that you'll have no issue spending hours in. The lumbar support is very effective, and the headrest is even curved, feeling very nice on the neck.

We're especially keen on the armrests. These can swivel 40 degrees, letting you push them out or simply match your resting position.


  • The armrest angle is adjustable
  • Effective lumbar support
  • Curved headrest


  • A little bit of extra cushioning would be nice

Best ergonomic office desk chair

Dripex Office ChairDripex/Amazon

Rrp: $109.99

Price: $89.99

This Dripex chair is ideal for adding a bit of ergonomic refinement to your office setup. It looks stylish and professional, with our only real complaint being how rigid the arm rests can be. That's easy to forgive, especially when you lean back and enjoy the 135 degree recline.

A nice feature is the roller wheels. They're very quiet, so if you're something who likes to move around on your chair but don't want to disturb others working, this is perfect for you.


  • Smooth recline
  • Roller wheels are quiet
  • Sleek and modern style


  • The armrests aren't the most comfortable

Best ergonomic desk chair for adjustability

Duramont Ergonomic Office ChairDuramont/Amazon

Rrp: $399.99

Price: $369.99

Whether you're after a chair that multiple people will be using or just like to tweak your settings around, this Duramont is plenty adjustable. You can adjust the recline, the height of the headrest, and the armrest, so whatever your preferences may be, you'll find your perfect comfort spot with this.

Its quite impressive in terms of build as well. The mesh material is very breathable and prevents heat from building up. The frame is made from alloy steel, and as far as desk chairs go, it doesn't get much more durable than that.


  • Fantastic range of adjustability across recline, headrest and armrest
  • Robust and durable build
  • Breathable material


  • Base is quite wide

Best budget ergonomic desk chair

rattantree Office Chairrattantree/Amazon

Putting together a desk setup can take a lot of money, so if you're looking to save a bit, this ergonomic chair from rattantree manages to still be a quality purchase while remaining inexpensive. The only notable letdown is the small headrest, but that's a worthwhile sacrifice.

The armrest can be raised up 90 degrees, perfect for anyone who hates feeling caged in by a more rigid design.


  • Amazing value for money
  • Easy to build and put together
  • Armrests can be fully raised up


  • The headrest is fairly small

Best ergonomic desk chair for comfort

Realm of Thrones Captain Ergonomic Office ChairRealm of Thrones/Amazon

Realm of Thrones knows that comfort and ergonomics work best together, which is why this chair priorities how it feels to sit on. The seat is made from a fantastic memory foam that ensures you'll be comfortable throughout. The mesh back provides great breathability, preventing a hot day and a sweaty back from distracting you.

It is a bit on the larger side, so you'll need to account for that. This is only an issue if your desk sits fairly low, but the adjustable height on the chair should get around that.


  • Very comfortable memory foam
  • Plenty of adjustable parts
  • Excellent breathability


  • A bit bulky for some

Best small ergonomic desk chair

Amazon Basics is true to its name; this is a very basic ergonomic chair. You won't find fancy memory foam or adjustable arm rest here. In fact, there's no arm rests at all. Even so, this little chair has plenty that makes it worth considering.

Since it's smaller than average, you won't struggle to find a place for it. Plus, once it's in place, it stays there, as the pressure rollers stop it from moving around while you sit on it.


  • The compact size is ideal for limited spaces
  • Long-lasting fabric
  • The pressure rollers keep it in place when seated


  • Only the most basic ergonomic support

Best mesh ergonomic desk chair

Ergo-Tek Mesh Manager chairErgo-tek/OfficeFurtnitureOnline

We've praised the mesh material used by other desk chairs, but this model from Ergo-Tek has its unique Elasti-Mesh that makes it stand out. It's more durable and long-lasting than a regular mesh, so it should keep its form for much longer, maintaining a consistent level of comfort.

This Ergo-Tek chair also gets points for how easy it is the adjust its height. Just about every modern desk chair allows you to do this, but some can leave us fumbly around blindly for the right lever. You can't go wrong here; finding the perfect height for you is simple and easy.


  • Excellent mesh material
  • Consistently comfortable
  • Height is easy to adjust


  • Assembly could be a bit easier


How important is back posture?

Back pain is troublesome to deal with, and bad posture can have some notable side effects. The bad position not only puts pressure on your body but can limit the space your internal organs have. If you sit up straight, you'll likely notice it's a bit easier to breathe.

It's worth noting that the way you sleep can affect your lower back as well. The advice differs depending on which way you spend most of your time sleeping (back sleepers may want to place a pillow under their lower back), but it's worth looking into along with your ergonomic desk chair to improve your posture and health.

What else can be ergonomically improved for your desk?

If you want to go further with ergonomics, there are still plenty of improvements and additions you can enhance your desk with.

Desk work usually entails the use of a mouse and keyboard, even if the keyboard is part of a laptop. A monitor is also usually involved.

For a mouse, there are many, many ergonomic designs, but the most common are vertical mice. You grip these similar to a handshake, which has a better resting position for your arm. Speaking of resting, you can add a mouse pad with a wrist rest to keep your wrist from becoming fatigued.

In a similar vein, you can find ergonomic keyboards, but the designs are a fair bit more limited. We would instead recommend just picking up a wrist rest for this too, which will raise your hands and prevent you from taking an awkward, upwards-facing angle when typing.

As for a monitor, there aren't strictly ergonomic designs, but there are features to keep an eye out for. Adjustable angles and heights are the best things to have here, with good tilt and swivel allowing you to easily adjust the monitor as your seating position changes. This way, you won't be craning your neck at an awkward angle.

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