The best dog food UK for a full tummy and a healthy pooch

Your dog wants a full tummy and you want them to stay healthy, so why not check out these delicious dog food picks? 🦴🐶

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Food glorious food. A highlight of any dog’s day, foodis essential to keep your pooch healthy and happy. Whether they’re a puppywith a sensitive tummy, or a senior dog that knows exactly what they like, getting them great-quality, nutritious grub is a top priority for any dog owner.

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A dog’s diet changes as they grow, and just like us, they have preferences. There’s wet and dry food to pick from, with so many flavours and health benefits. It can get overwhelming and, of course, we just want to ensure we choose the best option for them.

We've come up with a list of the best dog food of all types that will have your dog’s mouth watering in no time. There are also a lot of questions that come up when buying dog food, and we’ve got your back with those, too.


The best dry dog food UK

Purina PRO PLAN Optibalance Adult Dry Dog Food1 of 6
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Purina PRO PLAN Optibalance Adult Dry Dog Food

Formulated with dental health and the rapid metabolism of smaller dogs in mind, this dry food will be hit. It comes in a yummy chicken flavour and has all the nutrients a smaller adult dog will need to thrive.

James Wellbeloved Adult Dry Dog Food2 of 6
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James Wellbeloved Adult Dry Dog Food

Turkey and rice is a delicious combination for any dog and this recipe was made with love. The natural ingredients are sure to fill your dog's tummy with the good stuff they need. This food will support their gut and maintain the shine in their coat, plus the Yucca extract included should prevent super smelly poos (big win).

Tails Tailored Dog Food3 of 6

Tails Tailored Dog Food

If your dog is a picky eater or you're concerned they need more personalised food, then Tails is the perfect solution. You'll get a unique recipe delivered to your door that's based on what you tell them about your dog. You can have the recipe specially made with any health issue or preference in mind. A huge bonus is you can also add wet food and treats to your order, along with poo bags, too.

AVA Veterinary Approved Optimum Health Dry Food4 of 6
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AVA Veterinary Approved Optimum Health Dry Food

For dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs, this dry food will go down a treat. It has a hypoallergenic formula and is a source of easily digested protein, so even super sensitive dogs can get stuck in. It also includes Imuvita to help with their immune system and overall health.

Arden Grange Senior Dry Dog Food5 of 6
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Arden Grange Senior Dry Dog Food

For when your dog moves into their senior years, this recipe includes fresh chicken and rice to really win them over. It Contains prebiotics, krill and yucca extract to help with joint support and boost their stamina. You'll know, with every bite, your older dog will be getting everything they need.

Royal Canin Mini Puppy Food6 of 6
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Royal Canin Mini Puppy Food

Puppies need great quality food to give them a solid start in life and this dry food will do just that. Suitable for puppies two to 10 months old, this food will support your puppy's immune and digestive system and will be easily digested by their tiny tums.


The best dog food: Wet

Butternut Box1 of 7

Butternut Box

At the Butternut Box team's core, they believe that dogs should be eating better food. 60% meat, 40% vegetables. Simple as. That's why their focus is on human-grade food that contains no nasties and is vet approved. The pre-portioned daily meals can be squeezed straight from the pouch, or heated up depending on your pet's preference. Tailor-made to your dog's specifications, you can skip or stop your subscription at any time.

Lily's Kitchen Grain Free Multipack Wet Dog Food2 of 7
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Lily's Kitchen Grain Free Multipack Wet Dog Food

If you're looking for well-made, grain-free dog food then your dog will love this. The easily digestible recipe is made with fresh ingredients and you get multiple flavours in the pack for variety. Choose from Sunday lunch, fishy fish pie and wild campfire stew - your dog will be spoilt for choice.

Naturo Adult Dog Grain & Gluten Free3 of 7

Naturo Adult Dog Grain & Gluten Free

Naturo is a complete pet food for adult dogs and is perfectly suited to those with digestive issues and allergies. It contains 100 per cent natural ingredients, with added vitamins and minerals, plus essential oils, glucosamine and chondroitin.

