Best Baby Slings 2019 - Keep Baby Snuggled

Best Baby Slings 2019

Author: Mother & Baby

If you want to keep your baby in the comfort of your chest and also being able to carry out day to day tasks, you need to buy one of our selection of best baby slings. A baby sling is especially good for newborns as you can keep them around you, snuggled and happy, while doing other activities inside your house or outside when out and about. A baby sling can grow with your baby as well.

A baby sling has a lot of benefits such as: keeping your hands free, giving bonding time, breastfeeding friendly, helping to avoid crying, it can be used for both mum and dad, and it’s washable.

Caboo +Organic Sling - Best Baby Slings 2019

Caboo +Organic Sling

This provides more structure, and it allows you to carry your baby in five different positions, one more than the other ones. This sling is easy to use and to adjust feeling super comfortable even for heavier babies. You can use it during summer and winter without any discomfort.

We Made Me Wuti Wrap - Best Baby Slings 2019

We Made Me Wuti Wrap

This is highly recommended for mums after a C-section, even if you can only carry your baby in one position with this, you are carrying with all the comfort you deserve due to the well-distributed weight evenly across back and shoulders.

Je Porte Mon Bébé, The Basic - Best Baby Slings 2019

Je Porte Mon Bébé, The Basic

A basic sling that does the job being affordable with quality. This can be used to carry your newborn to toddler, being perfect for a nine to twelve months baby.

We Made Me Soohu Sling Classic - Best Baby Slings 2019

We Made Me Soohu Sling Classic

This baby sling can be used from babies to toddlers. This baby sling has extra padding on the shoulder making it comfortable to wear even if your baby is heavy.

FreeRider Baby Carrier Wrap - Best Baby Slings 2019

FreeRider Baby Carrier Wrap

This is a Mother and Baby Award 2019 Gold Winner. You can find in different colours and it has other advantages such as being washed thirty times in washing machines, one year warranty and made sustainably.

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