The best cycling accessories – you’ll want to buy them all

If you love getting out on your bike, you need to fill your cupboards with these cycling accessories to make the most of your hobby

The best cycling accessories

by Adam Binnie |

Like all good hobbies, the initial investment is only the start of things when it comes to draining your finances. The fact that there are so many different ways to ride a bike has an exponential effect on the type of accessories you can purchase too – from gram-saving components to help you save watts on the road, to tough survival gear to fix any mechanical issues on the trail.

The good news is with the recent boom in cycling and the number of places to bolt things to on your bike, you could easily spend double what it’s worth on all sorts of clever time- and effort-saving devices. That’s before you’ve even considered personalising the way your bike looks to your exact specification too.

It can be tricky to separate what is a gimmick and what is a genuine can’t-live-without-it innovation. You can be pretty sure that anything promising to give you Chris Froome’s climbing ability for a fee is probably the former, while accessories that improve your comfort or confidence can quite often have a positive knock-on effect when it comes to speed.

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There’s also safety to consider - from making yourself seen in low light to protecting your carbon fibre pride and joy from thieves when it comes to parking up, this is probably the first place you should invest before buying any speed or styling trinkets.

We’ve not covered them in this list, but really the best thing you can spend money on when it comes to cycling is a decent helmet. As the saying goes, only buy a cheap helmet if you have a cheap head.

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