Pedigree Vital Protection Mixed Wet Dog Food4 of 7
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Pedigree Vital Protection Mixed Wet Dog Food

This value pack has quality ingredients mixed in with jelly, so your dog will love it. The pouches are full of goodness and were developed by vets and nutritionists, so you know your pooch will be eating everything they need to stay healthy.

Cesar Classics Adult Dog Food5 of 7
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Cesar Classics Adult Dog Food

Another mixed selection to add yummy variety to your pup's diet. Cesar knows how to make food that dogs love. The ingredients used are quality and even the pickiest of dogs will love these.

Butcher's Puppy Perfect Dog Food Trays6 of 7

Butcher's Puppy Perfect Dog Food Trays 24x150g

Introduce your little guy or girl to wet food with this yummy recipe. This nourishing food is full of omega 3 and 6, calcium and protein, so you know your puppy will be getting all the good stuff that will help their health. The ingredients come from British and Irish farmers and there are no nasties included.

Pedigree Pouch Jelly Senior Food7 of 7

Pedigree Pouch Jelly Senior Food

Your older dog will be getting the essential nutrients they need to support their digestion, skin, coat and bones with this food. The pouches are easy to open and full of a really healthy meal.

What are the types of dog food?

Most brands do wet and dry versions of their recipes, which is great for keeping a dog’s diet consistent. Dry food normally comes in kibble form and will give them more nutritional value in a smaller amount of food than wet food. Kibble comes in all different shapes and sizes, and some dogs do have a preference for that.

Wet food has higher water content and will get them really excited for dinner. Wet food is a great way of helping with dehydration issues. Combining both wet and dry food keeps their diet balanced and varied.

Dog food is also categorised into age, flavour, and health needs. Brands usually have recipes for puppies, juniors, adult and senior dogs. Ensure you check the labels before you buy to see which category your dog falls into for each brand. There will also be food specially made for certain types of dogs, like hypoallergenic or diabetic dogs.

When it comes to ingredients and flavours, there’s a lot out there. Note what your dog’s favourites are and ask your vet what they think your dog needs in its diet. It’s worth buying smaller sample sizes to see if your dog likes it to begin with.

How much food should you feed your dog?

All dogs are different, and it’s important we keep track of how much food they need. Their food packaging should have a recommendation on it, and that’s always a good outline to follow. Again, asking your vet is the best option if you’re unsure. If they’re leaving a lot of food, that’s worth noting, too.

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How long can a dog go without food?

Your dog should be eating twice a day unless your vet has told you differently. Puppies normally need 3-4 smaller meals daily. If your dog is refusing to eat and new foods aren’t enticing them, then it’s time to call your vet. Just like us, dogs love their food, so something is usually wrong if they’re not eating.

What human foods can dogs eat?

Dogs can normally get everything they need from their own food, but some human foods are a nice treat for them from time to time. Chopped carrots, a slice of banana, a couple of blueberries, or a piece of the holy grail, chicken, are all healthy options. A slice of watermelon from the fridge is heaven for them in the summer.

Certain foods can be incredibly toxic to dogs, like chocolate, grapes, and onions, so keep an eye on your dog if those foods are around. A quick Google search can help you find out what’s bad for dogs and what they can have from your pantry. If you’re not sure, don’t risk it, but if it accidentally happens, then don’t panic. Call a vet if you’re concerned about what they have eaten. Dogs can’t help themselves sometimes, so keep your eyes open when enjoying your favourite chocolate bar.

How do you introduce a new food into your dog’s diet?

Sometimes you have to change things up, but dogs can become ill from drastic diet changes. Try mixing small portions of their food with the old food for a couple of days and let the portions get gradually bigger so they can get used to it. This will hopefully help you avoid any nasty surprises from an unwell tummy.

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What should you consider when buying dog food?

Always keep in mind their age, breed, and size when you’re strolling through (virtual) the dog food aisle. Try to keep their diet varied when you can, but always have their favourites in your cupboard for a guaranteed empty bowl. Their preferences are important when purchasing food, but so are their health needs, so bear both in mind. As long as your vet is satisfied and your dog is healthy, don’t be too hard on yourself when buying their food. You’re doing your best by feeding them good food, and your dog loves you for being the bringer of food.

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