Best LEGO games to buy for every child at heart

LEGO has been around for years and now you can buy board games, doll's houses and more.

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If you're anything like us, you've probably got LEGO toy memories from when you were a child, pulling and pushing blocks together to create large houses and figures. Nowadays, you can get your hands on all sorts of LEGO merchandise, from figurines to console games and even multi-player buildable board games.

Whether you prefer the classic LEGO building blocks, or want to splash out on its eco-friendly green brick, there's no doubt you've probably had your hands on LEGO before. We're taking a deep dive into the best games you can get from our favourite toy brand.

From PlayStation and Xbox LEGO specials to the best doll's houses and board games in the toy brand's range, here's our breakdown of the best LEGO games.

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Where can I buy LEGO from?

You can grab LEGO from just about any toy shop you find yourself in. It's such a popular brand that it's pretty easy to find. If you're looking for something specific, though, there are a few places you'll want to check out.

First off, the LEGO website is a great place to start. It holds everything from LEGO sets by theme, merchandise, clothing and exclusives, and you can also filter by age and series so that you can find exactly what you're looking for.

If you can't find what you want on the LEGO website, you can also check other retailers like Amazon, Argos and John Lewis online which may stock other options including console games and discontinued toys.

The best LEGO console games 2021

Best LEGO games console
LEGO Nintendo Entertainment Systemu2122LEGO
Price: £209.99

It would make the most sense to kick off with this hard-to-find, niche LEGO games console. An 'entertainment system' within itself, you can play this authentic console, controller and Game Pak cartridge, with a retro 1980s TV. Fans of vintage and retro games will love this. Age: 18+

Best LEGO console game
Price: $21.49
Alternative retailers
Walmart$24.99View offer

LEGO City Undercover is made with explorers in mind. Adventure through the LEGO city and fight crime by participating in challenges with over 100 vehicles and people on the streets. Some even say it's a children's version of Grand Theft Auto. Buy this on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Wii U or XBOX. Age: 7+

Best LEGO DC game

Rrp: $19.49

Price: $18.56
Alternative retailers
Walmart$17.99View offer

If you're a fan of DC Comics, you can play all of the universe's best supervillains in this LEGO DC Super-Villains special game. Wreak havoc on cities and play as the most popular villains including Harley Quinn, The Joker, Deathstroke and more. Buy this on PS4, Nintendo Switch or XBOX. Age: 7+

Best LEGO The Hobbit game
Price: $21.00
Alternative retailers
Walmart$19.99View offer

The Hobbit is a classic series we all love, and now you can play as Bilbo, Gandalf and the Dwarves in this LEGO console game celebrating the world. Play through riddles and find The One Ring in this epic game. Buy this on PS3, PS4, PlayStation Vita, XBOX One, XBOX 360, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and PC. Age: 7+

Best LEGO Marvel game
Price: $15.78

Another option for those superhero fans out there, this time we're looking at the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game, with Iron Man, the Hulk, Loki and other favourites. You can use each superhero and their different powers to save the world. Buy this on PS4 or XBOX One. Age: 7+

Best LEGO Marvel game collection

Rrp: $19.79

Price: $15.19

Want to get more bang for your buck? You can get the whole LEGO Marvel Collection in one game with this option. Play the Super Heroes, Super Heroes 2 and the Marvel Avengers games. Buy this on PS4 and XBOX One. Age: 10+

Best LEGO Lord of the Rings game

LEGO also have their own Lord of the Rings on a game console, meaning you can explore Middle-earth to your heart's content. Take part in epic battles and enter the Twilight World of the Ringwraiths. Fantasy lovers, this one's for you. Available on XBOX 360, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PC, Steam, PlayStation 3 andPlayStation Vita. Age: 10+

The best LEGO strategy and board games

Because we all love to get the board games out for a good family affair or games night...

Best collectible Super Mario LEGO game
Super Mario 64u2122 Question Mark BlockLEGO
Price: £159.99

Relive the Super Mario 64 era with this LEGO play block, including the classic brick form and castle. As you build up the question mark block you can find all sorts of hidden extras as well as music and sounds making a full Mario experience. With over 2,000 pieces this will keep you occupied for a while.

Age: 18+

Number of pieces: 2,064

Toy type: Strategy

Best LEGO small doll's house

If you have a creative kid who loves gaming, Olivia's Gaming Cube could be a perfect little set for them. Easily portable, it includes a gaming station and toll, making it easy for playtime anywhere. Choose from four colours to suit you or collect them all for a full set.

Age: 6+

Number of pieces: 64

Toy type: Doll's house

Best LEGO large dolls house

Want to invest in a bigger doll's house for your child? Andrea's Family House is jam-packed with LEGO tools, dolls and goodies for hours of play. From solar panels on the roof to a cute kitchen with extra accessories, this is a fully loaded house. It comes with five Friends LEGO dolls and a three-story house. A great choice for any child who loves playing with LEGO and dolls.

Age: 6+

Number of pieces: 802

Toy type: Doll's house

Best LEGO multiplayer board game

Looking for a serious board game filled with exciting LEGO? This Ludo game is now discontinued but you can still grab it on Amazon, filled with four different teams and a buildable number spinner.

Age: 7+

Number of pieces: 389 pieces and 16 mini figures

Toys type: Board game

Best Super Mario LEGO game

Once you're done building this huge adventure of Super Mario, you can actually play around with the characters and customise your own levels. Whether playing individually or with group competitions, this has natural problem-solving skills and creative ways to play. It also comes with a free LEGO Super Mario app for enhanced play.

Age: 6+

Number of pieces: 366 pieces and 4 mini figures

Toy type: Construction

Best storytelling LEGO game

For less than £10, this LEGO Imagine and Play game is fun for all the family and easy to follow. All you need to do is build the characters from the stories and create adventures with the books included. Let your imagination run wild - and right in time for the Christmas season.

Age: 7+

Number of pieces: 62 pieces, a LEGO book and notepad

Toy type: Storytelling

Best LEGO chess game

There's nothing better than a classic game of chess. Up your chess game with this set made out entirely of LEGO pieces - and it can be used to play checkers too. This set includes over 1,400 pieces so it is a huge set, perfect for getting stuck into.

Age: 9+

Number of pieces: 1450 pieces

Toy type: Board game

Best LEGO Harry Potter board game

Rrp: $84.90

Price: $69.95
Alternative retailers
Walmart$109.99View offer

The Harry Potter LEGO series also has a game where you can navigate around the traditional Hogwarts halls, moving staircases and passageways. Build up your own LEGO dice and play as all of the main characters such as Harry and Hermoine.

Age: 8+

Number of pieces: 332

Toy type: Strategy

Best LEGO strategy game

If you're looking for a hefty multi-player game that you can get stuck into, this fantasy strategy game can get the whole family involved. You can even change the layout of the LEGO maze to block your opponents and lead your hero to the win.

Age: 7+

Number of pieces: 224 pieces

Toy type: Strategy

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