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Who doesn’t love a bike ride? The wind in your hair, the freedom of the open road and the simple pleasure of just riding your bike. The only thing which could make it more enjoyable is if someone was doing the riding for you as you were sitting on the pillion.

While we don’t claim to have found a Bradley Wiggins or Chris Froome who could ride your bike for you while you sit over the back wheel, we have found the best child carriers for your bike, which will help you transport your kids about with ease.

The different types of child carriers

There are three main ways to carry your kids on a bike:

• A seat behind your saddle
• A seat which rests on the bike’s top tube
• A trailer

The fourth option could be a cargo bike, but this is more of a new bike than an accessory that will enable you to carry your kids about from time to time.

How old should a child be before being carried on a bike?

To carry your child on the bike safely, most seat manufacturers ask that your child is over nine months of age.

By this point, littlies can usually hold their heads up and look around. You can put your children in trailers from a younger generation if you wish. Just make sure that children’s heads and necks are appropriately supported – the likelihood is that they’ll drift off, but as they’re behind, you check them regularly.

Always follow the manufacturers’ advice and what they say about the minimum age each seat or carrier supports.

How are child bike seats set up?

Each set-up has its advantages and disadvantages. Seats mounted over the rear wheel and top tube will make your bike top-heavy and can affect your handling – with a seat on the top tube as your child grows, they’ll outgrow the seat and get your way as you ride along.

With a trailer, your child ends up a long way behind you, making it difficult to communicate, but it’s a lot easier for you to handle your bike. A trailer is more expensive than ride on seats, generally speaking, but they’re also the most versatile option, some even transport into buggies so you can push your child around when you get to where you want to be. You could also bung some shopping in them if need be, another advantage being, if they’re well looked after, they hold their value quite well and have a decent resale value.

Here are our expert recommendations for the best kiddie carriers for bikes:

Child Bike Seats

Simple and reliable

Hamax is a leading producer of child bike seats, bicycle trailers, helmets and sledges. For more than 60 years, Hamax has developed innovative products for the safe transportation of children.

The Kiss is a classic bicycle child seat with a soft and caring design, with a comfortable padded seat for your little one; there is also a helmet recess, so the seat does not push their head forward. The three-point safety harness and straps for your child’s feet will keep them securely in place and happy as you pedal along.

Great cushioning

With a wraparound seat to keep your little one safe and protected, the Topeak Babyseat II and Bike Rack offer an innovative suspension system and a shoulder harness with various height adjustment systems.

The Topeak Babyseat II & Rack's innovative suspension system cushions bump and jolts while the integrated roll bar provides extra head protection and doubles as a carrying handle. Adjustable footrests and straps keep tiny feet away from spinning wheels.

Best shotgun seat for kids

The Shotgun Pro is the ultimate child seat for a great day out on the trails with your youngster if you're an MTB rider. Because the Shotgun doesn’t touch the frame, it’s also suitable for e-MTBs with bigger downtubes, something the original design couldn’t accommodate.

The Shotgun Pro fits all-mountain bikes with standard 1 1/8 steerers, and so that MTB parents can share the duties, two headset spacers are included with the product, which allows for quick switching between bikes. The rear of the Shotgun Pro attaches to all common seat post sizes and is dropper post friendly.

Best front seat for child's comfort

The WeeRide Safe Front Deluxe Baby Bike Seat is the safest and most comfortable model in the company's range. It's plush cushioning and higher sides underline this perfectly.

The Weeride Safe Front Deluxe bike seat sits centrally on the top tube of a bike, not the handlebars. This allows for better bike control as the weight distribution is central and a front seat view for the little ones. The greater view allows parents to engage with their child more often, pointing out the surroundings and feel safer wrapped in their arms on each ride.

Child Bike Trailers

Best child trailer under £100

The steel frame keeps the structure safely in shape whilst attaching to your bike’s back wheel via a steel connector. Two five-point harnesses in this trailer allow you to carry two kids at a time while they’re safely strapped in. There is a large roll-up door to get in and out, with windows on the front and sides to let fresh air in. Oxford fabric panels allow privacy, with the transparent panels enabling your child to see outside. Reflectors and a flag for viability whilst on the road.

Best child trailer

The Doppio Double Child Trailer from ETC is the ideal child trailer for family outings, urban journeys and countryside adventures; plus, it can accommodate one or two children and has a roll-up rain cover and bug net.

This child trailer attaches securely to the rear of your bike and provides comfortable, safe and stable transport for your children. It features a robust, durable and easy to use quick release hitch.

Best open child trailer

This top-quality model offers a balanced, streamlined design thanks to its patented, self-aligning hitch and single wheel design. This fresh approach allows your children to explore, eat, sleep or sit back and enjoy the adventure.

Its newly redesigned construction delivers tool-free adjustments such as a seat adjust feature to accommodate kids aged 2 to 5 years old. The maximum weight limit is 16kg, and you can keep your little one safe and secure using the foot straps and an adjustable three-point harness. Its removable push bar easily detaches for travel and storage by removing the newly added snap pins.

Best cild's trailer bike

This model saves you the hassle of buying a towbar and connecting a trailer to your bike. This simple and easy to use trailer features a new patented sync link pivot design which ensures smooth movement and a safe ride for your child.

Additionally, its superior design front splash guard prevents any splash-backs from mud and debris while you're on the move. Its arm folds away quickly, so you can conveniently store it when not in use. Finally, its accurate, quick release system makes detachments from your bike fast and effortless.

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