Best teddy bear storage ideas for parents

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Best teddy bear storage: Directly above of baby boy in bear costume sleeping hidden in stuck of stuffed toys on bed

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From teddy bear storage boxes to teddy bear hanging storage, there's a world full of ideas on how to display your children's toys. But with a growing collection, how do you find the best teddy bear storage that is big enough to hold all their playthings? Well, you're about to find out.

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Did you know that according to The NPD Group, "Despite a difficult trading year for many industries, the toy market remained buoyant and resistant as overall sales increased in value by 5%, with the biggest spike in sales coming during the first lockdown of 2020 (+22%)"?

"Total sales for the year were £3.3 billion, maintaining the UK’s position as the largest toy market in Europe and fourth-largest globally." Wow!

OK, so if you've personally contributed to this sales spike (guilty), it probably feels like your living room has transformed into its own toy shop, right? We're with you.

Instead of accidentally standing on bears, building blocks and Barbies, what if we told you, you could neatly tuck them away in your little one's bedroom or nursery?

Thanks to the What's The Best team, who have been busy investigating the best teddy bear storage ideas, we've found products that not only make tidying away toys achievable, but options that are also affordable and fun for kids.


Best teddy bear storage

Clippasafe Corner Toy Hammock1 of 8
CREDIT: Amazon

Clippasafe Corner Toy Hammock

Dimensions: 17 x 14.5 x 2.8cmOrganising your child's favourite teddies doesn't have to cost the earth, and this space-saving solution proves it. Top tip: if your kids have bunk beds, this can hook under the slats from the top bunk, which makes their space feel more like a den.Pros:• Cheap as chips• Easy to put up• Good qualityCon:• Small• Needs to be screwed into the wall

Argos Home Leopard Toy Storage Buggy2 of 8

Argos Home Leopard Toy Storage Buggy

Dimensions: 25 x 28 x 40cmOne the kids will love! This adorable leopard toy storage buggy is great for homing bears and puzzles alike. You don't have to have a jungle-themed nursery either, as it won't look out of place in any room. Pros:• Can be wheeled between rooms• Easy to put together• Excellent qualityCons:• On the small side

The Zoo u00ae - Soft Toy Storage Solution by Little Zookeepers3 of 8
CREDIT: Amazon

The Zoo ® - Soft Toy Storage Solution by Little Zookeepers

Dimensions: 30 x 154 x 57cm If your house regularly feels like the animal kingdom has taken over, then all you need is a zoo. A soft toy storage solution zoo, to be exact.Pros:• Fun design• Safe flexible bars • Attaches to the wallCons:• Pricey• Not the most stylish solution

Cliselda Acrylic Display Case with Black Base4 of 8
CREDIT: Amazon

Cliselda Acrylic Display Case with Black Base

Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 15cmAlthough this isn't the most convenient storage for children, if you have a toy that has been handed down from generation to generation, you can keep it safe in this display case.Pros:• Strong and durable• Protects from dustCons:• Only fits one bear

Elephant Bookcase5 of 8

Elephant Bookcase

Dimensions: 50 x 64 x 45cm How cute is this elephant bookcase? In addition to holding your toddler's favourite picture books, this piece of furniture is a fabulous place to put their stuffed animals.Pros:• Storage on both sides• Fun aestheticCons:• Expensive

Cloud Shelves for a Childrenu2019s Nursery6 of 8
CREDIT: Amazon

Cloud Shelves for a Children’s Nursery

Dimensions: 30 x 55 x 14cm / 25 x 50 x 14cmYou'll be on cloud nine thanks to these lovely shelves. Not only are they a brilliant design feature for the nursery, but they're also handy for keeping your little one's beloved bears on. Pros:• Available in white, blue, grey or pink• Includes not one, but two shelves• Beautifully madeCons:• Not the sturdiest option on this list

Fantasy Fields - Magic Garden themed Pink Book Case7 of 8
CREDIT: Amazon

Fantasy Fields - Magic Garden themed Pink Book Case

Dimensions: 55.9 x 96.5 x 29.2cm Another bookcase? Well, this storage unit has more than enough space to hold all your toddler's toys, puzzles and dolls. Pros:• Easy to assemble• Magical-themed piece• Includes anti-tip featureCons:• Scratches easily• Quite pricey

Peppa Pig Kids Toy Storage Unit8 of 8
CREDIT: Amazon

Peppa Pig Kids Toy Storage Unit

Dimensions: 30 x 63.5 x 60cm Is your child going through a Peppa Pig stage? This fun, bright and functional multi-storage unit can be where Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and the rest of your kid's toys live. Pros:• It's fun• Good value for money• Lots of storage spaceCons:• No anti-fall features• Too many toys will make the unit unbalanced

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