LEGO goes green with new recycled brick

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New LEGO recycled brick

by William Austin-Lobley |
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Environmentally conscious block builders, rejoice. LEGO is in the process of prototyping a sustainable brick made from recycled materials.

The current brick, which is still undergoing tests, is made from PET plastic bottles and is part of the LEGO drive to adopt more sustainable products and practices by 2030. The process sees used selected drinking bottles ground down into flakes, cleaned and formed into pellets, ahead of being moulded into the iconic LEGO brick shape. LEGO has even produced a pretty cute little infographic that details the process.

LEGO from plastic bottle to prototype brick
©Photo: LEGO

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The recycled brick isn’t ready yet, though. It’s still a prototype, with LEGO putting it through a series of quality checks to ensure that the recycled materials can meet the company’s high standards "for strength, safety and durability". LEGO also wants to be sure that the new recycled bricks are compatible with all bricks in its range, including those created over 60 years ago.

Currently, there’s no indication regarding when the sustainable brick will roll out into LEGO kits. Still, we can't wait for the day we can own a LEGO Recycling Truck made from recycled plastic.

Recycled bricks aren’t all that LEGO has going on. As part of its sustainability promise, the company is making all packaging sustainable and zero landfill waste by 2025 and carbon neutrality by 2022.

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